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    Hi Odin,welcome to the forum! I lived in Hollymount Square in Bedlington,from 1947,from it being only partly completed. When Netherton Colliery Houses were being demolished,around 1948-ish..they moved the Netherton Village folks down into the Square,and Mr and Mrs Carr were our next door neighbours for many years. Mr Carr's name was George,and I cannot remember Mrs Carr's name was.They had a Daughter called Joyce,whose Husband worked at Woolsington Airport,[as it was known,he was an aircraft fitter..so this might be of some assistance to you if you were to trace the Airport staff in the years during and after the war..]. There are a few Carr's knocking around,I worked with a different George Carr when I was only 17 yrs old,at Choppington High Pit,around 1961-5. George was a colliery fitter ,and I was a heavy transport lad . My Niece is Married to another of the Carr family..I tell you,there are a few Carr families..! Hope I have been of some help,even if this is of no connection to your family...at least you can eliminate! Best of luck Odin! Cheers, Bill.
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    Hi Alan,I would hate to be seen as nitpicking,but only for correctness,there were a lot of years when the "DHSS" was called the "Department of HEALTH and Social Security",did the logo " DSS" not come about in the latter few years?...I still refer to them yet ,in conversation,as the DHSS...canna mind when the change came,but me being a hoarder,I could sift through my DHSS records back to God knaas when!!..probably the 1970's at the very least!!...wor lass pulls her hair oot cos aal thraa nowt away..!! Sorry a canna contribute ti thi topic in question,me being a proppa Bedltntonian....from up in the posh end o' toon...near the Vicarage!.. Hi ti everybody who aav missed having a gud crack wi!! Heavy gaanin at yem,canna cum on as often,will get better in time hopefully,Wor Lass recovering from an operation!
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    1. Which household appliance was patented by Cecil Booth in 1901? Answer = Vacuum cleaner 2. In bookmaker’s slang what odds are denoted by ‘double carpet’ Answer = 33/1 3. Who did Bjorn Borg defeat in 1976 to win his first Wimbledon singles title? Answer = Ilie Năstase 4. What is the more common name of the chemical Ethylene Glycol? Answer = (CH2OH)2 - antifreeze 5. In what year were dog licences abolished in Britain? Answer = 1987 6. On a Monopoly board, which property clockwise is situated after the Water Works? Answer = Regent Street = UK Marven Gardens = Canada Sturplan = Sweden 7. In which part of the British Isles would you find bailiwicks? Answer = Channel Islands 8. In which war was the battle of Gettysburg? Answer = American Civil War Lasting three days in 1863, from July 1-3, Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle ever fought on American soil, with up to 10,000 Union and Confederate troops dead and another 30,000 wounded. But surprisingly, this tremendous battle was a purely unplanned accident that grew out of a desperate need for soldiers' shoes! 9. By what name is the plant Lonicera better known? Answer = Honeysuckle 10. Which Archbishop of Canterbury seized the devil’s nose in a pair of red-hot tongs? Answer = Dunstan Dunstan immediately seized the devil's nose with his redhot tongs, causing the devil to leap the eight miles to cool his proboscis in the Tunbridge spring, thus lending the water its celebrated chalybeate qualities. 11. What is the longest river in Scotland? Answer = Tay 12. What is the medical name for Rabies? Answer = before I jumped into the cold water at Humford Baths I had Hydrophobia. I’ll bet you didn’t know …. In 1877 a wealthy widow promised Russian composer Tchaikovsky a generous annual allowance – on condition that they never met. Answer = I didn’t. Does that mean that Tchaikovsky and Władysław Pachulski invented Texting?
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    Thank you Vic - the cool air in the computer halls was heaven to me☺️. We moved from Cramlington =North facing living room to Seghill = South facing living room. At Cramlington the wife was always turning the heat up and now at Seghill she basks in the sun streaming in through the South facing window and I hide in my little cool room in the middle of the bungalow.
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    Hi Alan, Thanks so much for taking the time to pull together the various maps and images and for adding the additional explanatory notes to them. It makes it all a lot clearer to me. Best wishes. Steve PS My great grandmother returned to Workington in 1919/20 to live with my grandfather (her eldest son who served Coldstream Guards 1905/08 & 1914/18) who was also a pre 1914 miner (hewer). She clearly made efforts to have her 2 youngest sons names recorded on the Bedlington RC Church WW1 memorial before she left the area (with a 4th son who had a disability and worked above ground at the pit) but presumably left before plans were being made to erect the Bedlington Civil War Memorial. She died in 1920 so my grandfather ensured his brothers names were recorded on the Workington War Memorial.
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