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    Hi Alan, Thanks so much for taking the time to pull together the various maps and images and for adding the additional explanatory notes to them. It makes it all a lot clearer to me. Best wishes. Steve PS My great grandmother returned to Workington in 1919/20 to live with my grandfather (her eldest son who served Coldstream Guards 1905/08 & 1914/18) who was also a pre 1914 miner (hewer). She clearly made efforts to have her 2 youngest sons names recorded on the Bedlington RC Church WW1 memorial before she left the area (with a 4th son who had a disability and worked above ground at the pit) but presumably left before plans were being made to erect the Bedlington Civil War Memorial. She died in 1920 so my grandfather ensured his brothers names were recorded on the Workington War Memorial.
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    Right to left…….. Lorna Moore, Sue Rowley, Lee Madderson and Bedlington West NCC Councillor Malcolm Robinson. Very happy to buy these two new additions for Plessey Woods Country Park. Working with Sue and Lorna from Beach Access North East (BANE) and seeing them at Whitley Bay I quickly realised these ‘all terrain wheelchairs’ would be suitable for Plessey Woods to give our disabled youngsters and adults a better and fuller experience in the Park. Still a few admin processes to put into place but we should see these new chairs available to anyone who needs them from next spring. I’ll let everyone know once we get the full scheme in place and how they can be booked.
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    @tullybrone - A 1948 map + aerial shots from Google Street View to show the Bedlington 'A' pit and Doctor pit areas. Of course any resident of Bedlington Station could easily have worked at the Doctor pit but I would assume around the start of the 20th century if the miners didn't live in the colliery houses then they lived as close as possible to the colliery they worked at. Unfortunately the only way I can think of to prove which pit the family worked at would be if they had been killed in an acident at the pit and that 'might' be recorded in the list of names in the 'In Memoriam' section of the Durham Mining Museun site :- http://www.dmm.org.uk/collnear/b022.htm
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