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    I wish Alan.................Im hoping for an update soon. The more observant will have seen quite a few 'suits' walking around Bedlington of late, some who had never been here before! I have it from the head of Council, Bedlington is one of the main market Town priorities for NCC so Im pressing for a much more adventurous and ambitious development because like _pauls said 'people are rethinking their priorities' and like it or not Covid has changed the shape of our commercial landscape and we need a development which will shape our Town for decades to come. In my view a dozen shops selling the same as what the next town offers will not do that!
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    Hi Alan don't think anybody could understand Marc Bolans lyrics none of it made sense really but he's music was good at the time. I think everybody had different interpretations of what he's lyrics were about,God knows!! I do love this forum how it's changed from Chinese takaways in Bedlington to T.Rex 😂Hope symptoms doesn't come to this discussion with roast potatoes 🥔 in oil or council Robinson questioning my excessive use of full stops .........
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    There was an Ellenor Armstrong married a Brian Owen in 1959. Total stab in the dark although may help with possible dates if correct.
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