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    That is a fantastic response. The internet at its best.
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    Time for a bit of brain gymnastics! We can't be letting this Covid-19 make us lazy. How's everybody coping? We now have three family members who have tested positive and in quarantine at home - all three in the same household. 1. Harry Potter was brought up by his aunt and uncle at which address? (House number, street, town and county required). 2. Where was the first land battle of the Falklands War? 3. Which of the four Beatles was the youngest? 4. Who was known as the Widow of Windsor? 5. What was the name of the boat in which Sir Francis Chichester circumnavigated the world 1966-67? 6. What did Jack Horner eat in a corner? 7. What is the full moon following the Harvest moon called? 8. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to America from which country? 9. How many players are there in a hurling team? 10. Who had a 1966 hit with Good Vibrations? 11. From which language has English borrowed the words brandy, decoy and landscape? 12. Which Canadian city was originally called Ville-Marie? I’ll bet you didn’t know …. Until 1930 riders of bicycles had to ring their bells non-stop while the bicycle was in motion. Answers on Thursday as usual.
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    It may not help with Hollymount Hall however when Michael Longridge died in 1858 I suspect he was in Bedlington as he was buried at St. Cuthberts. I think in the 1951 census he may be in Westgate Street Newcastle with his family. I believe the original Assembly House was in Westgate Street. Hollymount Hall could be a 19th Century holiday home. ☺️
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    Interesting questions! When was the house built? I've come across several instances of "ca.1844" in my research but I haven't found 1824 mentioned anywhere. I'm not sure if we are using the same tythe map but mine is dated 1843, which would equate quite well with ca.1844. Neither is the adress entered in the 1841 census. One possibility is that Evans has written 1824 instead of 1842. Who built the house? If the house was built in 1824 for Longridge why was he registered as resident at Bedlington Iron Works in the census of 1841 but is later known to have lived in the house prior to his death? When was it demolished? Evans has definitely got this date wrong and I'm speaking from personal experience. I can't remember the year but late fifties. Definitely not 1949. This is not the only date which Evans is wrong about. He says: "built in 1824 by Michael Longridge of the Ironworks, he occupied it until 1861." We know that Michael Longridge died in 1858. having previously believed it to be built in 1844 I am now swayed,by the evidence of the tythe map and the 1841 census to believe it was built in 1842 and that Evans is wrong.
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    Richard, I'll attach my Dad's ID Card from the war years to 1951, when we moved from the Huts at Hartford Camp into Hollymount Hall. There is no documentation regards when we left and moved into our Council House at The Oval, but I'm pretty sure it was 1957 (ish). So, I am fairly sure that the demolition took place circa 1958.
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