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    Hi @Mikki Lee Townley, welcome to the forum! Have a look at this map from 1922. It’s a bit later than your granddad’s time but not much had changed. I’ve marked the Fountain Inn in green and immediately behind it you’ll see the rear boundary of Fountain Yard comprising six ‘dwellings’ each for one household. Numbers 1 and 2, marked in red, were somewhat larger than numbers 3 – 6 which make up the rest of the row. I choose to call them ‘dwellings’ because I’ve no idea how they were. I’ve heard, but never been able to confirm, that they were no more than lean-to buildings against the back wall of the pub yard. The Fountain Inn certainly stood on the site of Blackbird Hall but if was housed in the hall or built on the site of the hall I can’t say. The address can be confirmed by following the route of the enumerator from the 1901 census as he left the High Street (West End) turned right onto Glebe Row visiting all the yards in turn as he went from door to door, northwards along Glebe Row to the northern boundary of Bedlington District 7. The boundary lay a little further north than this map shows and included all the pit rows. The Fountain Inn is the last building before Shiney Row and Fountain Yard is the enclosure to the south of that building, skirted on the south by the rear of Tankerville Yard’s dwellings. I had a look at your grandad’s census form from 2011. I’m sorry to have to say that the baby, Jane Ellen, was probably already dead when the census form was filled in by your grandfather. You can see this in the “particulars of marriage” section. Here your grandfather states that he has been married for 9 years during which 3 children have been born alive. He also states that only 2 children are still living – that would be George and Isabell. Poor Jane Ellen doesn’t appear to have lived more than three days and has mistakenly been taken up in the census. The details have been crossed out, maybe by your grandfather but maybe by the enumerator. I checked his summary book and he does not take up Jane Ellen. She may have been born and died as early as 1907.
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