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    That would be great if you don't mind. I changed completely to Apple several years ago and regretted it ever since.
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    I doubt if anything like that would be remotely acceptable, if you could get anyone to go back underground these days. Funnily enough in High Pit Wilmas reply, I can confirm it was just as bad early 1960s at the High Pit Choppington. In fact they were a HELL of a lot worse. Look at those conditions in the photos above, almost a palace compared to the High Pit, then add lots of water underfoot, we wore wellingtons, and constant dripping of water. I swear we were under the River Wansbeck! Happy days!
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    Stunning photos! What strikes me is the apparent ranshackle nature of of the scenes, nothing plumb or level, and stuff lying all over. I realise that the guys would have installed the supports, etc. correctly and after a while the ground would have shifted and 'twisted' everything. I wonder if this environment would have been acceptable in our H&S culture?
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