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    Answers to last week's quiz: 1. Never Say Never Again 2. Pebble dash (or rough cast) 3. Susan Brown 4. India 5. A bat 6. Christmas rose 7. Beaver 8. Kamikaze 9. Benjamin 10. Tau 11. Holland 12. Epsom Salts New quiz tomorrow!
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    The Chinese was on the Millbank Terrace end of Hirst Terrace (Now Brook Court). I remember when it closed that it was infested with rats!
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    Oh I like that, all of it! That would be great. I haven't asked yet but I think Woodhorn Museum would like them, especially if we can put names to them. I just don't want them lost forever, its great history to save. High Pit Wilma and I were good mates, worked together as well at the High Pit. appreciate your help.
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    I remember the first time I bit into a mince pie at xmas. I blame the person who offered me one, can't remember who it was, but I thought I was being offered a minced beef pie. Can't remember anyone calling them sweet mince pies
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