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    Way too adventurous for me, Pizza, spaghetti and lasagna (preferably home made) is the only "foreign" food I eat, the Kam Tong (early 60s, upstairs near the arcade in Blyth) was the only ethnic restaurant I was in (yes I was slightly inebriated ) No fish, fruits or nuts for me, except roast chestnuts!
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    I would probably be the same if it wasn't for 'Mad Cow Disease' - BSE = bovine spongiform encephalopathy - 1996. We were a group of 3 couples that regularly ate out on a Saturday evening - Manzil's Indian restaurant, Morpeth. The other 5 had Indian meals and I would have a rump steak, very well done. So when they had to take steak off the menu I was sat in the restaurant one Saturday evening wondering what to try. The staff said they had mild curries that I should try and they recommended chicken tikka for starters and chicken korma for main, I accepted. Chicken tikka Ok, but still toooo warm for me - chicken korma, very mild and creamy and I have stuck with that, as my foreign food dish, for the last 24 years. I was working in London, late 1980's, on an MOD project, with a load of contractors and we used to have a project night out once a month at various restaurants. So we ended up in an Indian's one night and having partaken in a few pints beforehand I decided to be adventurous and go for a starter before my steak. Ordered Mulligatawny Soup - never again has Mulligatawny Soup passed my lips. Nobody else thought it was hot but my mouth was still feeling the taste/heat for the following two days.
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