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    I used to enjoy a pub quiz, with a few mates and their wives. Good company - good beer - good food and very little success. These days I don't retain the knowledge - actually it was the same in my school days. Back at school I just knew where to find the answers = less to remember and I could get outside with more time to play. and today Google has reduced the the number of reference books I acquired. I didn't really buy books for me, they were for the kids to look for the answers i couldn't give them. Now maths, up to 'O' level, was simple. No need to read, once you had learned the basics = 2 to 10 times tables the rest was easy and if the answer didn't come automatically you could work it out wit a pencil - no need to stare into the depths of the memory hoping the answer would jump out. I only passed maths 'O' level. Not because I didn't retain sufficient info, it was because back in 1965 they deducted 1/2 a mark for every spelling mistake. I remember in the Mock GCSEs the English teacher said - Edgar you passed then we deducted the spelling mistakes, you failed.
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