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    The "world" doesn't appear to include us, I'm actually pleased to say in this instance! We've had no 'official' lockdown to come out of but the majority of folks still seem to be following government recommendations. for which I'm thankfull. We have had a high death rate from Covid but 50% of them occurred in homes for the elderly. That's tragic of course but, to me, it also indicates that the other half - who, mostly, are going about their business in a sensible manner and following recommendations - have done a fantastic job in keeping the numbers down. Take away the deaths occurring in homes for the elderly and we actually have a very low death rate here. Some other countries complain about our numbers being three times as many as theirs but we have three times the population as well, so I think It's a little unjustified. I haven't been short of time for gardening, Eggy. Just the opposite - the garden has had one of its best 'overhauls' in years. It is big, but we have modern machinery to help and we even have wifi out there. No need to sit indoors to use a laptop.
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    I find if it comes out easy it was a flower, if it is tough then has to be a weed!
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    I'm pleased all is well during these tough times, no cases of covid in Grande Cache so far, everyone being very responsible and respectful and I get to visit daily, only noticeable changes are with the social distancing while in public areas. It isn't so much about the quiz it is more about the company! and the banter. Please resume posting!
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    We have had to go the opposite = no modern machinery = astro turf and gravel. I can't manage any gardening and Mrs Eggy, Jacquie, who had never gardened before we moved into this bungalow, now has to tend to some small borders but unfortunately she refuses to wear her specs when gardening and what she plants one week gets removed whilst weeding a fortnight later☺️
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    @Vic Patterson - you will have to blame me 🙂. As the world was coming out of 'Lock-down' I suggested that Canny Lass had a rest from quizzing, after the last one, and returned to tending to her expansive landscape - rather than staying indoors searching the www, and her memory, to keep us occupied on a Friday night.
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    Everything's fine here, Vic! Day 114 in isolation för the over 70's and not looking like we're to be allowed out any time soon. I'll have to find something else to keep me out of mischief on a Thursday and Friday afternoon/night then. Gardening and feeding the wildlife is morning work. Last quiz, now that Britain is going to the pub on a Friday again: I thought you's didn't want the quiz anymore so I haven't posted one but I still do the quiz, which I e-mail out on Fridays, for the family and friends. I can mail it to you too, Vic - or I can start to post it here again.
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    He was the Bedlington Coal Company over-manager; in modern parlance the Managing Director. I say over-manager because both the Doctor Pit and the 'A' Pit had under-managers. His son was the 'A' Pit (Bedlington Station) under-manager and my grandfather (James David Millne) was the Doctor Pit under-manager - though grandfather had a manager's "ticket" and was offered colliery manager positions elsewhere which he gratefully declined. Both reported to Mr Weeks Senior - which I've always assumed is the above depicted one. The Weeks family were succeeded at Laird's House by the Crudas family. Mr Weeks was also probably a board member of the coal company, and likely held shares. The house was owned by the coal company, so in fact he didn't actually own it. I can tell you this as a certainty as that's the party it was purchased from in the late 1940's or very early 1950's.
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