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    At last the upgrades to the front of the West Lea Cemetery have started. This is a jointly funded project between West Bedlington Town Council and myself. After being contacted by residents who asked about getting this path line and hedging sorted out because it was an eye sore and at times impassable, the Town Council agreed to help me fund it. Many thanks to them on another joint project in my ward. The first phase is nearing completion with the installation of a new metal fence designed to match the existing ones at the entrance. The second phase will be to plant mature hedging in all of the gaps in the existing hedge line. This will be carried out when the time for planting is suitable.
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    Answers to last week's quiz: 1. Twenty 2. 305, Add 61 to each number 3. Bohemian Rhapsody 4. Abraham Lincoln 5. Joule 6. Kedgeree 7. A tree 8. Seth 9. Jack Shepherd 10. Three 11. String 12. Crossed swords New quiz being prepared for tomorrow.
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    I still get emails about these, on my old PC, that I hardly ever check. Couldn't remember my password for this site and the PC blocks this forum. After much faffing about I'm back in. Can't believe I didn't recognise Tommy Percy, it was he who gave me lessons all those years ago, I used to go to his house every week and remember his lovely wife bringing tea and biscuits. Nice to see more names added though.
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    @george.atkinson. - names updated. I assume you have copies of the photos that you are on? The member - Bandsman1966 (Biff's son) that posted the photos hasn't visited the group since November 1st 2018. Any names I have added since Bandsman1966 visited have been from ex Netherton Colliery people that are members of the local Facebook groups.
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    Dorothy Sadler has identified No 10 - Bob Kennedy.👍
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    @Malcolm Robinson - does this mean your having to put your hand in your own pocket?
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