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    Home quarantine, day 3: Finally had time to give the cupboard under the stairs a good going through! I've been threatening to do it for ages! . Even had a chat to my other half. Seems like quite a nice guy! #Winning at social isolation! At government level: New law passed today, allowing primary and junior schools to be closed if required. Non-compulsory education establishments, uIniversities and high-scchools, already closed.
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    Same here. As from yesterday only one person for palliative care cases; one person seeing the critically ill ,and the one I can't understand - Birthing Partner allowed to be present at the birth. I wonder if they will be testing the birthing partners for Carona virus or just letting them cough onto the new born. Yesterday - North Tyneside/Rake Lane Hosp at the daily visiting slot - 14:30 to 16:00 - the wards went quiet.
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