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    Best wishes to all ... hoping you all have a good Xmas and a great New Year.
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    And here's me imagining it was for six of Bercow's car stickers!
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    Heh heh! Great interesting discussion, ye two bonny lassies! The only bits aa remember wat was ingrained into us were the 611 AD consecration,and the sleepover of King John at thi Old Hall Tower at thi Market Place,before the signing of thi Magna Carta. When I was a kid,aa coudn't stand History lessons,cos a didn't see thi need for it...a wud rather be fiddling on wi me Electricity experiments in me Mutha's wesh-hoose....[at 12- yeor aad!]. Noo,aam fascinated by History,fortunately we hae thi technology nooadays,ti larn of those who are more edicated...like ye two bonny lassies!! Heh heh!
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    Beginning of the financial year, mileage allowance 45p/mile. He can't have already clocked up 10,00 miles in 28 days to be getting the reduced rate of 25p/mile - can he? 90p gives him a two mile journey for each log entry. Maybe he just popped out for lunch: Hare & Hound, up Pimlico way, Star & Garter, south bank, Fiddler's Elbow, Camden Town, The Granny Knot, Bayswater, The Frog & Whistle, Lambeth - the list is endless depending on direction from place of work. Mind you, I'm assuming he was alone in the car because otherwise he'd be entitled to an extra 5p per mile for every "qualifying" passenger and that makes the maths too difficult (wish I'd paid more attention to Miss Wilkinson)!
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    Season's Greetings to all Bedlingtonians from a hot,dry and firey Oz.
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    MP Travel - whatever that is
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