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    I was there on the nights those bands were on. Our group of lads were there four or five nights a week as we used to get free passes from the guy/manager that ran the place. Before it opened we would call into the building on a Sunday afternoon, after having been to the Station Club - 12:00 till 14:00 for a few pints on our way down to the Welfare Park for a game of footie among the lads, and chat with the manager to see when it would be the opening night. It was mainly Bob Pattison & Alan Maguire that chatted up the manager and other staff and were given the free passes. As they all became friends there were free passes for many months, especially for through the week. My main memory of Dave Dee ,Dozy,Mick,and Tich was that I was mistaken, by young ladies who had had a load to drink, as Dozy and they leapt on me, knocking me to the floor and ravaged me until some dragged them off and said - not Dozy, it's Eggy
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