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  1. I have replied to the email from Yvonne so hopefully she will be able to reply here directly.
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  2. I may have been barking up the wrong tree here. It now strikes me as odd that the faces in that photo are all young. William Henry Boll (WHB) was 48 years old in 1911, just one year before the photo was taken. WHB was undoubtedly the headmaster at Nedderton Village School and living in School House in 1911. So I don’t think he is in that photo of 1912. A bit more research reveals that he had another son, Hugh Clementson Boll, (HCB) who also entered the teaching profession. HCB’s occupation is given as “pupil teacher”, age 18 years in the 1911 census and he is living in Nedderton village, walking distance from Netherton Infants School. I’m more inclined now to think that this is the Mr Boll in the photo of 1912. He seems to have done very well in life aspiring to the dizzy heights of “Headmaster Senior School” in Manchester 1939.
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