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    I`ve just found this video and thought i`d share it
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    That guy at 1.33 used to dance infront of the people marching every year. Ive got a brilliant video of him somewhere ill try and dig it up
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    I think people may have travelled a lot further than that. From what I remember it was for miners from the whole of Northumberland.
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    Great video Cympil. I wonder how many people in the crowds had travelled from Blyth / Ashington / Morpeth etc to be there. It's a shame we don't have events like this anymore.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this. It's fabulous & brought back so many memories for me of growing up in Bedlington in the 1970's. Picnic Day & 'The Gala' trip to Whitley Bay were the highlights of the summer for us kids back then. Thanks Again.
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    That was great, brings back so many memories of what Bedlington used to be like. I have fond memories of my childhood in the 70's loking forward to the Miners Picnic thinking it was the biggerst event in the world. Even into my teens we all looked forward to Picnic day. xx
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