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    Hi Bill Sorry to hear that you and your wife have health issues I know what this is like as my husband had major surgery last year and he has other issues. It does not seem fair when you have worked all your life and when you should be enjoying life health issues rear their head, it is a true saying "it is no fun getting old". Fortunately I am in excellent health. I take after my Mother who lived until she was 90 and she used to say "I would be champion if it is was not for my knees" but they did not keep her in she used to be out and about every day. I have not replied until today as I have been volunteering at the World Cup Cricket at the Fanzone in Durham for 2 days and I volunteer every Sunday at Tanfield Railway so have just picked up my laptop. I did go to the coffee morning at Bedlington unfortunately, the lady was unable to help me but I had a good couple of hours they were all lovely people, myself and my sister in law are going to go back as she has some blankets that her mother made and she is going to donate them to their collection. We then went to Woodhorn Museum and that was very interesting, I got the coroner's report on the death of my grandmother who was found dead in the River Wansbeck in Morpeth in 1916. My ticket lasts for one year so I am going to go on a regular basis to go through the records. Unfortunately I did not have anything on me with my photo or address so I could not look at original documents but I will make sure that I have my driving licence with me when we go again. Best Wishes to you and your wife on hopefully a speedy recovery. Regards Dorothy
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