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    No 3 was a canny quiet lad caaled Brian..[?],nicknamed Djevvy,a got ti knaa him at thi Aad pit an aal,he was a trainee kid,marra's wi Dyevvy Bower,[in thi gallery as weel]. R.I.P. Djevvy..[No 3]
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    Hi Alan,this pic is aalriddy in the gallery is it not..a knew aal the lads but only name that will be with me forever is that of me old gud friend and neighbour Frankie Tatters,Number 4 ,Frankie was a friend of my Wife's family gaan back as far as my Wife can remember..he used to stay overnight at her Mother's hoose after a night at the club wi her Brother,when she was was a wee bairn..then as aa came alang,courting,aa was transferred ti thi Aad pit at thi Station,where a worked wi Frankie from me being 21 years aad. Thi pic of thi Windy Driller stuck in the caunch wi knee deep waata aal aroond,[in me Bates Pit Pics],was Frankie's driller..when thatcher said "Switch off and pull oot...Bates is closing"...Frankie said "Ye can go to hell!...thi bugga's stopping there for me"!...so he switched the driller off...and it's still there yit..35 years later![and a bet it still works!] Frankie was the driest ,funniest bugga ,and the canniest lad ye cud ivvor wish ti meet. R.I.P. Frankie Tatters [No 4]

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