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    As memtioned before, if you are looking for information about your relatives who may have served in the 1914-1918 War you might find their story on this website along with other information about the War Memorials in the area. I have attached two stories to show what is available on this website. While researching these soldiers we find not may photographs are available. If anyone reading this has photos of WW1 soldiers in uniform with information such as name, service number and regiment we would like to add them to this site. 1. Rogers, George Thomas.docx 1. Orange, Snowden Foggan.docx
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    A link to the newmp site is :- http://www.newmp.org.uk/
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    My aunt and my family are all from Bedlington and no connections with Ashington. When I got the package of photos which included the team photo my aunt had written on the accompanying letter Bedlington Terriers football team for some reason. She could have been mistaken. I will have another look at the original to see who the photographer was or other clues. Cheers
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    Yes it was me. I posted this on one of those sites sixtownships or Bedlington.
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    Looking at the hairstyles, at the strip and the attire of the non players, I'd say it was 1920's wish, which would possibly be Bedlington United. Millne Park didn't become a football field/ground until Bedlington Mechanics were formed in 1949. The Pavilion / Changing Rooms were behind the goal (nearest the Dr. Pit) and there was banked standing areas along each side-line, but never any covered structure. My understanding, and confirmed by John Reed (Reedy's Dad) was that there was a very amicable agreement regards rent of the field, between Jimmy Millne and my Grandad. However, once my Grandad had died then there was a deterioration in the relationship between Jimmy Millne and the Football Club's new Committee, not long after they were forced to relocate to the Station Park (the A Pit Recreation Ground).

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