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    Just one correction, my dad was Stan Kidd, however it was my Grandad who was one of the founding Committee men of Bedlington mechanics. His name was Christopher Septimus Kidd (known to everyone was Sepp). He was the Colliery Engineer at the Dr. Pit and as such lived, with his family, in one of the houses on the Pit Head (I guess he would have been on call 24/7 in case of emergencies or mechanical issues). He had also been a prominent Councillor for BUDC throughout the 1930's / 40's. From what I've learnt from researching old copies of The Blyth News and Morpeth Herald at Woodhorn Archives and seen in articles on this site (mostly from Reedy and his Dad) Bedlington Mechanics FC were formed in 1948/49 season where they played friendlies (mostly at West Lea, I believe). They then joined the Miners Welfare League for season 1949/50. I have the final league tables for the 3 seasons they played in the Miners Welfare League, prior to then joining the Northern Combination League for another 3 seasons to then join the Northern Alliance in the 1955/56 season.
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    @Richard Bloomfield - the photos belong to @Reedy = Paul Reed. Although I have 'tagged' him in this comment I am not sure if Paul still receives messages from this group. The last time Paul visited/Logged onto this site was 22nd November 2017. In one of the photos Paul's dad, John reed, is named and that's where Paul gets his info and photos. John Reed was involved with the Mechanics from when they first formed. If you enter "Mechanics" in the Search box (top right) many Topics about the Mechanics will be displayed. I will send Paul a Message (via the Bedlington Facebook groups) and let you know what he says. On this group there is also Stan Kidd' grandson ( Ovalteeny) and no doubt your research has thrown up the name Stan Kidd. @Ovalteeny has researched the full history of the Mechanics and I am sure he would supply you with some info. Ovalteeny is still active on this group.

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