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    Historic is nay good if ya want ta buy a pair of shoes or a shart an pants hinny , historic is nay good if ya want ta use a branch of ya bank Historic is nay good if ya oot on the street and want ta gan t the Lavvy. Its a doorty owld pit village hinny not Stonehenge, apart from St Cuthberts church it has really nowt else worth looking at. Its plagued with drink and drugs problems and vandalism an burglaries just the same as most places these days, what's left of the streets shops are a collection hairdressers, barbers, takeaways and tattoo parlours most of em hidden behind rusty owld shutters that rarely go up . What you call the market place is a mess of boarded up graffiti covered empty shops, with the so called historic buildings on the street sporting plastic widows and front doors from B&Q , satellite dishes blooming like mushrooms on the walls and air con units hinging oboot the place, All the empty lots and areas especially around the Court House are overgrown and full of rubbish. A rekon that optician ont front street must be selling some folk glasses wi rose tinted lenses 😎
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