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    Didn't/Hadn't realised how scruffy and run down Bedlington is till yesterday,we all know about council cutbacks etc and the long winded market place development but don't people take any pride with the appearance of house and gardens anymore I walked down to the post office at the spar and the state of front gardens in a lot of houses is embarrassing,now i appreciate some people ie elderly disabled may or cant keep gardens tidy but as for the rest..........come on have some pride in your house do you really want to live in a house that looks a 5h1thole from the outside Later on i walked up to Boots in Front street and first impressions on a nice sunny day looking up from Northumberland Arms towards Red Lion is good........but on closer inspection Oh dear what a mess. Excluding the the Tesco/Great Wall Of Bedlington Site shops are closing at an alarming rate....The Wool Shop,Durham Beds and Theresa's Ices.on a plus note it was good to see workman inside the old Lloyd's Pharmacy shop but i will reserve judgement until i see what opens no doubt another hair/nail/takeaway or cafe The Development of the Lairds House was supposed to have stated by now or have owners decided its a dead loss and what on earth is going on in the Barrington Arms it looks like a cheap conversion to flats done really badly I presume the new owners of Market Tavern are running on a shoestring judging by hand written signs in windows and the shockingly bad plastic hanging baskets as well as only opening on limited days to sell cheap beer.Which brings me nicely to another problem in the Front Street.....Breakers Bar and its clientele who were congregated outside in full view and what a smart bunch they were🤣Bedlingtons finest.On a side note has there been a increase in single male/unemployed/drink/drug related people moving to our town recently or do all the lowlife head to Breakers Bar during the day Do we have no litter bins in Bedlington or are people just to lazy to walk over to them and would rather chuck it on the ground and who will no doubt vandalise the flower planters on a Friday night.Of course as well as no bins🤭we have no toilets.....every town centre has at least one working public loo except Bedlington. I used to be proud to live in a nice town but when people now ask where i live i'm almost embarrassed to tell them Bedlington
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