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    From the album: Local Football

    Names on back Herron Wellard Barnfather Foster Spratt Charlton Nicholson Jackson Trewick Walton Winn
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    From the album: KING

    Whitley Memorial School football team around 1931-32. Ronnie King back row.
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    From the album: KING

    Council School - some of the family are on this but not certain which ones.
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    From the album: KING

    Me and Mam - visiting Shiney Row, this was around 1960.
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    From the album: KING

    My Grandad Jack Hay - middle row third from right. He worked at Doctor Pit and lived at 26 Shiney Row retiring to 8 Centenary Cottages. Not sure when this was taken but think it will have been in the 50's or 60's.

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