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    From the album: Local Football

    Names on back Herron Wellard Barnfather Foster Spratt Charlton Nicholson Jackson Trewick Walton Winn
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    From the album: KING

    Whitley Memorial School football team around 1931-32. Ronnie King back row.
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    Didn't "Fags" Farrington play on the right wing for the Grammar School Intermediates and Middlemiss play on the left. Middlemiss could be sensational and went to Sunderland FC but, surprisingly, didn't make the top grade. Farrington was less showy but more consistent and made the grade in professional football. Keith Harle
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    From the album: KING

    Council School - some of the family are on this but not certain which ones.
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    From the album: KING

    Me and Mam - visiting Shiney Row, this was around 1960.
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    From the album: KING

    My Grandad Jack Hay - middle row third from right. He worked at Doctor Pit and lived at 26 Shiney Row retiring to 8 Centenary Cottages. Not sure when this was taken but think it will have been in the 50's or 60's.

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