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  1. And... the great occasion slips into history without even a comment from me - must be slipping folks! Actually, I blame Bre..., no, I mean the crappy keyboard on this temporary replacement tablet computer (as if my normal spelling correction quota wasn't bad enough!). Some excellent comments elsewhere. Best one of this morning from a DE poster: Even the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation is now entertaining. The sight last night of Heseltine being shown how a staunch Tory behaves properly by "young upstart" Rees-Mogg was easily worth sitting through all the other "uncertainty" dr
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    Bedlington Vets4Pets are celebrating their first birthday by holding a Party! The event is at the practice situated where the Ridge Farm Pub used to be next to the co-op. We have a morning filled with lots of games and a mini Dog Show so make sure you bring your pooch along! The event is to celebrate our birthday but we are also donating whatever money we raise from the event to the local Bedlington 1st Rainbows and Brownies. Check out our Facebook page for more information. Hopefully we will see you there!
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