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    As of today there is a new residents group in Bedlington. The Burnside Estate Residents Group was formed and will include the residents of Moorland Cottages and Thomas Holliday Homes. The constitution was presented to the meeting and adopted. The turn out could have been better, but those residents who were there contributed positively and enthusiastically. We are receiving support from Bernicia, East Bedlington Parish Council, Northumbria Police and Wansbeck CVS. The reputation that Burnside has had over the last decade or two has not been the best, to say the least. Things have improved significantly over the last 12 months or so and it is our intention to build on that and make it an estate that people wont be ashamed to admit to living on. There are many good people living on this estate and they have had to suffer the stigma of living on Burnside because of the way a certain few chose to lead their lives by disrepecting their neighbours and environment and, in doing so, tarring everyone on the estate with the same brush, things can only change for the better. BURNSIDE ESTATE RESIDENTS GROUP (neighbours pulling together) This post has been promoted to an article
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    GGG, see your pin up has been found guilty at last............... She might be looking for an away from it all holiday, not in France! http://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/745197/IMF-Christine-Lagarde-guilty-Tapie-payment-French-court
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    The fact that she got away with unarguable massive fraud has to show even the naive who voted Remain exactly how the Euro-elite system actually works. 5000 of them in France alone, and they heavily intermarry to keep the gravy train on the rails for generations to come. The membership queue includes most of our MPs, and particularly the Blairite Labour ones. The Brexit vote was a disaster to these people, but Blair is plotting behind the scenes to undermine it.
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    Thanks Sharky, Everything that happens is a joint effort by the residents . There are a few things planned for next year and hopefully they will come off. Many people will tell you what the estate was like prior to the residents group being set up . Life in Burnside has improved considerably.
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    I can remember going to that Dentist pilgrim, I think that street is North Parade it had a square white light above the front door just saying dentist and the surgery was in what would be the front room of the house. Now the teacher you mention lived a couple of doors down from the dentist but I think his name was Dobson possibly Harry Dobson he taught at Choppington junior school as did Mr Dawes who you mention, Mr Dobson was a lovely man who was also involved with the youth club at the Chapel that used to be on sheepwash bank down from the Shakespeare pub, I remember reading he passed away a few years ago Other teachers at Choppington at that time would be Mrs Brown , Mrs Hayes Mrs Celie
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