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    It's back online too now FYI @Newbedders
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    Merry Christmas all from absentee me.
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    Tidying out my old files I came across an old Chocolate Quiz but I couldn't find a list of answers. So if one is bored try this :- You have to work out the chocolate bar names. All the clues are chocolates or sweets that COULD be purchased in the UK years ago - Iv'e done 5 0 Sly giggles - SNICKERS 1 High class thoroughfare 2 Money making royalty 3 Dark occult 4 Mother's local 5 Clever folk - SMARTIES 6 Various black items 7 Sport for Princes - POLO 8 Frankie Vaughan wanted it 9 Good children get these 10 Feline equipment 11 Garden flowers 12 Assorted girls 13 Dairy holder - MILK TRAY 14 Arrange marriage partners 15 Edible fasteners 16 Wobbly infants 17 Talk quietly 18 Big bus - DOUBLE DECKER 19 Gem orchard 20 Spin around 21 Capital granite 22 Lorry driver's snack 23 100% Au 24 Istanbul harem 25 Up out there 26 Even more up out there 27 Big cat's pub 28 Noisy insect 29 One who wanders 30 Musical bard 31 It's a party 32 Outside meal 33 Easily blown 34 Locals from Malta 35 Reward 36 Ten cent pub 37 Toothless drink 38 Lost them…..? 39 Sweet tooth 40 Pub pins
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    Thank you to one and all, I feel like I am in my twenties until I try and do something and then my body tells me different. Many thanks
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    Glad to see the fruition since the POC was a resounding success haha Looking good!
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    Hi Christopher, The text editor, from what I can remember, has changed so that it is supposed to be more user friendly. You can still chose to edit your text unformatted or paste it in by holding Ctrl + Right Click Or if you are hosting images externally it should automatically embed the image as I did above if you paste a direct link to it. Personally I thought the previous iteration of the text editor to be worse for trying to dictate your BBCode as I always have a tendency to just type the code rather than click the buttons and it used to play havoc. I'm not sure there is an option to turn it off fully. Bit of a late reply, but a reply nonetheless.
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    The joy of living in the country … 9 December We woke this morning to a wonderful carpet of crystal white, sparkling snow which covered every inch of the countryside. What a fantastic sight! Is there anything more beautiful! I shoveled snow for the first time in years (the council always takes care of that in town). I felt rejuvenated. I cleared both the drive and the verandah. In the afternoon, the snow plough came and blocked the drive with snow again so I had to get the shovel out again. What a wonderful life! 12 December The sun has come out and melted all our lovely snow. What a shame. My neighbour says not to worry, we’ll definitely have a white Christmas. No snow at Christmas would be dreadful! Bob says that by the end of February we’ll have so much snow that I won’t ever want to see snow again. I don’t think that’s possible. He’s joking I’m sure. Bob’s a nice man. I’m pleased he’s our neighbour. 14 December Snow, wonderful snow! Eight inches fell during the night and the temperature has fallen to -20 degrees. This type of cold makes everything sparkle. The wind is cold but you soon get warm clearing the drive and the verandah. This is the life! The snow plough came back this afternoon and buried everything in snow again. I hadn’t realized that I’d have to shovel so much snow but I’ll definitely be fit by the end of the winter! 15 December Another 10 inches fell during the night. Hubby sold his car and bought a 4x4 instead. He also bought winter tyres for my car and two extra snow shovels. Hubby wants to install a wood burner – in case of power cuts – but I think that’s stupid. We don’t live in Alaska for heaven’s sake! 16 December Snow storm this morning. I fell on the ice while I was putting salt on the drive. It doesn’t half hurt. The old man laughed until he cried – great fun, I don’t think! 17 December Temperature still way below minus. The roads are terrible. Too dangerous to drive anywhere. We had a power cut for 5 hours. What to do? Sat and stared at the other half and tried not to irritate him. We should have bought that wood burner but I’m not admitting that to him. I hate it when he’s right. I cannot believe that I’m freezing to death in my own sitting room! 20 December The electric’s back on, but another 12 inches of that bl*ody white sh1t fell during the night. MORE shoveling! It took all day! The snow plough came twice! I tried to get one of the neighbour’s kids to help but they were too busy – playing ice-hockey on the lake. I’m sure they were lying. I called the iron mongers to see if they had a snow-blower but they had run out. Maybe they’ll get a new delivery in March when the road’s open again. I’m sure they were lying. Bob says we have to clear the snow otherwise the council will come and do it and send me a big bill! I think Bob’s lying as well. 22 December Bob was right about the White Christmas. Another fifteen inches of the blasted stuff during the night and it’s so bl*ody cold that It’ll not melt before August! It took me 45 minutes to get dressed in all my layers this morning so that I could go out and clear away the snow and then I needed a pee! By the time I’d undressed, peed and dressed again I was so tired I couldn’t be bothered to shovel snow! I tried to get Bob to take over my driveway the rest of the winter. I mean, he has a snow blower. He says he doesn’t have time- I’m sure that b@stard is lying! 23 December Only 2½ inches of snow today and the temperature is only -1. Himself wanted me to put up some Christmas decorations this morning. Is she crackers or what? Why the H*ll didn’t he say so a month ago? He says that she DID say it a month ago but I think the b’ is lying! 24 December We woke to eight inches of snow. It’s already been packed as hard as stone by that bl*ody snow plough so I broke the snow shovel! I think I had a heart attack as well! If I get my hands on tha b@stard driver I’ll kill him. I just KNOW that the b’ psychopath waits round the corner till I’ve got my drive cleared, then he comes at 80 miles an hour and fills the drive again! The old man wanted us to sing a few Christmas carols this morning while we wrapped presents but I was too busy keeping an eye out for that 4king idiot of a driver. 25 December Merry Christmas to all that bl*ody snow!! We are snowed in!! The very thought of shoveling snow makes my blood boil! God how I hate SNOW!!! The snow plough stopped and asked how things were. I hit the b@stard over the head with the snow shovel … 26 December Still snowed in! Why on earth did I move here to this bl’ody hole? And, it was all HIS idea. He gets right on my nerves … 27 December Still snowed in. He is driving me nuts!! 29 December Another 24 inches during the night! Bob says I’ll have to get the snow off the roof otherwise the roof might cave in. 4king idiot! Does he think I’m stupid. Or what? 30 December The roof caved in! The driver of the snow plough has sued me for £80 000 just cos I hit him on the head with a shovel and the old man has gone back to his mother … 31 December Set fire to the whole blasted lot. No more shoveling snow for me!! 8 January I feel so good. I love these little pills they give me. Why am I locked in this room?
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