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    I should add that the Red Lion options are only 'guess work' by me and could be totally unfounded.
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    I remember the co-op near Rothesay Terrace, it was the Blyth Co-op and there was the dairy behind it, they were the first ones to have electric milk floats. There was a bus stop right outside the co-op, it cost a half penny from the market place to the Blyth Store stop Barnes the greengrocers was actually their whole sale depot, I remember when I got married in 1967 they supplied all the flowers. I also remember the other shop in that area Fletchers tobaconist and sweet shop. further down past Hardies shop were Metcalfs Stores the cut that ran opposite down to Waverley Ave and Coquetdale Place was also known as Metcalf's cut.
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