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    Why do people need to have more than one stupid cat. They kill birds and shit all over. Dig up your plants veg etc, people go on about culling foxes they need to start culling them rat bastards instead.
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    Indeed; I don't have any stupid cats. I instead have 17 carefully selected, very intelligent cats, who kill only needless, superfluous rodents - those that are over-populated in local terms - and shit in a set location, rather than 'all over'. Oddly, despite Monsta's protestations, they also play a strong part in keeping the local 'rat bastard' population at bay; I frequently clear rat bastard carcasses from my garden. I'm also not sure why Monsta urges me to dig up my veg (etc); not much of it is ready yet.
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    Bollicks what a crock of s**t it's just blatant discrimination
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    Mrs Orloff (who used to work in HR) tells me that the ad has probably been approved because the ethnic groups mentioned are under represented in the organisation. If they are, such ads are allowed so that the organisation can bring their equality stats up to proportionate levels. Doesn't mean it's right, of course...
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    It is an EU army that could bring about war
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    Looks like a man with a white stick is arranging the next refurbishment of the market place.
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    How are you supposed know that the cat is going to be stupid when you get it? What are the odds at the next one also being stupid ? I don't think we should start getting rid of "stupid" ....
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