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    With so many people unhappy with the state of our streets and open spaces a group has come together to see just what can be done to help. They are holding an open public meeting at the Bedlington Community Centre on Front Street next Wednesday 4th May at 6.00pm. If you are concerned about the way our Town looks at times and want to actually do something about it please come along. You may already do a bit of litter picking in your particular area, if so we would like to hear about that too so we can make a map of the areas residents are already helping out with and areas which might need some sort of concerted community effort to get back into a good state.
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    Monsta, nobody was or is whinging. All we asked was for Lidl to consider the tree. They did, which is commendable, and replied with sensible reasoning as to why the tree has to go. We accept that. Once again, this wasn't about the tree OR Lidl, because we want Lidl, and others, to invest in the town. It was a last chance attempt to save a beautiful tree. Of course, that's of no interest to you. I doubt, in fact, you care at all about the regeneration of the town or of community spirit.
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    He was the King of Trees Keeper of the Glade Beneath his leaves he gave Shelter from the rain we used to meet by him far from the bustling town We loved him Now they,ve come to cut him down!!!
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