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    Get rid of the council and Mr Lavery who appears to do nothing for Bedlington - perhaps the Labour party has lost it's way. Time for a complete change me thinks! - who agrees
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    County Hall - thinks ... now why is it being moved? King Edwards sold for housing and relocated into County Hall? surely the council site is bigger and close enough to Lonesdean to be desirable - or is it a move to justify a hugely costly road which seems to serve no purpose. It seems to be the trend these days to sell off school palying fields (Cramlington - Berwick - oops they couldnt make a decison and the NHS pulled out as they couldnt wait but I am sure a more profitable deal will be made) Speaking of County Hall - can anyone tell me how many unions have offices there? and are they charged a commercial rate for the facilities? as I have never seen 'office space available for rent in prime location' advertised and will those same unions be given office space in any new county hall?? and why??
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    Could be either tenant or landlord, you would have to read the lease!
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