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    Last week I was lucky enough to be off work while we had the lovely weather, and I spent every day going to a different park in the area. Monday - Alnwick Gardens, Tuesday - Bedlington Country Park, Wednesday - Queen Elizabeth II park, Thursday - Plessey Woods, Friday - Druridge Bay (Very foggy, but I got a photo of a Swan sitting on her nest which is due to be printed in the Evening Chronicle on Tuesday!) and Bolam lake on Saturday. Today I spent the day at Wansbeck Country Park. I've never been before, but I'll certainly be going back. It is beautiful! What a gorgeous stretch of river. Plenty of places to sit (mown grass, seats and picnic benches) and a lovely long walk. I started at the car park near the caravan site and walked all the way down to the weir. I've attached one of my photos - this is of a swan just coming in to land on the water. If you like a nice day out in the countryside with lovely views you have to visit here. And the parkings free! (Just watch out for the little road bumps as you drive down to the car park, I was so busy taking in the river my little car was bouncing over them!!
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    We are very fortunate in having so many lovely walks around the Bedlington area and my wife and I have done them all - several times. If you haven't already done so, you may wish to try the Hartford Hall to Humford Mill walk. This starts by crossing over a style over the wall just before the entance to Hartford Hall on the A1068 road out of Bedlington.
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