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    Just what everyone wants to know: RE: J D Wetherspoon: Contact Form Submission†From: Acquisitions Internal (Acquisitionsint@jdwetherspoon.co.uk) Sent: 05 July 2010 09:10:23 To: claire jackson Dear Ms Jackson Thank you for your email. JD Wetherspoon has purchased the Red Lion in Bedlington. At the moment there are no onsite or opening dates agreed. Once again, thank you for taking the time and trouble to contact us. Kind regards Carolyn
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    I would suggest the FA sack themselves! Were they players? Did they ever play football? Were they football managers? They know FA about football so they need kicking out and get some ex players/managers in who know what they are on about! If they disassociated themselves from FIFA then FIFA would ban us from World cup/Euro tournaments, not a bad thing as it happens, we would not then have our hopes dashed every two years :lol: You know what made my world cup? That smug smile wiped off Platini's frog face Back to the FA I think player sponsorship/advertising was to blame for team selection not Capello. I think he was told who had to play so that more money went into the FA from players' sponsors, because, lets face it, every man and his dog knows that Gerrard and Lampard cannot play in the same team! Also I think the players that went were not the ones that Capello wanted to take! But that's my opinion And for what it's worth I think Germany(spit)will win the World Cup
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