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    Your carefully chosen words have not gone unnoticed TPurvis! Let us correct you on a few matters! I know fine well where you live, just as you took the liberty of zooming in on our property on Google as you mentioned, we also checked things out! The power of the Internet eh? 1) All the kids' Snowmen in the entire cul-de-sac were knocked over causing a lot of distress to all of our children on what should have been a very happy New Years Day. I've talked to 2 other neighbours who would have liked to "get our hands on them"! One of these neighbours has also been victims of anti-social behaviour at the same time and are willing to go to police if things kick off again. So, the fact you were told one snowman was foolishly knocked over takes me back to my previous posting, saying that you, as a parent, will not get the truth! 2)You know fine well, that in my earlier postings on the matter, i mentioned that one of the 15yr olds stood on my doorstep in a threatening behaviour and i told him, in no uncertain terms to get off as he decided to take a good look in my house while he was doing it. Your comments about threatening 15yr olds being "underhand" does not hold sway in this instance as one of them was the aggressor and on my doorstep at the time. The officer attending said she told his parents she did not have a problem with the fact i asked him to get leave ok! 3)"We seem to have some trouble children and adults on this estate"...as only trouble with kids have been mentioned on these postings by various contributors, i take offence if you are taring me with the same brush as these kids! 4)"Lets hope this matter ends and it does not continue in any way shape or form, because i can guarantee, any legal issues will cause more problems to an adult than a child."...the matter was ended until you decided to raise it all up again TPurvis....and don't threaten me!! The last incident was 5 months ago! What's happened since then? Have you eventually found out off your kids who they have been involved with? Just so happened to come across these postings by chance? Or is it due to you finally finding some balls 5 months later and decided to find out whats been happening around your estate? Listen, Fact:- last incident involved 4 kids but only 2 of them caused the problem Fact:- one of kids that didn't do anything was one of your sons!..didn't do anything "comprende"? Fact:- I was threatened on my own doorstep with my wife 3 yards away by one of the two kids involved by his snearing, being nose-nose and leaning forward and glancing around inside the entrance to my house! Fact:- These kids, after several warnings at school by the police liaison officers, still decided to come round and cause trouble, culminating in one of them getting a behaviour order. I don't even know why you've decided to get involved if your kids have not been in trouble? Every parent wants to protect their children and their reputation but somehow, you seem misguided here and taken it on yourself to go on a mission of some sort. I've protected by young children by calling the police at every incident as it occured. I will continue to do so, if there are any further problems. Your guarded threats about "legal action being issued causing more problems to an adult than a child" again, does not make sense as if your kid has not been involved? Are you acting on behalf of the other kids' parents or something? If your kids are not known to the police, why have you come on this forum with this line of questioning? Everybody reading this thread, and i've asked a few, are wondering why after 5 months has a parent of someone who was not directly involved and (i'm guessing, not questioned by the police), has come on here, raised this subject again and caused further distress to my wife, who, like me thought all our troubles were over? Your guarded comments and carefully chosen words we find threatening TPurvis. Instead of placing adverts for cleaners and gardeners on the site, why don't you do it yourself? You may even find it theraputic!
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    That is the gist of the problem of todays society the kids know that no matter what they do nobody and I mean nobody can touch them. A total disregard for other peoples feelings or rights and of course parents who say ' It wasn't them they're good kids them, mine do anything like that, NEVER' While kid is smirking 'Go on dad tell them it wasn't me' MUG I've got this thing sussed attitude and I guarantee you one thing law or no law they do anything to me or mine they'll get a F88888G good hiding no matter who they are! I've said this before'Do you grab a nettle twice, will you jump into a gorse bush twice NO! Nature shows us the way! PAIN. So put that in ya pipe an smoke it! Though you probably can't as the kids probably already have :lol:
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    Wonky, what have we got to do to get through to some of these effing people, You cannot demand respect, RESPECT is earned. I pity these kids who take their attitude out drinking with them, God the hidings they are going to get, but of course it won't be their fault. I feel utterly sorry for them the pain they are going to suffer ;)
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    so are we hung (drawn and quartered)???? scary!! been trying to learn about politics but its canny complex! 2 be honest.... it's hard 2 see who we will be better off with! I come from a long line of labour voters, but they've not done much for my family.low wage n our tax credits gone up a quid a week n that no way covers the extra we pay for rent,council tax,gas n electric,food, school etc.. we never been so worse off! n we are in such a nanny state-teachers (police checked n majority parents) cant comfort a child, if we get burgled or attacked, we cant fight back or we'll be jailed, knife crime... a never ending list! god knows our fate tomorrow..... n god help us either way!!!
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    As far as we're concerned, the matter IS closed thanks. There has been no problems at our door since one of the kids has received a behaviour order(not quite an ASBO) and the police visited another one and warned his parents! We don't wish to listen to some "other story" that some of the other kids have told their parents, as do you honestly believe they'll tell it as it is? As i know their names, you are not the parent of those that the police have reprimanded but i do know the names of the larger group and a simple check informs me they are friends of those involved. This does not mean they themselves have been involved, so any "misrepresentation" of your children is not the case. We are just a little curious why you think your children have been somehow been mentioned in all of this as names have NEVER been mentioned? There are many groups of kids that roam around our estate and 99%of them are great and behave themselves. As to a "completely different story", for the last 18 months or so, the police have a detailed list of all incidents including dates, times and names of those stopped and questioned in the area at the time. They also have recordings of all calls to their office of incidents happening at the time. We have the full support of the local police and have received routine call-ins and checks at our house since the last incident. As far as we are concerned...police and local liason officers have the job done. In the meantime, it's come to light that one of our neighbours were having similar problems to us as well as a house in the next close. Neither have had any problems since then, so logically, they got those directly involved. Thankyou for your wish for us to have closure and possible apologies etc but we already have and wish to leave it at that. Jester & Family
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