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    I was wondering if any members might be able to help me. I have a photo that shows four men in uniform (seems to of the Great War period) that has the following on the back: James F (or T) Pringle 16 Double Row Bedlington North- I was wondering if anybody might be able to tell me where Double Row used to stand as I cannot see to find it on any modern maps. Many thanks, Johnnie
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    Many thanks for the replies. I'll try and sort out scanning some of the images and adding them. Johnnie
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    Close, but isn't where the Police HQ is almost slap on the Dr Pit head, or at least just a tiny bit South of it? The 'raas' were West and North of this. The most prominent one (nearest the Front Street) was Shiney Row, shown here on the right of Cympil's gallery photo: If you look at the row on the left of this picture (Doctor Terrace) there were some shorter rows running at about ninety degrees way over at the back there. One of them, as I remember, was New South Row. Why it was called this I could never fathom as it wasn't South of anything I could see. Anyway, my guess is that Double Row was 'ower there'. These other rows were the first to see the bulldozer, and I don't think they had the renovation money spent on them the more prominent ones in the foreground had. Waiting to be corrected on any of this! Hey, start a gallery, and get those pictures up there for posterity! Need any help with this then just ask any of the Mods or Admins.
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    Many thanks for the reply and the information it contained. It seems the photos I have relate mainly to the Tait and Barker family and include group school photos from Bedlington Station School and Bothal School. Johnnie
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    Double Row was part of the Pit Rows, which were demolished some time ago. On a modern map, they were where the new police station stands.
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