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    I have to agree somewhat with mrs vic that Frank Zappa is not for everyone, little rude with the words in his songs but as a kid we listerned to it all the time and went to see them in concert, our seats were so far back and so high up we could touch the roof of the arena. Frank Zappa and his band looked like little ants on stage. Just wondering what concerts you lot went too, here are a few of the bands I seen: Rolling Stones Journey Kansas Eddie Money, all them at same concert early 70's in Buffalo USA The Who Rush Max Webster Saga Goddo Van Hallen April Wine
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    I`ve still no idea who`s going to win this, the only one getting any coverage is Katie Price. Did anyone else manage to watch the Bush tucker trial with Katie and Kim? I say `managed` because i had to keep turning away For those that missed it, here it is Part 1 Part 2
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    A few more bands I saw during the years: Triumph E L O Black Sabath Kiss Slade,,,, at Newbiggin Beach, anyone go to that one.
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