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    Hello Ian! I've met you and your mum, but you won't remember me. Anyway, I know your dad very well, and attended your grandfather's funeral at St Cuthbert's Church, along with many other citizens of the Town. There was a big turnout on that day and our largest church (C of E) wasn't anything like big enough. Though, your grandfather supported the Church of Scotland - Presbyterian church nearer the West end of town. That turnout was because your grandfather was one of the most respected citizens of the town in history. He worked tirelessly for the place over many decades, often at the cost of his own health. In prior generations public memorials were erected to such people, and we already have one such for the Victorian Dr Trotter. I've long felt that the town could have done more to recognise its indebtedness to Doctor Brown, and I'm sure that there are many other people even older than me who feel similarly. We've had many many doctors, but only one deserves to be so recognised. I will PM you the other information unless someone beats me to it - often the case here! Great to have you as a member, and also to see you are so interested in your roots.
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    Often it is company policy that makes a company good, but I find it is usually it's an individual who makes or breaks dealing with a company, any one proving good service will always get my business, it's worth an extra $
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    I have always had good service from Lion Garage they go out of way to help you.
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    Saw one of the Labour candidates that didn't quite make it earlier, parking illegally in a disabled parking spot in a busy carpark... suppose they need to break the rules somehow...
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    Daj, Doesn't this represent a clear conflict of interests?
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    Yes they can respresent both wards it is allowed. Hope this helps T
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