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    Blank, Petition organised and handed out to all local Bedders shop keepers! These parking charges are just a dumb idea especially for places like Bedlington which have always had distressed economic areas. County seem intent on applying them to Wansbeck and Blyth alike but interesting letter in NPL recently about the possible connection between application time and election of MP! Netto and Tesco, if it ever gets built the way it said, will provide free parking spaces but only for their customers. In Tesco's case a 2 hour limit has been cited and how it will be policed is anyone's guess. It is a well thought out plan if the end result is to have all independent businesses in the town closed. They will soon have the largest national retailer to compete against, as well as one of the cheaper brands, and council will tie their hands behind their backs by imposing a tax on coming into Bedlington to use the facilities they offer whilst being unable to level the playing field by imposing charges on the big boys. It is short sighted, spiteful and vindictive and no one as yet has given a valid reason for implementing parking charges in Bedlington. Stephen, Be good to hear what you think this re-org is rolling out like, if this is the 'right' Stephen I am thinking about?
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    The Town Council will be discussing what response to make to the County Council questionnaire on car parking at the next meeting: 6pm on Thursday 10 September at the Salvation Army Hall
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    How are Shepard's meant to see there sheep at night?
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