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  1. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    This photo shows the coal washer that was in use at the Doctor Pit until the 1940’s. The waste material from this washer formed the pit heaps around the Doctor Pit (now rehabilitated and covered in trees.) This was a fantastic adventure playground for the kids in the area. There was what would be known today as a BMX track – we called it a “scrambler track”. Sliding down the heaps on a piece of conveyor belt or corrugated iron sheet was also popular. Much of the heap was still burning so you had to make sure you didn’t end up falling into a section that was still smouldering. Health and Safety
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  2. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    This shows the new washer that was constructed at the Aad pit in the 1940’s to treat coal from both Bedlington A and the Doctor Pit. The heap produced from this washer was landscaped and is now Gallagher Park.
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  3. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    Picnic day in the 1960’s with the Dr Pit headgear in the background.
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  4. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    Pit Heap behind Beech Grove – Coffin Chapel on right.
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  5. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    The Mechanic’s pitch looks a bit waterlogged!
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  7. From the album: Preserving the Past

    Also in the picture Fourgee and his big sister. Location is likely Front Street West (help - someone?). Date is probably around Christmas 1984.

    © bedlington.co.uk (all rights reserved)

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  8. From the album: Miners Picnics 1960s - 1980s

    Bedlington Miners Picnic, July 1974.
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