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    Last year, Armed Forces Day was commemorated in Bedlington for the first time and there was a decent turn out of service personnel and veterans, with the event including a buffet lunch at Bedlington Community Centre complete with music from the era. This year, Armed Forces Day is to be commemorated on Saturday 27 June 2020 and we are hoping to include a small parade involving both serving members and veterans ending at the War Memorial on Bedlington Front Street. It would be fantastic if more veterans, regardless of what branch of the Armed Forces they served in, could attend to make this year’s event bigger and better than last year. If anyone is interested, or knows of any veterans who would like to attend, could they please contact me with their details? You can reach me by private message on Facebook, Twitter @billbedeast, e-mail me at [email protected] or telephone/text me on 07779 – 983656. Let’s make it a great turnout this year!
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    Nice selection! Something for all of our senses: wonderful colours, different shapes, fantastic summer perfumes, sound of the wind in the poplar. This is going to be beautiful in a few years.
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    Good to see our youngsters getting involved with the NCC tree planting initiative. On a very cold and windy day too!!!!!
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    List of the trees that were planted........... 5x Acer campestre5x Alnus cordata5x Crataegus laevigata Paul's Scarlet4x Malus tschonoskii6x Populus tremula5x Prunus padus5x Tilia tomentosa
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