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    Good to see our youngsters getting involved with the NCC tree planting initiative. On a very cold and windy day too!!!!!
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    As the population gets bigger = more children = more schools = all new schools will have to be built away from the town centers = children will have to be driven to school = after 2035 all school will have to have 'drop off points' and 'charging points for electric cars = the world will be a better place - for some. What about those parents that don't have a car to drive their kids to school ? How far into the future can local planning committees plan and get whats best for the area? If the world of automation explodes there will be more people out of work and have time to walk their children to, and from, school. Then the authorities can change how schools teach the children - let the ones who can't be driven to school stay at home with their out of work parents and get taught, online, at home. When will we ever have a perfect solution to any challenges this fast paced progressive world is throwing at as? I know - WWIII, or a pandemic, and that should reduce the population explosion. Or will it. After WWII they introduced Family Allowance, for the 2nd child in the family, so that parents would have more children and therefore more money coming into the home and then when the children grew the parents would encourage them to buy their own home, have a family and get their children educated = more schools = more.............................. When will the merry go round ever end? Not half pleased your the councillor Malcolm, it must be like going round in circles. Retirement doesn't seem that bad - at least you have more time to look for soup spoons.
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    Last year, Armed Forces Day was commemorated in Bedlington for the first time and there was a decent turn out of service personnel and veterans, with the event including a buffet lunch at Bedlington Community Centre complete with music from the era. This year, Armed Forces Day is to be commemorated on Saturday 27 June 2020 and we are hoping to include a small parade involving both serving members and veterans ending at the War Memorial on Bedlington Front Street. It would be fantastic if more veterans, regardless of what branch of the Armed Forces they served in, could attend to make this year’s event bigger and better than last year. If anyone is interested, or knows of any veterans who would like to attend, could they please contact me with their details? You can reach me by private message on Facebook, Twitter @billbedeast, e-mail me at [email protected] or telephone/text me on 07779 – 983656. Let’s make it a great turnout this year!
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    Nice selection! Something for all of our senses: wonderful colours, different shapes, fantastic summer perfumes, sound of the wind in the poplar. This is going to be beautiful in a few years.
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    Maybe you could make that money back with a gig at East Bedlington Community Centre.
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    Great shows on again at Plessey Woods this Saturday. Two shows, 2.00pm and 3.30pm.
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    Having seen some of the threads and replies to the news about the new rail link I’m a bit surprised at what is being talked about but not shocked, being as most has a political bent. Having been promised this for many many years it must come as a shock to some to see the current NCC administration actually starting to deliver it. Most of the professional people I have spoken to about this see it as the biggest opportunity for socio/economic regeneration this area has seen for decades and that would be my take on the subject because I see this as a conduit not just for easier access to central Newcastle and nationwide, but to get people/visitors into our Town. Of course we now have to build up our own USP’s and actually compete for any new opportunities this will create and for that we need innovation and a clarity of thinking, not political dogma! Whilst I cannot claim any credit for the impetus this has now built up, apart from backing and promoting it at every opportunity, I will claim that the Bedlington Independent councillors have made sure Bedlington gets its station in the very first tranche! Also the people who should be thanked for their consistent lobbying and promotion of this project are SENRUG. It’s a rare opportunity and we should be grabbing it with both hands not talking it down. Of course there is some downside but measured against a huge potential upside that pales into insignificance in my book. The insincere angst some have created about the finances beggars belief because they know full well the £1.5M is only to help with making the business case and detailed planning needed to bring the project to fruition. On top of this NCC have put something like £34M into the medium term budget to make this happen. With a total costing of around £100M it would seem a determined statement of intent!
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    Fixed. Good spot, thanks for letting me know.
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    List of the trees that were planted........... 5x Acer campestre5x Alnus cordata5x Crataegus laevigata Paul's Scarlet4x Malus tschonoskii6x Populus tremula5x Prunus padus5x Tilia tomentosa
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    Hi folks!..and to add my tuppenceworth,I used to go over after school,with my schoolmates and the Hollymoonta gang,and watch Bucyrus Erie [as we called him ,cos his name was on a huge plate up on the side of the machine,mounted on the first gantry],we didn't know,at 10 years old,that it was the firm's name!] [that was in 1954-ish]. These two Draglines were reported in the press,[Evening Chronicle etc],as being the two largest walking draglines in the whole of Europe,as was the Acorn Bank Site cut. At night,in the dark,we used to snipe almost on top of the gang who were building it,and it's a wonder we weren't blinded by the welding arc's,cos to us,it was a bonny bright blue light!!...we just used to lie on the ground and snipe ever closer,and watch the arc,fascinated! It had a 50-ton bucket. Now,Alan,when it comes to disputes..[silly disputes an aal!],aa had an argument wi one of me pit marra's,now deceased,[R.I.P. TOM],one day when we were sitting getting wor baits,amang aal the waata and clarts,doon the Three-Quarter drift,at Bates. We somehow got on aboot the Acorn Bank site,and Tom said he worked there,before gaan doon the pit. Aa just remarked hoo we kids used to watch the Euclids bouncing like they were toys,when Bucyrus Erie dropped his bucketfull of stones into the back of the truck,and big stones used to smash doon onto the canopy above the Driver's cab. That was like a red rag to Tom..he adamantly argued and started getting real ratty,saying the Draglines never filled the Euclids,it was done by the face shovels. Whey naturally,a argued back saying a used ti watch them man.... Tom shouted ....Aa used ti work there man Bill..ya getting mixed up....so a backed off,cos a hate arguments and ill-feeling...[this was in the 1980's] Whey,Tom passed away a few years ago,and then at Christmas,a year or two back,I got a DVD which had been transferred from old Cine-film,and it was amateur footage of the Acorn Bank site..[a Sixtownship DVD a think]. Then a started researching aboot the site,and guess what,it explains hoo the Dragline bucket was overloading the Euclids,and damaging the bodies ,so a special hopper was designed and erected,so the bucket emptied it's load into the hopper,and a guy loaded the Euclids safely..and I remembered the name of the hopper,cos aam a guitarist!! It was called a .....HENDRIX ...hopper!! It seems that Tom must have worked at the far end of the cut,where Bucyrus Erie [1] ,was working,and that was a thousand yards away from Bucyrus Erie [2]..and they only had the one hopper. Trivial story,but Tom was starting to get violent in his attempt to convince me I was wrong. At the end of the day,it didn't matter who was right ,cos it was history long gone!,but this is hoo misinformation spreads. My friend's Dad was one of the Dragline operators,a fella caaled Mr Humble,Bob and Les were his two Sons,who were my mates. There was no security in them days,no watchman or owt like that,no fences or barriers of any kind,on Sundays we kids used to either walk or ride wor bikes,doon inti the cut,and play on the Draglines feet,which were 44 feet long and 8 feet wide. We played in the Euclids seats,mekking on we were driving....whey,ye dae when ya ownly aboot ten or elivin yeors aad ...divvent ye?! One thing I read,recently,which really interested me,was the footprint pressure of the central hub which the crane sat on when in operation....2500 tons weight,[if I remember rightly!]..and the pressure on the ground was ....5pounds per square inch!! Incredible engineering..like an elephant,s gentle footsteps from such a heavy animal! I sat one day,for fun,and calculated it out in my head,and it was spot-on..even with simple Maths! [another trivial story!] Maggie,thanks for posting the pics,brought back many happy memories..that place was part of my childhood!
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    Crazy, isn't it! Here, every child who has more than 2 km to school (and that's most of them) is entitled to use a free school bus which saves the problem of parking at schools. Some of the more recently built schools have solved the parking problem with a D-shaped island in front of the school. Parking is ON the island with only one entrance/exit (on the curved side) while the school entrance is accessed on foot from the straight side where there is no traffic other than school buses. It has some remarkable side-effects. 1. It doesn't half slow the traffic down outside the school. 2. The kids are allowed to charge for parking when they are putting on any kind of event in the school, giving a welcome boost to school funds. A very large comprehensive is in the process of being built locally and I understand that the pick-up/drop-off point is going to be an underground drive-through.
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    "Bedlingtonian!" I can do a good version of sinartra's my way maybe I can get a dozen then lol
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    Do you get free tins of soup with them
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    At last! Managed to get my hands on some ordered on line Marks & Spencer pick up @ Morpeth they were a bit steep £17.50 for 6 but had to be done
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    There were two members of the Weeks’ family that lived in Lairds house. The first was John George Weeks, born 1844 and his son Richard James Weeks, born 1884. Each of them held the position of Agent for the Bedlington Coal Company. (Information obtained from one of Evan Martin’s books and the Durham Mining Museum.) The Bedlington Coal Company transformed Bedlingtonshire and there is no historical reference to the company anywhere that I have seen. The Bedlington Coal Co. Ltd Challenge Cup, a solid silver model of a Bedlington Terrier was donated to the National Bedlington Terrier by Richard Weeks in 1936 and is still the top trophy presented at their annual Championship Show.
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    Hello from the new one. I wish you a speedy improvement in well-being!
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    I remember that. In October of each year, early 1960's, we used to cycle from the Oval, looking for conkers, to Mitford via Nedderton, Hepscott and Morpeth. There were two groups of Horse Chestnut trees in Nedderton - first on the left as you rode through from Bedlington and I think they were next to a farm house or farm buildings and the second group was on the right outside Netherton Hall. The next place was one my older brother and his mates took me to, Hepscott Manor & cottages ,but they didn't tell me what the buildings were used for just that I had to keep quiet and hide every time someone came along the road. Think it was probably three years before I realised I was hiding behind walls when blind residents were walking up and down the lane.
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    Thomas Taylor homes - old folks home latterly called Hepscott Park Mona Taylor maternity block which was part of the Thomas Taylor complex. Blind persons home was further down the road towards Morpeth at Hepscott Manor.
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    Michael Longridge (c1785-1858) died at Hollymount Hall in 1858. (source: six townships) The hall was said to be designed/built circa 1844 for John Birkinshaw (c1781-c1845). (source: The Lost Houses of Newcastle and Northumberland.) Above does not take you back much further and certainly not back to Holy Mount. Good luck with the research.
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    Alan.."We gotta get outa this place"...[The Animals 1965-ish?] for number 11..!...[till a think o sum mair!] A went for me quaataly hair cut [it's aalwis the same one...growws owa me eye..!]..last Thorsdi...Leanne was off work ill wi Flu. She has a luvly natured bonny lass helping her oot caaled Kirsty. She was very pleasant and chatty,and did a great job wi me owld heed.Five stars again ti Todds Barbers. It's a bonus ti just gaan ti hae a luk at thi montage of pics of aad Bedltn on thi waal! No 12 ..."Stay" [Hollies...1960's] No 13...thinkin......!!.......still thinkin'!.......
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    Here's another version of the 1859 map from Old-Maps.co.uk OS County series Northumberland 1859 -1883. There's a bit more detail and you can see quite clearly that after leaving the railway sidings at the old Puddlers Row the main line continues only a short distance before branching off into new sidings which end at the larger of the buildings you mention. My guess would be railway worksheds or industrial buildings ' possibly Bedlington Ironworks.
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    Cheers Alan, hoping someone knows her in real life land, I'll be posting the letter back to dvla monday.
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    Extract from the pdf leaflet :-
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    Just got my eye on that @Canny lass, it has now been deleted!
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    I couldn't agree more, HPW! You don't have to wait for Stakeford lass to remove the post, you can report it to admin - just click on "report post" at the top right corner of the offending post and ask for it to be removed. It's such a shame when personal differences are taken up on the site and it doesnt do anything positive for the good name of Bedlington.
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