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    Yesterday full Council saw Glen Sanderson elected as the new Council Leader with a new Deputy also in place alongside some changes in the Cabinet. Hopefully this will be the beginning of some normality after weeks of upheaval that has got in the way of delivering for residents. On that very issue of putting residents first, Russ Wallace asked a question about whether the current administration were in agreement about providing funding for leisure facilities in Bedlington given that Newbiggin Sports Centre has recently had £1.5m approved from the Council pot; great for Newbiggin but what about Bedlington was the point. The response from the Cabinet Member was an extremely positive one and in-line with our previous discussions about the need to include leisure in the town centre redevelopment. Bedlington was additionally recognised as a town that had been forgotten and there is a definite commitment from the current administration to address a fact that we all recognise. What was less positive, however, was an intervention from the Labour Leader, who failed to take the opportunity to offer any support for Bedlington and instead was more concerned about asking who had written the response for the Cabinet Member. A FOI request is apparently going to be submitted to find out and I can only assume that the Labour Leader thinks officers at the Council have nothing better to do at the minute than deal with something that has never previously been queried in my three plus years as a County Councillor. So, yet again, it appears that Labour are simply not prepared to prioritise Bedlington. Well, there is no need for anyone to submit a FOI request to confirm something that we already know!
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    Let me be clear; there is a commitment from the current political administration to develop a swimming pool in Bedlington. It has been discussed and agreed over several months in response to the changes to the town centre scheme. That an unnamed Northumberland County Council spokesperson has seemingly questioned this is a matter to be resolved within the corridors of power at County Hall and something that needs to happen now. Russ, Malcolm and I have already written to the Acting Chief Executive to seek answers and clarification. Our message is that improved leisure facilities are a must for Bedlington and are wanted by residents It is not acceptable that other towns have the equivalent of two leisure centres and smaller places have leisure facilities that our town does not. After decades of Labour failing to deliver there is at last an opportunity to provide Bedlington residents with a leisure offer that other areas take for granted. This is through funding that otherwise would have been spent on retail and the additional resources from government which were recently announced. If more is needed, then that is where the Council’s capital programme comes into play as it has previously for large scale infrastructure projects across the county. If that can be done for Ashington, Berwick, Blyth, Morpeth, Hexham and Ponteland then our turn is long overdue. Bedlington should receive equal treatment; in fact, more than that is required given unequal history. That is why I stood for election and that is what I am continually seeking to achieve. As a footnote, I have recently received emails from ‘Mary Whitehouse’ and ‘John Profumo’. That is the level of the murky and ridiculous antics taking place in Northumberland at present. I am not interested in petty score settling. Bedlington is my only concern and it deserves better.
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    As some of you will have read there have been some significant changes to the town centre re-development project as a result of Covid-19. High street shops have been suffering for some time now due to changes in shopping habits and it was always going to be difficult to attract investment but that had been achieved with Bedlington recognised as a new market by retailers. Sadly, Covid-19 changed that as the retail sector contracted and some businesses ceased trading. This resulted in my two fellow Bedlington Councillors and myself having in depth discussions with the current administration as to what we could do in order to move the development forward for the benefit of Bedlington residents. Over a period of months, we developed and agreed a new direction for the town centre that would replace elements of the retail with the leisure provision that Bedlington lacks in comparison to neighbouring towns. This will include a swimming pool and a new modern library in the heart of the town centre. A supermarket remains part of the development as do units that will front the market place. With the extra £2.5m that the Council received from the Government for Bedlington there will now be in the region of £10.5m available for the re-worked project, which given the circumstances is something that I am delighted about. At the meeting of full council yesterday there was a vote of no confidence in the Council Leader, Peter Jackson, which I did not support. This was put forward by the Labour Leader who also made a ridiculous accusation that the votes of Bedlington Councillors had been bought by the proposed investment in the town centre. Let me put the record straight on those two issues as I will not be lectured at by Labour or any other political party. I did not support the vote of no confidence for the quite simple reason that no evidence was provided by Labour or any other Councillor that spoke to back up allegations and rumours. In my experience it would be the equivalent of convicting someone without a proper trial and consideration of the facts. If evidence had been presented that wrongdoing had taken place, then I would have voted differently but there was nothing more than references to what had been reported in the press. My Bedlington colleague Councillor Russ Wallace put it rather succinctly yesterday when he spoke: “What we don’t have yet are facts. Until we do, we should get on with what we were elected to do.” If other Councillors are happy to be complicit in what I thought to be a kangaroo court that is a matter for them. On the accusation from Councillor Susan Dungworth that my vote was bought for the investment I find the hypocrisy and irony off the scale. What have Labour ever done for Bedlington? How many decades have they had to build a leisure centre in the town? During the most recent Labour administration the Portfolio Member for Leisure was a Bedlington based Councillor and Ashington got a replacement leisure centre yet Bedlington got nothing. Whilst Ian Lavery chaired Ashington Football Club it benefited from more than £1m of investment as part of the Arch scandal that took place under Labour. How much did Bedlington Terriers get? The answer is nothing and that is what Labour has delivered for Bedlington. The investment in leisure in Bedlington is the result of the hard work of myself and my two colleagues over several months who are motivated only to do what is right for Bedlington. Yesterday was a political side show as a result of Conservative party infighting and Labour opportunism. I have no interest in either and will continue to serve Bedlington residents to the best of my ability and to address the complete failure of representation in the past.
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    Hi Alan, Thanks so much for taking the time to pull together the various maps and images and for adding the additional explanatory notes to them. It makes it all a lot clearer to me. Best wishes. Steve PS My great grandmother returned to Workington in 1919/20 to live with my grandfather (her eldest son who served Coldstream Guards 1905/08 & 1914/18) who was also a pre 1914 miner (hewer). She clearly made efforts to have her 2 youngest sons names recorded on the Bedlington RC Church WW1 memorial before she left the area (with a 4th son who had a disability and worked above ground at the pit) but presumably left before plans were being made to erect the Bedlington Civil War Memorial. She died in 1920 so my grandfather ensured his brothers names were recorded on the Workington War Memorial.
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    Hi Alan,I would hate to be seen as nitpicking,but only for correctness,there were a lot of years when the "DHSS" was called the "Department of HEALTH and Social Security",did the logo " DSS" not come about in the latter few years?...I still refer to them yet ,in conversation,as the DHSS...canna mind when the change came,but me being a hoarder,I could sift through my DHSS records back to God knaas when!!..probably the 1970's at the very least!!...wor lass pulls her hair oot cos aal thraa nowt away..!! Sorry a canna contribute ti thi topic in question,me being a proppa Bedltntonian....from up in the posh end o' toon...near the Vicarage!.. Hi ti everybody who aav missed having a gud crack wi!! Heavy gaanin at yem,canna cum on as often,will get better in time hopefully,Wor Lass recovering from an operation!
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    Hi Odin,welcome to the forum! I lived in Hollymount Square in Bedlington,from 1947,from it being only partly completed. When Netherton Colliery Houses were being demolished,around 1948-ish..they moved the Netherton Village folks down into the Square,and Mr and Mrs Carr were our next door neighbours for many years. Mr Carr's name was George,and I cannot remember Mrs Carr's name was.They had a Daughter called Joyce,whose Husband worked at Woolsington Airport,[as it was known,he was an aircraft fitter..so this might be of some assistance to you if you were to trace the Airport staff in the years during and after the war..]. There are a few Carr's knocking around,I worked with a different George Carr when I was only 17 yrs old,at Choppington High Pit,around 1961-5. George was a colliery fitter ,and I was a heavy transport lad . My Niece is Married to another of the Carr family..I tell you,there are a few Carr families..! Hope I have been of some help,even if this is of no connection to your family...at least you can eliminate! Best of luck Odin! Cheers, Bill.
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    Answers to last week's quiz: 1. Kenya 2. Mercury 3. Senate 4. Retsina 5. Kidney 6. Mark Spitz 7. The Kray twins 1952 8. Salmanazar 9. CATS 10. 121 11. An eyrie 12. Combustion New quiz tomorrow!
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    Thank you Vic - the cool air in the computer halls was heaven to me☺️. We moved from Cramlington =North facing living room to Seghill = South facing living room. At Cramlington the wife was always turning the heat up and now at Seghill she basks in the sun streaming in through the South facing window and I hide in my little cool room in the middle of the bungalow.
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    Right to left…….. Lorna Moore, Sue Rowley, Lee Madderson and Bedlington West NCC Councillor Malcolm Robinson. Very happy to buy these two new additions for Plessey Woods Country Park. Working with Sue and Lorna from Beach Access North East (BANE) and seeing them at Whitley Bay I quickly realised these ‘all terrain wheelchairs’ would be suitable for Plessey Woods to give our disabled youngsters and adults a better and fuller experience in the Park. Still a few admin processes to put into place but we should see these new chairs available to anyone who needs them from next spring. I’ll let everyone know once we get the full scheme in place and how they can be booked.
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    Day 183 of isolation for me today. The house has been cleaned from top to bottom and the garden has had the overhaul of a lifetime! Every tree has been pruned, some in late spring some this month. Knowing we'd be at home through the summer we over-fertilised the lawns in an attempt to kill the moss, which has made a strong take-over bid these last few years. It's been a great success, though it has resulted in an increased need for grass cutting, 2½ hours every other day since May! This job has fallen to yours truly as the OH's skills were needed elsewhere (repairing a collapsing balcony and re-laying the patio under it). Together we have also widened the driveway by 50 cm by digging out the lawns which had grown into it over the years. We've resurfaced with 30 tons of natural gravel - all raked out by hand. Being at home we've been more in touch with what's going on around us. We've always fed birds and squirrels (which have their very own resaraunt here) but this year I've reared a family of five who seem to have lost their mother. They've all flown the nest now but I've adopted a hedgehog instead, who moved into my OH's workshop among all the oily rags , old paint tins, dried up paint brushes and a miriad of other "things that might come in handy one day". Then there's been mushroom and berry picking. I do this every year but I this summer have excelled myself: 27 litres of chantrelles, 16 litres of ceps, 8 litres of wild raspberries, 16 litres of blueberries and 11 litres of "lingon". I had to look this up and it seems they are called "cowberries" in English. I've never heard this before but, on the other hand, I've never seen them in England either. The freezer's full and so is the jam shelf in the pantry. We've only left the house three times for essential errands: collecting a passport from the police (the issuing authority), vaccination against TBE and a hospital visit for my OH: We get out and about to the surrounding forests and lakes for walking and swimming and use the telephone and Skype for family contact - we've become great grandparents for the first time so it's been used an awful lot as we are unable to visit. Things seem to be going well, generally speaking, for the country as a whole and we pensioners are to recieve a pension increase and a tax reduction next year, by way of thanks for staying at home! I need a holiday!!!! How's the situation in Bedlington today? Heard on the news today that the North East is being locked down. Must be bad when we are hearing about it here. .
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    I was Jammy............🥶
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    'I think it was @Malcolm Robinson who took the photo without any clothing added' There are no leaves on the trees so he was probably quite cold standing there in the nude with his flasher in his hands!
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    Well its seems there are a few people dancing around burning piles of books after yesterday’s tumultuous NCC council meeting. At last I found out what this voting secret I have been asked about recently was all about! To preface I received an email off the Labour Leader on the eve of the meeting outlining what they intended doing. Well not exactly the specifics only the general intent, we intend doing something. That was the first official notice I had of anything unusual taking place at yesterday’s meeting. Short stepping to the meeting itself and probably the main crux of contention, the vote to suspend normal procedures and then a special motion brought. As any viewer would have seen I asked about this suspension and what would any likely motions be. Never got an answer to that one! The vote was to suspend normal procedures and off down the rabbit hole we went. Then we had a special motion proposed to get rid of Councillor Jackson as Leader of NCC. What followed were callous and vicious personal attacks as what seemed to be old scores were settled and political points scored. I reiterated the remarks made by the last Auditors of NCC in their resignation letter. “The council operates within a highly charged environment and we have observed growing tension between the main political parties over the last few years. Management has commented that the politics of the council can make it difficult to carry out their ‘day job’ and it is clear that the historical issues are still at the forefront of managements mind.” I then suggested that looked at alongside the current situation it all makes a clarion call for more independent members in this council. I again asked what happened if the current motion went through and again no answer. “Curiouser and curiouser.” The motion passed and council Jackson was out of his job as Leader. For me it’s like they convicted the guy without any factual evidence or even, in fact, waiting for the results of the recently inaugurated investigations. That’s just wrong in my view and there was precious little fairness on show as some were essentially gagged in their replies. It was a very unedifying spectacle for anyone looking in trying to give a reasoned and balanced approach. Had this been done after these investigations had reported and found evidence of wrong doing then fine but what happened was nothing more than inter-tribal rivalry of the worst kind. Are there questions that need to be answered, of course there are and I’m as interested as anyone to find out the answers. Was this the answer, no. Has it hurt getting the answers, almost certainly! Its then suggested that my and my colleagues Bedlington votes had been somehow bought with our Town Centre scheme. We have been working on that for years to progress it and I have been working flat out since Covid hit to still enable a scheme and one which is achievable and better suits driving the town forward for the next few decades. We put in for the “Boris fund” months ago so I’m not sure how all of that can be dependent on a vote no one knew about until yesterday. Course I’m sure I’ll find out and probably by the people who achieved nothing for the town in their decades of tenure. “Contrariwise,’ continued Tweedledee, ‘if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”
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    An article from the Engineer today about repurposing the old mines into 'green' energy sources: https://www.theengineer.co.uk/generating-clean-energy-from-the-coal-mines/
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    When we were kids we spent hours in the spring catching toads from the 'A' pit pond(s). We didn't do anything with them, we caught them because we could. I remember there was competition to see who could catch the most. We put them back when we were hungry and went home for something to eat. We were never challenged by any blokes for being there. Every year my uncle wanted one in the spring for his greenhouse to catch the slugs that appeared overnight and the odd insect during the day. The toad he got that had fed well over the summer disappeared early winter. It didn't reappear the next spring. Did it get the urge to breed and dig its way out or escape through the open door, I wonder. We never caught any frogs in the pond and we didn't see any frogspawn, only the long strings of toad spawn. Frogs mustn't have liked the water taste or there wasn't any food there for them.
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    A couple of questions: Did you have a great grandmother called Catherine? Did your grandparents or great grandparents have any connections with Scotland? Do you recognise any of the following names: Annie, Patrick, Gilbert, Margaret?
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    1. Which household appliance was patented by Cecil Booth in 1901? Vacuum cleaner 2. In bookmaker’s slang what odds are denoted by ‘double carpet’ 33/1 3. Who did Bjorn Borg defeat in 1976 to win his first Wimbledon singles title? Ilie Năstase 4. What is the more common name of the chemical Ethylene Glycol? antifreeze 5. In what year were dog licences abolished in Britain? 1987 6. On a Monopoly board, which property clockwise is situated after the Water Works? Marvin Gardens (should read Marven Gardens) 7. In which part of the British Isles would you find bailiwicks? Jersey 8. In which war was the battle of Gettysburg? US Civil War 9. By what name is the plant Lonicera better known? Honeysuckle 10. Which Archbishop of Canterbury seized the devil’s nose in a pair of red-hot tongs? Archbishop Dunstan 11. What is the longest river in Scotland? River Tay 12. What is the medical name for Rabies? hydrophobia.
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    1. Which household appliance was patented by Cecil Booth in 1901? Vacuum cleaner 2. In bookmaker’s slang what odds are denoted by ‘double carpet’ 3. Who did Bjorn Borg defeat in 1976 to win his first Wimbledon singles title? Ille Nastase 4. What is the more common name of the chemical Ethylene Glycol? Anti Freeze 5. In what year were dog licences abolished in Britain? 1986 6. On a Monopoly board, which property clockwise is situated after the Water Works? 7. In which part of the British Isles would you find bailiwicks? Channel Islands 8. In which war was the battle of Gettysburg? American War of Independence 9. By what name is the plant Lonicera better known? Honeysuckle 10. Which Archbishop of Canterbury seized the devil’s nose in a pair of red-hot tongs? 11. What is the longest river in Scotland? The Tay 12. What is the medical name for Rabies? Hydrophobia
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    All I can contribute to this conversation is that I worked with an electrical contractor installing the HVAC system that cooled these massive "advanced" computers at Longbenton......
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    @tullybrone - A 1948 map + aerial shots from Google Street View to show the Bedlington 'A' pit and Doctor pit areas. Of course any resident of Bedlington Station could easily have worked at the Doctor pit but I would assume around the start of the 20th century if the miners didn't live in the colliery houses then they lived as close as possible to the colliery they worked at. Unfortunately the only way I can think of to prove which pit the family worked at would be if they had been killed in an acident at the pit and that 'might' be recorded in the list of names in the 'In Memoriam' section of the Durham Mining Museun site :- http://www.dmm.org.uk/collnear/b022.htm
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    These are two different Puddlers Row. The 'old' Puddlers Row is also shown on the 1859 map but unlike the 'new' Puddlers it is on the east side of the main road. The old Puddlers Row belonged not to Bedlington Station/Sleekburn, but to 'Village of Bank Top', according to census information, and was there before Glassey's arrival in 1867. It appears in the 1871 census as a row of 22 dwellings. Glassey left Bedlington in 1884 and the old Puddlers Row still appears on OS maps in 1898 but without a name. On the same map the new Puddlers Row appears running east-west along what later became Stead Lane. We can also see here that the west side of the road, north of the Bank Top Hotel, is still not developed. At some point between 1897 and 1922 we can see a devlopment on the west side of the road - the area now occupied by Glassey Terrace. This is called Front Row. New development on the east side of the road in the area of the old Puddlers Row, includes a 'Back Row' and what could be old Puddlers Row but with an extension. By 1947 Puddlers Row is no longer shown on the OS maps and Front Row is still called Front Row - not Glassey Terrace.
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    @tullybrone - in a book The Archive Series, Bedlingtonshire - compiled by Evan Martin (lived and worked in the town) there is this photo of Phoenix Row plus some info :- I have looked at some of the old maps - maps.nls.uk & old-maps.co.uk and can't find a map with Phoenix Row named. I can't prove it but my guess is that this could be it on this 1896 (published 1898) map. The area now is St John's Way & St John's Crescent. You will note the name Sleekburn appears on many of the old maps. I don't know the year that the Sleekburn area changed it's name to Bedlington Station. After I have done some 'clarting' (local word for preparing/playing/etc) I will post an aerial shot of the Bedlington 'A' pit (used to be Sleekburn 'A) so you can see it's position in relation to Phoenix Row.
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    @tullybrone - I see I had seen your enquiry before, under your posting of Bedlington Station - Miners Houses Ownership back in 2013 and you were asked to move it to the Puddler's Raa[Row] topic. As you will have noticed one topic often gets diverted and mixed up with others. I will post my first info on Phoenix Row under your original topic - Bedlington Station - Miners Houses Ownerships - rather than continue mixing it up with this one.
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    Photo of a group of lads - 1951 - in Dr Pit Welfare Park. The ride in the top left corner we called the 'Lollipop' or 'Witches Tit'. Do you recognise any of this lot @HIGH PIT WILMA ?
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    #16 is peter dmytrenko, #17 is meself - walter dmytrenko. #18 is my old pal dennis smith. we lived at hirst terrace & dennis was across the lane at gladstone terrace. his family had a garden looking onto the park and at nightfall we would hear the ratatat tat of the parky dragging a stick across the fences as he walked the perimeter of the park. a signal for us kids to be out of the park. . . . best to all . . . w
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    Don't know about Bedlington - @John Fox (foxy) and @Jammy should. Seghill very quiet for the 5 months. I've been watching out the window whilst Jacquie works away in the garden, without her specs so she can't tell a weed from a new flower shoot.
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    Here it is! A bit late but we've had real summer weather today so I finished off the gardening chores before it gets dark. 1. Nairobi is the capital of which African country? 2. Which planet is nearest the sun? 3. What name, derived from the Latin for ‘old man’, is sometimes given to the legislative assembly of a country? 4. Which wine is flavoured with pine resin? 5. Which organ is inflamed when you are suffering from Nephritis? 6. Which swimmer won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games? 7. Who was the last prisoner to be held at the Tower of London? 8. Which bottle size is equivalent to 12 standard bottles? 9. Which West End and Broadway musical was adapted from T.S. Elliott’s Old Possum Poems? 10. How many points win a game of Cribbage? 11. What name is given to an eagle’s home? 12. What do we call the chemical process by which a substance combines with oxygen to produce heat and light? I’ll bet you didn’t know …. William Wordsworth was, at one time, thought to be a French spy and was followed for a whole month by a detective. Answers on Thursday.
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    Welcome Hoopzetty, Still no cases in our small town so life is almost normal. Schools are going back, everyone respecting the new rules, distancing, masks where necessary, plastic barriers at checkouts. We get some football, (and hockey) I'm enjoying the lack of spectators! less diving and faking injury or playing to the crowds! different game. We are well into autumn, so gardening is high on the list, frost killing off the flowers, leaves pilling up, and I made some big changes in my garden layout ready for next year. (just now the smoke from the US fires makes it a bit unpleasant) Been out driving my old car, and working on my friends old car, he's expecting delivery of another in the next few days,(an ambulance) I'll get to tinker with it! Visiting my wife the Lodge has been difficult, she was is isolation for fourteen days, (ended yesterday) took her to her to her old coffee shop and she did some shopping! and oh yes been doing my housework!
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    Watch loads of football but I have to turn the volume down to 0, cam't stand the Sky 'crowd noise'. I find it's just a constant droning noise that's even worse than the commentators going on and on about pointless stats.🤓
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    And how about now? What do you do at home? I usually watch football, for example now my favorite is Scotland football league. There are many interesting matches and as for me it is good way to spend time..
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    Neither did I! I didn't know the woman personally, so I'm not in a position to say. When I refer to myself as a "woman of a certain age" I don't mean born in the 17th century.
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    So sorry, I got the names mixed up as I mentioned it was Audrey Howie we babysat for, actually it was Audrey Davison. It was the photographs that confused me. Sorry again.
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    Last photo, from Claire Gates: That's Dorothy (Dot) Lumsden (with glasses) on the far right.
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    My wife and I were coming through bedlington station yesterday, I knew of course about the of cinema now apartments, we visited dominoes in sixties so had some nice memories. However, it came as a shock to see the old railway tavern gone completely. We spent some lovely times together in the disq as it was known. The Percy arms had good memories too, now a restaurant. Of course the Clayton has gone where we first met. I said to my wife, our history has been taken away. Of course nothing stands still. Rather sad for me though. My family long gone but some lovely memories. Bedlington has certainly changed since last time I came through the town. Old mining community was the life blood when I was young. Even the ridge farm restaurant was gone. Funny old world.
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    1. What does a cricket umpire signal by raising one arm horizontally? Answer = No Ball 2. Which writer was imprisoned because of his relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas? Answer = Oscar Wilde 3. A strobilus is another name for what? Answer = Cone A strobilus (plural: strobili) is a structure present on many land plant species consisting of sporangia-bearing structures densely aggregated along a stem. Strobili are often called cones, but some botanists restrict the use of the term cone to the woody seedstrobili of conifers. 4. What was the occupation during the French revolution of a tricoteuse? Answer = Knitter 5. When referring to radio waves what do the initials AM stand for? Answer = Amplitude Modulation - that is only transmitted between 00:00 and 12:00 6. Which island separates the two principal parts of Niagara Falls? Answer = Goat Island There are eight goats total on the island, seven adults and one baby. 7. In which film did Bob Hoskins play Eddie Valiant? Answer = Who Framed Roger Rabbit 8. Who won the women’s Olympic 100 metres in 1992? Answer = Gail Devers – by a finger nail 9. Which terrier is the largest of the terrier breeds? Answer = Gateway Terrier 10. In mythology what happened if you drank the water of the River Lethe? Answer = Can’t remember what I did yesterday = that’s normal 11. For every seven white keys on a piano how many black keys are there? Answer = 5 = we should start a campaign to get more black keys + some other colours 12. The deficiency of which vitamin can cause rickets? Answer = D = stops me bones from collapsing I’ll bet you didn’t know …. Queen Christina of Sweden had a 10 cm long cannon which she used to fire cannonballs at flies! Answer = I didn’t. I wonder if she used a Cotton Wool Bud as a sponge instead of a long staff or rammer with a piece of fleece sheep or lambskin wound about its end for scouring the cannon when discharged.
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    1. What does a cricket umpire signal by raising one arm horizontally? No ball 2. Which writer was imprisoned because of his relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas? 3. A strobilus is another name for what? 4. What was the occupation during the French revolution of a tricoteuse? Guillotine sharpener 5. When referring to radio waves what do the initials AM stand for? Amplitude Modulation 6. Which island separates the two principal parts of Niagara Falls? Ram Island 7. In which film did Bob Hoskins play Eddie Valiant? 8. Who won the women’s Olympic 100 metres in 1992? Gail Devers 9. Which terrier is the largest of the terrier breeds? Airedale 10. In mythology what happened if you drank the water of the River Lethe? 11. For every seven white keys on a piano how many black keys are there? 5 12. The deficiency of which vitamin can cause rickets? Vitamin D(needed for the body to absorb calcium)
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    Noo o apgze kneeded aboot yur spellin, that' was just my sense of humour referencing Liza Minnellie's song
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    Answers to last wek's quiz: 1. Roderic (Rod) Evans 2. Judy Garland 3. Brighton and Hove Albion 4. Social Democratic Party (SDP) 5. Marsupial 6. Tegucigalpa 7. The Potteries 8. Barnes Wallis 9. 1.5 miles 10. Lloyd George 11. Barium 12. Full of woe You lot are getting too good at this! Going to make them more difficult!
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    This week's quiz: 1. Who was the original lead singer with heavy rock band Deep Purple? Ian Gillan 2. Who was Liza Minelli’s famous mother? Judy Garland 3. Which football league club used to play at Goldstone Ground? Brighton & Hove Albion FC 4. Roy Jenkins was the founder of which political party? Lib dems 5. What type of creature is a ‘flying phalanger’? Squirrel 6. What is the capital of Honduras? Tegusicalpa 7. What name is commonly given to the area around Stoke-on-Trent? The Potteries (lived there from 1973-82) 8. Who invented the bouncing bomb (and no, it wasn’t Bobby Ball)? Barnes Wallace 9. Over what distance is the Classic horse race ‘The Oaks’ run? 1mile 2 furlong 10. Who coined the phrase “a land fit for heroes to live in”? Winston Churchill 11. Which reactive metal is represented by the symbol Ba? Barium 12. If Monday’s child is fair of face what is Wednesday’s child? Full of Woe
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    Another one remember going for walks with my mum or dad,it seemed like miles looking back now it wasn't. But I remember saying how long to go now? "Just around the corner they replied." Long bloody corners lol
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    Palace Theater opened 1896 - now flats.
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    @_pauls link also has this link at the end of the text :- https://www.advancenorthumberland.co.uk/latest-projects/bedlington/bedlington-town-centre
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    That's right! I can't pretend to be au fait with the intricacies of the game but I remember my mother letting off steam to my father about it!
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    New quiz! 1. Charles Rolls founded Rolls Royce in 1906 but what aviation record did he set in 1910? 2. In which year was Lord Mountbatten killed by the IRA? 3. If you were described as an ectomorph what would you be? 4. What is a young male zebra called? 5. Which football club folded in 1992 after 66 years in the League? 6. Who designed the Volkswagen car? 7. What is the country home of the Marquess of Bath? 8. How many furlongs in a mile? 9. In which conflict did Prince Andrew fly a helicopter? 10. In which sport could you have a York Round and a Hereford Round? 11. What name is given to expressions like ‘catch the town drain’ and ‘tasted two worms’? 12. How many eggs does a peacock lay in a year? I’ll bet you didn’t know …. Russian maps used to show Moscow a few miles away from its actual position to confuse guided-missile programmers. Answers on Thursday!
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    I agree wholeheartedly! The right hand side of Dene House is much earlier than the left which is why I said it may be an extension to an earlier building. It’s interesting to learn that the house had a stable. Could that have become the office block? That building, as can be seen from the photo has undergone several changes: The central, upstairs window has been removed and the two doors are a later addition as evidenced by the dividing upright and lintels, which seem to be much newer than the window lintels. It’s possible this has been an archway, wide enough for a carriage, leading to a small stable yard – possibly the walled area behind and to the side of the house with a single storey covered area on the side nearest the river, as shown in the first photo. It wasn’t uncommon to find married accommodation above the stables, which would explain the windows. I might add, that the advert you mention states that there are 80 years left on the lease, suggesting that the house is about 20 years old in 1757 (Leasehold is generally 99 years).
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    I used to live at 11 Gladstone Terrace in the 50's before moving to Australia in 1960. I remember the shed and roundabout in the background. The "Parky" was Mr Elliott and lived at no.10. He was indeed more interested in his bowling green and gardens than the playground . Still, we had some great times there.
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    A must be gaan senile!..a realised after posting me above comment that it wasn't Alan Sanderson who worked at the High Pit,it was a lad called Jacky Watson!!...a knew them both,Alan Sanderson was a quiet lad,they both went to the Whitley School..as did a lot of the "Parky Gang"..as we called them. With prompting,I can see Ronnie Helmsley No 10,noo,he sat directly behind me and Alan Wilkinson..third desk from the front! Same with No 3..Brian Parmley,his nickname was "Branchy",and his younger Brother Gordon,who was also in my class,[both great characters!],was nicknamed "Twiggy"..this was because Brian was a big strong lad,and Gordon was a very thin lad...totally opposite to his bigger Brother!...this was in the mid-1950's.. Funny hoo ye canna place a face till ye get a prompt!..a knew most of these lads as we grew up together,but canna recognise some of them on this pic..like Geordie Webster...knew naebody better..Micky Bradley..Jackie Hope was in my older Sister's class... One other thing came to me after I posted the above comment aboot the park....I distinctly remember going through the park to school at the Whitley,one day,[aged aboot 10 years..1954-ish],and the Cooncil men were repairing all the broken swings,which were absoloutely vandalised for a lang time,and the whole park was in disrepair. The Roondi had broken bars on it..sticking oot like spears,for a lang time..naebody got hurt,but it was the big lads who did the damage...deliberately crashing the Roondie against the centre pole..bending the bars till they broke. Same with the High flyer..took it up weel past where it was supposed ti gaan... So anywheh,as the days went by,aal the rides were repaired or renewed,and then painted a bonny Silver..that sticks in my mind..a can smell the paint yit!! When they re-opened the park,the kids queued up for a go on the swings and things...but it didn't tek lang for the big lads ti come back and spoil things again..they used ti swing the seats so hard that they literally wrapped the swing chains roond and roond till they were suspended aboot six feet in the air,so we little kids cudn't reach them doon.We had ti wait till thi Parky [park-keeper],came and put them back in order. We used ti say that the Parky was mair bothered aboot thi Bowling green,and tennis courts and gardens,than he was aboot the kids park!...cos they were kept absoloutely immaculate..aa can mind even in later years ,waaking through and seeing hoo luvly he kept the place for the adults!! Mebbe they moved things aroond in the park while daeing the repair -work,and mebbe that's hoo a canna get me heed aroond the park background in thi pic...also it's thi big shelter behind thi Roondie,aav got no recollection of that shelter being there when a grew up playing there,cos even when aal us kids left school,and the majority of us went doon thi pits at 15 yrs aad,we used to congregate owa the park at neet time,in the summer,after the little we-ens were away ti bed,and compare stories aboot the different pits we were in,and what operations we were learning...such as timber-leading,transport lads,like me,pipe-fitter appprentices,welder apprentices as weel as the fitting and sparky trades..and we used ti just sit on the Roondie seats or Low-flyer seats or whatever..cos there was nae seats ti sit on properly...otherwise if the shelter had been there...whey it wudda med sense ti sit in there! Mind , aam just reminiscing here,trying me best ti get things reet,in me heed!,not saying that thi shelter wasn't there aal thi time,just that aa canna mind of it...nor thi big trees in the background,aam sure yi cud see owa ti Roslin Avenue hooses from the where this pic was taken..lukkin owa the big playing field. Can sumbody put me reet ,aam taaking aboot thi park from aboot 1954-9 ..ish..[this pic was 1951..was there a big clean-oot aroond that time?]
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