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    Start of August and already loads to get through. I thought this was going to be quiet because it seems most people still choose August for their holiday time. I went through the suggestions off constituents for the Pothole Fund and sent my three suggestions off. There could well be another two rounds for this funding so I have a good start for them too. I have asked questions about our weed killing programme because some residents are mentioning this as a problem and I have seen weeds in the most unusual places which have just been left. It doesn’t leave a great impression. I have already asked the Town Council to think about getting the weeds around their new litter bins killed off but they said NCC were doing it? I was told NCC don’t do weed killing themselves but I know they were unhappy with the contractor who was doing this job. So let’s see the real tale from the horse’s mouth and maybe even think about some way to get my ward done properly! I have also responded to the Local Transport Plan. This once again gives me three suggestions as to any highways and transport problems in my ward. I have a list of all suggestions residents have written to council about over the last year and good to see the three I was thinking about well represented. First is to look at traffic calming measures on the road through Nedderton Village. This has been a problem for 30 years I know of and I favour physical traffic calming measures. Second suggestion is around the problems of parking at the top of Link Avenue. The cars parked up on that road are being hit by cars using the junction to turn around. We need to take the parked cars out of the equation and it’s also something which I looked at for residents there already. Third suggestions is to look holistically at the parking problems at school time along Bishops Meadow, Deanery Street, Westmoreland and Cumberland Avenues, Ridge Villas and the start of Netherton lane from the COOP to the CLUB. These might be several areas but there is a single root cause, school time traffic. It needs to be resolved as a whole issue rather than just displace one or two problems areas. I have sent those suggestions in too. My surgery was pretty busy this month with one after another resident coming in to highlight their concerns and ask for them to be reconciled. As I left another three got me in the corridor so all in all a very busy surgery! It took me well over half a day to speak to and message the people I needed to get to so I could try and do something about what I had been asked about last night. Some were simple others not so……. I hope most people who came to see me can see the direct response to their queries and concerns which has mostly been done immediately by our (NCC) service arm. Excellent response off them for most things! Town Council meeting tonight and here is the update I gave: • Mentioned the meeting we had with Arch at last update…..we now have a proper press release which I made public. • Thanks Christine for doing the necessary at the Westlea Play area and picking up that broken glass. • Asked for the major road works on the B1331 next to the COOP to be done in summer hols. • Had meetings with Arch about constituent’s problems…..very helpful! • Various new initiatives for our LAC, first one being a pot hole fund. • Another, new Community Chest scheme, please tell any groups you know about to apply….. • Also I was trying to get Bedlington as a venue for these Lac’s or at least our proper share. After many blind alleys we now have a Bedlington venue…….Netherton Club. • Also chasing up on the time taken for an ambulance to get to my ward! • Haven’t let the 500 house application go unchecked either. Asked about the S106 funding or lack of it and I have now been told planners have asked for leisure, highways, sport and educational contributions. I have asked to see the paperwork! It is now designated to come back to strategic planning……. • Fighting the decision about not carrying forward unused Councillor small scheme funding. • I have put forward three suggestions for the pot hole funding, these are: • Ridge Terrace, Nedderton and the bottom of Choppington road, all areas identified by residents. • I have also submitted my three proposals for the Local Transport Plan, again all identified by residents. These are, speeding issues and traffic calming measures through Nedderton, parking issues at the top of Link Avenue and a holistic view about traffic problems at school times especially around Netherton lane, Ridge Villas, Bishops Meadow and Deanery Street, Westmorland and Cumberland Avenues. • I have also had meetings about the NCC weed killing programme and it has commenced under NCC in my ward the very next day! • Well done for the recent events in the Town, the Picnic, Bedlington Live and the Carnival. Not to sit back I have challenged the Cabinet about this Smalls Scheme money. They decided re-elected members can get that funding rolled over however new members/councillors can’t? Don’t quite see any logic in that decision, the money has been allocated and budgeted for and in point of fact its only money residents have paid in anyway, so why anyone wants to stop them getting their fair share????? My opening shot was that it looks mean spirited and unjustified. For my ward its almost £20K, so well worth fighting for! I have also had to get in touch with the police again today. Seems some kids had a hell of a night ripping off door mirrors along Netherton Lane but they were apprehended. So I need to find out what has happened exactly and what the cops are doing about it. I did get a reply off the police straightaway and it was reassuring that they have arrested 4 suspects but obviously couldn’t discuss a live investigation. However it would seem we have a bit of an impasse as I’m representing residents who are sick of this type of behaviour from the same place, while the police are more intent on the good work done by such places! That’s indisputable but there has to be some responsibility taken somewhere doesn’t there or if not isn’t that exactly the wrong message to instill? I contacted residents who had reported the incident to me and told them it was being dealt with seriously. I also had a neighbour dispute referred to me. It was referred by the MP’s office? Seems he can’t get involved in these types of disputes but somehow I can. I have absolutely no jurisdiction but the problem is that everyone still sees these houses and estates as being council owned and they aren’t anymore! It’s like coming to me with a faulty pair of jeans you bought at M&S’s. I did phone up the social landlord and made some enquiries about this problem. I got some answers and reported back to the constituent, hopefully they can progress their own line of action now. While I was on to the social landlord I had another problem which I had reported to them on behalf of another resident some time ago, two months to be exact! I was told this had been resolved now. Not so sure about that I think the lady in question would have let me know, still fingers crossed. I have been trying to sort out the panel for our Local Area Council community chest so it can be up and running as soon as we get applications in. I have agreed a letter with the chair of the LAC and the officer in charge of the community chest. This will go out suggesting the panel is made up of 3 Labour members, 2 Conservative members and an Independent member. This should give maximum representation of the electors in our area. That done time to have another go at another cabinet member about my Smalls Scheme! In had to get in touch with this cabinet member because of his portfolio anyway so while I was onto him…… I had a very interesting meeting with a developer about the possibility of a Bedlington Sports Centre. This was very positive, so much so I need to get some extra information so he can cast a slide rule over the project and come to a decision! With a bit of luck there might be something to present to the Town Council soon! I have been chasing up that information and have finally been put in touch with the right person to give me the answers I need. Well it seems the Town Council are coming up with their own costed leisure centre proposal. Should I drop my line of enquiry or carry on and develop it………think I’ll carry on. I have also been chasing some information for another constituent and this again might well produce real tangible benefits for residents here so I wasn’t willing to take being put off! Been to a Bedlington Forum meeting tonight and Brian the chair was too unwell to attend. Russell the deputy stood in and did a fine job! I answered most of the questions directed towards NCC and Bill took them for his ward. One thing which was a bit unsettling was the police report. Seems we are soon to see our cops amalgamate with Ashington and parts of Morpeth; it was stated as in the parliamentary constituency of Wansbeck, which will inevitably result in a much reduced presence in Bedlington because Ashington is always much busier for our local cops! This didn’t sound right when it was explained on the night and in retrospect looks even worse for us in Bedlington because I can easily see a situation where there is no immediate cover for us in Bedlington. Hate to say it but once again Ashington is benefitting directly from Bedlington’s needs being ignored, this time as far as delegated police officers go. There is no other conclusion any right minded person can reach. Planning site visit this morning at Seaton Sluice. Old care home being proposed to be demolished and a brand new facility created. We walked around the site and I asked several questions which will help me make my mind up at the planning meeting tomorrow. Again I had access to another cabinet member and lobbied him about this underspent smalls scheme monies. He was very well aware of my intent so the others must have been talking! He did seem to sympathise and accepted that I will be fighting this in whatever way I can on behalf of my constituents! In fact he made a perfectly sensible suggestion…….let’s call this day one now and stop rollovers in future! That will do me……it would get my ward another £20K now! Speaking of small’s scheme I have agreed, along with the other Bedlington councillors, to put £2K into the upgrades at the War Memorial. When I was Mayor I bought two WW1 commemorative seats for exactly this project but to fit them we needed a new path and that took ages to get agreements on. The idea was to make a contemplative seating area behind the War Memorial. As NCC councillors we have now agreed to pay for that new path so Remembrance Day should be shown to be even more aesthetically pleasing and something the Townsfolk unquestionably respect and identify with. I had a meeting with Leading Link about putting on another access to democracy debate. The last one I did as Mayor and explained what a Town Council did. This one would take the Kirklees’s example as a marker and try to get the young people fired up about active citizenship and the way democracy, or rather its access routes, needs to change to engage more of our younger people as we go forward. This would lead onto the democracy week NCC hold where young people are invited up to County Hall to see how it works. Tonight we had our LAC meeting but it was only the planning section. With half of the members away on holiday I thought this would be over pretty quickly as we only had one application to hear. Wrong! We had an objector and her councillor speaking against the application and the owner of the property speaking for. Once the officer made the case the speakers were heard. Questions came next then the debate. We were asked for a recommendation and I had no problem proposing acceptance. Christine seconded it and we then had the debate. I gave all my reasons for deciding the proposal should go ahead and most members seemed to agree. We had heard about the possibility of Napoleonic Tunnels running under the site, this from the objecting councillor! This then took over the meeting with questions about “what if” and “suppose……” It was suggested that I change my proposal from accepting the recommendation to include some further conditions about the possibility of these tunnels. I refused saying I read the NCC archaeologist’s report and they make no mention of these supposed tunnels so I wasn’t going to have any knee jerk reactions to this supposition, my proposal stood. There is a condition contained which states if anything of archaeological merit is found then………..that was good enough for me. In the end the planning was granted by a unanimous vote. Once again I then ‘spoke’ to another cabinet member, this time the Deputy Leader about this money I’m after for my ward! He said they were taking it seriously and I will be contacted soon. I also spoke to the head of Planning and asked her to nudge one of her colleagues because I have sent two or three emails with concerns one of my residents has and as yet I have had no reply. Got back home in time to see the News Post Leader had printed my reply to a letter last week about the Dam at Humford. Someone was having a go saying the new councillors needed to step up to the plate, get to know about it and voice their concerns about this project. Hmm, my reply was that I had been to meetings about the project and was at the public presentation by the proposer but coming out on one side or the other would preclude me from voting as a planning committee member when the project came in front of us, if it ever does. So maybe not a case of not stepping up to the plate maybe a case of keeping one’s powder dry! As it stands we have 3 Bedlington councillors on planning and we are all aware of this project and local feeling. Well just got an email from NCC telling me what my smalls scheme allowance is and its reset back to this year only! Well that’s me told……….not! I now need to see what other buttons I can press! I don’t see why we should lose out just because the last councillor didn’t know what was needed and didn’t spend his allowance! The quiet word I had with the head of planning seems to have worked as I now have several emails replying to the questions I submitted on a resident’s behalf. These I can now send on. I now have to get onto several departments within NCC and seek out yet more answers to questions raised by constituents. Had to go and see one of my constituents about a problem he had outside his house. After this meeting I had to request a meeting with one of the NCC managers who I am in almost daily contact with! This will be easy or extremely difficult to sort out! I also asked about the puffin crossing which is due to go in beside the COOP on the B1331. I wanted to know and pass on the timescale or it. While I was onto highways I asked about the traffic survey which is to be carried out in Netherton Village. I have been asked to go up to County Hall for a meeting with the business chair! I should be getting answers back to my enquiries of last week because it was a bank holiday yesterday and everyone had a long weekend. Well apart from me and the weekend workers! I do have several more questions to ask now though! The puffin crossing next to the COOP is to be started during the October half term, hopefully that will minimise traffic disruption. I had asked for it to be done during the summer holidays but the paperwork couldn’t be done in time? Had the meeting with the NCC Business Chair and I think I can describe it as a full and frank exchange of views! I think both of us are in no doubt about where each of us stand on several issues and time will tell how sincere each of us are. This month’s Diary and the start of next month’s diary will inevitably be somewhat curtailed due to the fact that my Internet supplier seems to have switched me off half way through August! I have made efforts to at least describe what happened in the last 2 weeks.
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    I see that a double cable has been placed on three locations on Victoria Terrace. I believe these are for measuring vehicle speed as well as for measuring the volume of traffic. The results can be used as justification for lowering the speed limit or installing a speed camera so it may be that the petition for road humps will receive attention. Unfortunately a little too late for the family of Bethany however the efforts of hemsted85 and others should be commended.
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    A fairly predictable list of traditional non-Blairite, non-Marxist socialists who feel they are there to serve the needs of their constituents and their country. Quite unlike our own self-serving idiot who will go along with international capitalist liberals or screaming marxist loonies, according to the direction of the wind - in fact anything but the place and people foolishly funding his lifestyle. Wake up Wansbeck - you are living in the 21st Century now. Lavery is cruel joke, and Wansbeck voters are the butt of that joke.
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    Yes, another of the flagship promises to the gullible has bitten the dust. What they were told would happen is now happening with a vengeance. Now that the honeymoon period is over mobile charges are shooting up to compensate for the loss of revenue, so the only people to now benefit are a highly select number of highly mobile people, and you can guess what social group they are over represented in. Personally I've seen my monthly PAYG charges bumped on both my continental SIMs. But it's worse: you used to be able to buy a SIM card without a costly monthly contract, but when I walked into a phone shop recently expecting to be able to buy one for occasional calls on a new smartwatch, I was practically told to take a walk. that's despite having all the necessary documents, ID cards, and tax certificates that continental bureaucracy require. I eventually acquired one by reading loads of foreign smallprint on a double up scheme. This involved several trips to two shops, and an over the counter confrontation which involved calls to the network for permission - in fact the card was practically thrown at me. It's still not enabled though! You can't believe a word of EU propaganda, and in particular you can't believe a word of what is appearing in the EU compliant continental press. People have been led to believe that the UK is in total crisis, and Brits are deeply regretting their mistake. This really is Orwellian in its implications.
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    We're only larger because we need stronger constitutions than the Southern Shandy Drinkers to enable us to survive in the wild and woolly North (and by 'North' I don't mean bloody Manchester!).
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    Aye, Raisbecks. Leavin' Netherton Village School one day ah shit mesel an' decided ah better wahk yem. Haffway ti West Lea the bus stopped an' the Raisbecks driver tried ti get is on the bus. It took a few minutes like ti convince him ah was happy wahkin'. Ah think ah did iverybody on the bus a favah.
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    Well recommended to me by my next door neighbour,who has had a lot of experience with this "garage",on the Barrington [!] Industrial Estate. So I advised my Son to go for his M.O.T. ,which he did,knowing it would probably fail on a couple of items. ....It did,and that was on Saturday gone.The handbrake,and the Catalytic Converter were the items that failed. My Son gave them the go-ahead to do the jobs,without even agreeing a price ! The car was back on the road today,repaired and MOT'D! [Monday!] A member of staff showed me the damaged Cat.Converter,which was falling apart with rust and corrosion. The job was VERY competitely priced,surprisingly low,for the repairs AND the MOT,all in,and My Son and myself were both over the moon with the result! All the staff were friendly,and patient with me,being a bit deaf in one ear and not hearing out the other one!! I would definately recommend them to anyone . HPW. P.S. .....and,of course,the little brown and white Spaniel sitting on my foot for comfort,and giving me a paw,made it a worthwhile visit!![picking my Son's car up for him]
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    Easy one (and you like a good tune don't you?): there'll be bluebirds over The white cliffs of Dover Tomorrow Just you wait and see there'll be love and laughter And peace ever after Tomorrow When the [UK] is free The shepherd will tend his sheep The valley will bloom again And Jimmy will go to sleep In his own little room again there'll be bluebirds over The white cliffs of Dover Tomorrow Just you wait and see So relax.. Albion is saved, and once again in our great history THIS generation wasn't the one who threw everything away! And, lest you think I'm trivialising things by injecting a bit of humour: let me say that once again it was the ordinary "Tommies" who unselfishly won the day for their country, whilst the feckless elites would have sold it down the river for perceived personal advantage. The so -called "negotiations" don't really matter because - like all ponzi schemes - the EU will collapse under the weight of the same unenlightened self-interest that caused many naive people in this country to support it. Twenty seven countries that are all on the take; don't even have a common method of communication, and have been extensively lied to by professional liars who are themselves on the take, do not a nation make. Nations are created by selfless common people and WE still have enough of those (yes, even in Scotland!).
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    🤔 Sneak preview...
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    I hope Brexit will bring us a full range of Emoticons.
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    Number 7 is my dad Gordon Crawford (physio). We used to live in a house in the grounds of the hall
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    ...your "State of the Union" (now where have we heard that one before?) speech has gone down amazingly well in the UK. It confirms everything the Leave campaign said about where the EU was surely headed. I've now lost count of the number of if-only-we-had-known newspaper articles, and forum posts from people who voted Remain. You've provided them with a admirable rationalisation for their change of mind. There never was a "Remain" status quo to vote for, as it was always your way or no way! I suspect ever-increasing numbers of our continental cousins will be telling you "no way!" from now on. The reactions to TM's speech in Florence on 22nd September are going to be... er.. interesting!
  13. Heritage Open Days offer free family fun

    Residents and visitors to Northumberland will be given a rare opportunity to see some of the county’s hidden architectural treasures when the doors to many of its most historic buildings are opened to the public, free of charge. The Heritage Open Days event is taking place between Thursday 7 and Sunday 10 of September. The open days are free and fun and provide an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to explore the fantastic cultural heritage of Northumberland. A wide range of tours, events and activities are on offer. Dozens of attractions are taking part including the ever popular Cragside House in Rothbury. There will be the the opportunity to look around local churches, Morpeth Clock Tower and the Rothbury Trenches. There will also be the chance to look behind the scenes of Northumberland Archives at Woodhorn Museum and get a rare glimpse into the work that goes into preserving diverse collections which cover over 800 years of Northumberland’s fascinating history. Northumberland county Councillor, cabinet member with responsibility for culture , arts and leisure, Cllr Cath Homer said: “ This hugely popular annual event provides free public access to historic buildings and local landmarks, many of which are not usually open to the public. "It's an unmissable opportunity for residents and visitors to get a glimpse behind the scenes, and perhaps get a better understanding and appreciation of our county's rich cultural heritage.” Heritage Open Days is England's largest festival of history and culture, bringing together over 2,500 organisations, 5,000 events and 40,000 volunteers. To view a full list of this year’s attractions visit https://www.heritageopendays.org.uk/
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    More news we won't hear reported on the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation (or their chums at EU-funded propaganda machine C4):- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/03/poorest-will-gain-brexit-says-labour-report/ Meanwhile Blair - having failed at every other machiavellian ploy - is doing everything he can to ensure a "Soft Brexit" - a term created to pretend that democratic process is being followed whilst ensuring that nothing actually changes. The French euro-elies got away with this by creating Merkron (no, not a typo!), and the French people have woken up the fact that they've been had in record time.
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    Mary hart was my grandmother
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    I bet you did not see one of those posh expensive looking green signs pointing out public toilets Pilgrim,
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    I was in the parish today and noticed there are many and varied signs of the green variety pointing places of import.. can I ask why they are, for example, police station 230 m and market place 120 m -- is that miles?? or some Johnny foreigner thingy ,we may have to be aware of cross contamination from .............dare I say hitlers highway (herself was most amused when I said that was what it was called -- or used to be) but lets have some standardisation - ok the younger ones are all metric but the UK standard is IMPERIAL (I always think IMPERIAL deserves caps - as Q Victoria always wore a cap..) ok - I got out today and the big world was confusing .................
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    I can remember going in to the Stakeford COOP as a boy with my Grandmother, no self service in those days just about everything sold was loose and was put up to the customers needs, sugar was weighed and put in to blue paper bags, butter was in a huge lump and the customers requirement was cut off and shaped using wooden spatula kind of tools then wrapped, same with cheese cut with a cheese wire and wrapped, bacon was sliced to the customers preferred thickness. The counter assistant who served you did not take your money she sent you bill whizzing along one of those zip wires to the cash office and they sent you change and you dividend receipt whizzing back to the counter. I can still remember our check number , what a job it must have been for the cashiers in those days working out all the yearly dividend payments using nowt more than a pencil and paper.
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    As someone who lived directly across the street from it as a child (in the 1950's), and so could have seen it every day, I severely doubt that it was ever used for this purpose. That doesn't mean there wasn't an intention for it to be so purposed at some point in history though. The siren on the old police station was frequently tested and was easy to hear from the Market Place, so why place another so close? And where is the actual motor supposed to go? The electric motor and side vanes on the old police station one were always plainly visible. Here there is a shuttered core which looks to be an integral part of the construction. I would have expected a clear platform to bolt the electric motor to. This is sounding to me like a recently invented "urban myth".
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    Whenever there is a road accident, usually a serious or fatal one, there is always a clamour for road calming measures. I recall an incident in the area prior to the one in Bedlington. Such accidents usually involve young men. I've been following a similar situation at Whitley Bay. It is inappropriate to comment on this most recent incident at this time but unfortunately, more times than not, speed and/or reckless driving is the cause. Road calming measures, especially speed humps, won't stop these drivers but will inconvenience many people who drive safely and within the law. My partner is disabled and travels in-situ in his wheelchair in the car. Speed humps makes that a very painful experience especially as he has arthritis in all his limbs. Recovering from an op years ago, I too suffered pain when negotiating them so there must be many others in a similar position. Travelling on a bus must also be uncomfortable. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this problem. I've often seen speedsters in our area who could be apprehended but our current policing levels are a hindrance to immediate action so they continue with impunity. Please resist the knee-jerk reaction for a quick fix in the form of speed humps. Note - regular speed cameras on Barrington Road do seem to encourage drivers to keep to the speed limit.
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    Some will win; some will loose; some will never know the difference and others won't even know it happened. I think all the discussing should be left to the Brexit negotiators and the rest of us should just switch off when multiple seemingly contradictory statements are broadcast by the media, almost daily. On the other hand, as Spuggy & brownsugar were not members of this site when the Brexit vote was on it's way the following is just to let them know that there are 15 who knew what was going to happen and should easily be able to advise them of what will happen :-
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    A news story that won't be on the PCBBC any time soon: NASA reveals that Antarctica is actually gaining more ice than it is losing So, the man with the means to see the whole picture confirms (if more confirmation were really necessary) that the Antarctic is net putting on ice not losing it! That would make those evil, incredibly stupid, "climate change deniers" right all along. How damn inconvenient if you've built a career (or a political party) on selling pseudo-science to the gullible! Of course absolutely no one denies that climate changes, that's what climate has always done. But, our elites are in a position to control the language, so it's relatively easy for them to substitute climate change for global warming and conveniently drop the word anthropomorphic in process (after all what would the plebs make of such a big word?). Enough people really really want the "climate change" pseudo science to be a reality, so, rather than admit to real scientific evidence, the mantra will continue morphing into another insanely costly attempt to control some other uncontrollable. The bleedingly obvious anthropomorphic factors in the environment (like the horrendous plastic pollution) we can do something about, without vast effort or expense, will continue to be ignored. When I see a group of Greens picking plastic out of hedgerows or off the beaches I will consider voting for them.
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    The climbdown is becoming less subtle now, but carefully geared not to jeopardise those research budgets and "scientist's" international jollies: Climate change not as threatening to planet as previously thought, new research suggests Remember that $100Bn a year of other people's money that Global Gordon thought wasn't enough to throw at the problem? And remember the more recent self-congratulatory, back-slapping charade that was the 2015 Paris Climate Change Accord? In plain language what the above means is that the "challenging targets" are likely to be met without anyone doing/spending anything. Can someone please dream up another pending global catastrophe so that the junketing of the grandstanding ruling elites can continue - the AGW one is now being carefully and steadily buried in the pages of history. Simply keep the retreat a bit ahead of the calendar, and we scientists and politicos will all be comfortably retired long before any serious historical review emerges.
  25. Northumberland is blooming beautiful

    Green fingered Northumbrians have done the county proud yet again as they collected a string of awards after impressing judges in this year’s Northumbria in Bloom awards. Dozens of towns, villages and businesses showed off their floral displays, summer planting and well tended parks and gardens in the competition which has seen communities and council staff pull together to show off local neighbourhoods at their best. The county did exceptionally well in the Towns category with Morpeth winning overall Gold for the bright displays that have produced a blaze of colour right across the town. Alnwick won Gold, Bedlington won Silver and Berwick and Hexham were awarded Silver Gilt. In the Large Towns category, Blyth won Silver and Cramlington won Silver Gilt. In the Small Towns category Ponteland and Seaton Sluice won gold with Seaton Delaval achieving bronze. Seaton Delaval won the Most Improved entry for enthusiastically taking on a number of neglected areas for transformation and for the hard work and vision of the community. The county’s villages also scooped a number of fantastic awards against tough competition. Ord near Berwick won the Large Villages category. Judges found the village to be pristine throughout with residents taking a great pride in keeping their neighbourhood spotless as well as caring for the many tubs and planters. There were celebrations elsewhere as Holywell and New Hartley won Silver and Seghill won Bronze in the Large Villages category. East Hartford won Silver in the Small Villages category and Lesbury won Silver Gilt in the Villages category. The popular Ridley Park in Blyth was winner of the Best Park award for its beautifully landscaped public space. Young growers in the county also got involved and Tweedmouth West First School in Berwick scooped the Growing Together for Schools award. Other Gold winners included Alnmouth Railway Station ( best bus/metro/rail station) The parish hall garden, Corbridge ( best Grounds of a hospital, university or public building) Ord Country Park ( best commercial premises) Berwick Bowling Club ( best sports ground) Woodbine Terrace, Corbridge ( best residential community). A number of very worthy awards were made for outstanding voluntary contributions. Neville Rutherford of Corbridge for his inspiring leadership of Corbridge in Bloom; Kenneth Thompson from Morpeth for his commitment to the ‘In Bloom’ entry and George Anderson for his contribution to the betterment of Ord Village Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services at Northumberland County Council, said: “It is wonderful that the hard work and efforts of a few have made the towns and villages where we live such attractive places. We really do appreciate their work and congratulate everyone involved. ”
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    no - but I saw a dog (a Bedlington terrier at that) who expressed its opinion on them ....
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    The 'rebels' who defied Jeremy Corbyn and backed the EU Withdrawal Bill tonight Dennis Skinner Ronnie Campbell Frank Field Kate Hoey Kelvin Hopkins John Mann Graham Stringer
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    Orloff I think its a cupola and was often seen on co op buildings and made in a fancy dome design , I think it was for ventilation or light in the attics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cupola
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    With regard to wireless broadband serving a remote community, I'd just like to say that we have a static caravan on a fairly local coastal site that is covered by BT Wifinity broadband. I can use pc, phone or tablet in my caravan and can easily stream movies via an Amazon Firestick plugged in the back of the tv. With regard to home broadband, I suffered a good few years with a 1.4Mbs connection (Stakeford, from the dreaded Ashington exchange) and, even after supposedly upgrading to fibre, the 5Mbps connection I was given soon dropped back down to 1.4Mbps again. However, a couple of months ago, after contacting my provider (EE) and being told it was out of their hands, I contacted a very helpful bloke at NCC who told me, very revealingly that, although Openreach had been paid to supply superfast broadband to our cabinet, in some cases they hadn't made the required connections! Now sorted and, after contacting EE again, I now have 50Mbps (at the router) Fibre+ broadband. YAAAAY!!! The moral is: don't believe everything you are told in the broadband world!
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    Never noticed any of them. Can't see (via Google) any on the two Co-op buildings at Bedlington Station but the Stakeford Coop one does stand out, when you look up - must have spent my youth staring at the ground!
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    I also remember the siren on the old police station. By the end of the cold war in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the national siren system was largely dismantled. The British Government cited the increasing use of double glazed windows (making sirens harder to hear) Some coastal areas still retain and regularly test the sirens as part of the flood warning defences and military bases apparently still have the sirens. I think the structure on the club roof is known as a cupola .
  32. 1 point
    No I don't agree. The base figure the Remonians cling on to is actually a year or so long rise caused by the market's belief that Cameron was going to win. We were/are still in fact in a recovery phase from Global Gordon's seriously bad mistiming of the normal economic cycle. He convinced himself that the good times were bad times, and that he'd ended "stop go economics" when in fact things were still in the warm shadow of previous market reforms, and about to turn down again. Real economists were telling him that he was wrong for several years, but a lecturer at a second rate polly clung on to the religious belief that he knew better. His excuse was that he was the victim of an unforeseeable "Global" economic turn down, when in fact he was the trigger through failure to regulate our very own economic numbskulls at Northern Rock (please search back on my postings at that time). There is no POSITIVE correlation between the value of our currency and our future prospects like you wish to imply, but there is almost certainly a negative one. Having an overvalued currency is fatal. The huge boost in UK stock market values and surge in inward investment IS indicative though, as is the record low unemployment levels. Wages will be forced up after a decade of complete stagnation caused by our far too close relationship with the moribund Eurozone - that's EXACTLY what the Leavers intended! Now please answer my question as to "why you think the EU is an economically viable construct?"
  33. 1 point
    Curious that the Remainers predicted the economy would tank at even the hint of a OUT majority? Cable predicted a stock market crash of -30% whereas it's now +30%. So where do you want the place goal posts on this major economic setback? You can have your pick, but "somewhere over there" isn't going to get written into the rules. Someday sometime is also the problem with socialist politicos and their sunny uplands; they attempt to string generation after generation along whilst ensuring that everything is working well for their class IN THE NOW. The USSR's apparatchiks ran out of excuses after 70 years, but in the Internet age the EUSSR simply hasn't got that long. Anyway, I'm very curious to know exactly why you think the EU is an economically viable construct? I'm delighted that the the exchange rate is working well for you. If you look at the history it came straight off a high and is now pretty much exactly where it was in 2009/10. I know a few British ex-pats who are having to alter their lifestyles, and we are conscious that our own money goes nothing like as far, but there are several neat compensations. What has reduced the general impact for Brits is that "weak hands" left during the last downer and the long-termers are preconditioned to wild exchange rate swings. If you bought eurozone property in the early 2000's at going on for €1.60 : £1 - as most did here - your property is notionally worth far more in Sterling terms, and you can console yourself that you probably couldn't consider it now. That's until you come to sell it and discover that there is mostly a huge difference between estate agent and real world prices, and that it's very much a buyer's market.
  34. 1 point
    I meant we're not actually out yet. So we have to wait a few years to see the results. I'm still loving the exchange rate, btw.
  35. 1 point
    I gave Wim Duisenberg (former Eurobank supremo) twenty years, and he still hasn't delivered on his "the UK economy will tank in months if it doesn't join my Euro" strictures. Wasn't just him of course - the whole EUphile establishment were at it at the time. You'd almost have thought they had a vested interest in talking our economy down, but "our European partners" would never ever do a thing like that! I hope the EU-SSR has a few more years, but from where I sit it's looking increasingly unlikely. If we can get past becoming a Caliphate (no bets on that one) the UK is now good for another 1000 years, and some of the best ones lie ahead of us.
  36. Northumberland County Council has welcomed the Government’s announcement today of the preferred routes for the A1 Morpeth to Felton and Alnwick to Ellingham dualling upgrade. Following further development of their proposals Highways England have now identified the Green route option for Morpeth to Felton, and the Orange route option between Alnwick and Ellingham. Following a six-week consultation last year, three options were presented to residents and regional stakeholders for plans to widen the A1 between Morpeth and Felton, and one option to widen the A1 between Alnwick and Ellingham. The council has long campaigned for dualling of the A1 north of Morpeth - recognising the significant economic and other benefits for the county and wider border and north east regions. The improvements will mean the creation of a dual carriageway on the entire stretch of the route between Newcastle and Ellingham - providing additional capacity and improving journey times and safety. Cllr Peter Jackson, leader of Northumberland County Council said: “This is fantastic news for Northumberland and will provide very significant strategic and economic benefits. “Dualling will promote sustainable growth along the A1 corridor as well as improved connectivity with Edinburgh and the Lothians and with Tyne and Wear and other regions to the south. “Existing businesses will have better access to markets for their goods and services, and to sources of labour, and the dualling will also encourage new businesses to become established - creating new jobs and economic growth. “This announcement is a further confirmation of the Government delivering on its promises in Northumberland.” Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services said: “We have been campaigning for dualling of this key strategic route for over two decades, and this announcement of preferred routes is the next important step to securing major improvements. “The ‘green’ route for Morpeth to Felton was strongly favoured by the council and so I am very pleased that this will be going forward. It addresses our concerns that the other routes would have had more impact on the A697 during construction. “The dualling is set to make significant improvements to road safety on the route, something I am also a very strong campaigner for, with the Green route between Morpeth and Felton offering the best alignment for improving safety. “We welcome the support of our MP who has worked so hard for this and look forward to working with Highways England as they progress this through the next steps.” Highways England project manager Nanette Hoyle said today: “We recognise the importance of this route and are delighted to announce the two options we are taking forward are the ones which the majority of people wanted in last year’s consultation. “Over the last few months we have worked hard to identify the best possible options by working through the feedback from the events, along with safety, economic and environmental analysis and we are excited to share our plans with local stakeholders, businesses and the community. “Work now continues, adding detail to the design for each of the dualling options and on planning how we will deliver them in a way that keeps traffic moving. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking part. There will be further opportunities to have your say as the schemes develop.” The green option between Morpeth and Felton includes building a new carriageway to the west of the existing road between Priest’s Bridge and Burgham Park. This option will improve safety along the route and will also have benefits during construction in terms worker safety and efficiency. The existing A1 will act as a local road once the scheme has been completed. The orange route between Alnwick and Ellingham involves upgrading the existing road to dual carriageway, widening either the east or west of the current road depending on the local features that need to be considered. This option also includes improvements at the South Charlton junction. Highways England will be holding further public consultation events in the area during 2018 - offering communities the opportunity to discuss in more detail the design of the preferred routes, discuss the planning application and the next steps with the project team. Further information will be released nearer the time. You can find out more about the A1 in Northumberland scheme at www.highways.gov.uk/A1inNorthumberland
  37. 1 point
    That's two top quality garages in Bedlington we can choose from. The Lion Garage managed to get me in for an MOT at very short notice and got me out of a pickle.
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    I am actually beyond furious it's not even Beth's funeral yet then 6 days after that the scum bag is up in court yet stupid are putting comments on a accident would be me pulling off my drive and a child rushes past and I don't see him or her and kill her not what he did the bloody cowardly lunatic I'm beyond livid !!!
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    Champion - Isn't it rich? Are we a pair? Me here at last on the ground, You in mid-air.. Where are the clowns?
  41. 1 point
    You have my David-Cameron-style cast-icon promise on that one Eggy! But remember: you can't cherry pick icons*; you can't have your icon cake and eat it, and nothing is iconised until everything is iconised (apart from all the stuff Herr-commandant Barnyard demands is iconised first, of course). *This does not preclude icons of cherries.
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    If only I had just said - yes, the bricked area is there to be used. Instead I wondered, is there info in the highway code or anywhere else that a simple Google search will reveal? Oh to be a Technical author! I believe the simple explanation is something like :- a single lane road that requires a roundabout to allow access to and from the road may require an additional lane, only on the roundabout, that allows large vehicles additional space (another lane) to turn on and off the single lane road. But if you really want to impress your fellow Friday night ale tasters with a full explanation of the Geometric Design of Roundabouts then read the 51 pages in this documnet :- http://www.standardsforhighways.co.uk/ha/standards/dmrb/vol6/section2/td1607.pdf
  43. 1 point
    When I was young scientific method meant that all theories were always up for discussion, and that if something came along which better fitted the data the previous theory could be consigned to history - principally, everything was always up for discussion. History, however, seems to have stopped. At least it has at the Biased BBC! In other words: in a slack moment we let through something which admitted to a non-alarmist viewpoint, and that simply won't do! So, we will censor it under the spurious and pathetic excuse of lack of impartiality. This is truly Orwellian! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06418l5 Well Biased BBC, your lame excuse just about describes 50% of your output these days! So carry on censoring stuff that doesn't conform with your PC group-think, then we can have a bumper edition of the What's the point of...? entitled: What's the point of a publicly funded broadcasting organisation that has lost all perspective, and is controlled by an arrogant liberal-leftie elite! But, somehow, I don't think that program will even get to the commissioning stage.
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    Haha! Here's the COP-21 logo ... And here's the Comedy Central logo ...
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    Alarmists might like to consider this too, though I doubt they will ... If all the world's leading nations stick to the carbon-reduction commitments they will make in Paris this week, then they will stave off "global warming†by the end of this century by 0.170 degrees C. Oh – and that's the optimistic scenario, calculated by Bjorn Lomborg, assuming that countries like, say, China don't lie or cheat about how much CO2 they're burning secretly. His more pessimistic – ie more realistic – scenario is that the best we can hope for is a reduction in global warming by the end of the century of 0.048 degrees C. This temperature reduction – five hundredths of one degree – is so small as to be almost immeasurable. But if you want to know what it feels like, Willis Eschenbach has done the calculations. It's the equivalent of walking five metres higher up a mountain. Or, if you prefer, climbing two flights of stairs. And there you have it: the lunacy of the Paris climate conference in one sentence: $1.5 trillion every year till the end of the century to effect the equivalent of walking to your bedroom.
  46. 1 point
    That's a terrible lie for schools to tell kids.mercuryg. Our special friend and ally, Mr. George Dubya Bush, knew how crap the education system was though when he said, "Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?" Actually, from what I've been able to find out, the polar bears are doing very well thank you. Their population has increased 500% over the last 50 years.
  47. 1 point
    No, that can't possibly be true. I've seen with my own eyes poster of cute, white, fluffy polar bears that will be wiped out by global warming. Pass me my wallet, and a hankie........
  48. 1 point
    Full article: The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever
  49. 1 point
    GLOBAL COOLING: Decade long ice age predicted as sun 'hibernates' Why should we be inclined to believe this group of scientists rather than the ruling "warmist lobby"? Well, for a start, they are unlikely to be funded by the central heating and double glazing industries, and they aren't screaming imminent doom and disaster, or pushing for international jollies in exotic climbs (just yet). It's also par for the course to discover our politicos have all along been doing precisely the wrong thing, and throwing away vast sums of British tax payers money on crazy "ground nut" schemes. I'm looking at you Ed Miliband! Which political party will be the first to have the courage to advocate repealing the insane and completely unaffordable Climate Change Act 2008? Does the Thames outside their windows have to freeze over before they will admit to being victims of mass delusion?
  50. 1 point
    All this 'Anthropomorphic' stuff is utter BS. The true figures reveal that there are exactly the same parts-per-million (ppm) of CO2 in the atmosphere as there were in 1900 ............. BEFORE industrialisation! Now, once prosperous nations cannot grow their economies because of this ridiculous lie called Global Warming. Underdeveloped countries are having to take out huge loans with the IMF and World Bank to finance the fairy tale. Many 'proper' scientists know the scam for what it is. The Société de Calcul Mathématique, SA, a group of French mathematicians, have recently blasted it for the absurdity it is http://www.scmsa.eu/accueil_e.htm We live in strange times. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.