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    Having been brought into the social media froth by the Bedlington labour group I think I should be allowed the right of redress. Looking at recent postings regarding the forthcoming East Bedlington Parish election it seems some are suggesting an almost malevolent Independent Party has been formed to suppress the democratic wishes of the electorate. As usual in these cases the truth is far more mundane! When first elected to County Hall the three independent candidates for Bedlington formed a group, not a political party, to impose ourselves onto the committee structure within County Hall. That meant we had to be given seats by ratio on the major committees as all ‘groups’ have to be awarded. This we believed best represented our wards and Town. Instead of possibly being frozen out of major committees we had to be included and we each took seats on committees which we felt best represented not only our constituents but our own past experiences and interests. That would seem quite sensible to me? There has also been a suggestion that party politics shouldn’t play a role within Parish level of government and indeed this was quite clearly written in one of the first drafts of the NALC guidelines for the new Parish’s created after local government reorganisation in 2009-2010. That was surreptitiously taken out before the guidelines were agreed and put in place! The question is who could possibly benefit, in my view certainly not the residents who would be asked to vote! One further thing to note is the plain fact that even at parish level votes were and probably still are being ‘whipped’ by political parties. That means party political elected councillors have to follow the orders they are given to vote certain ways on certain items of business. There is clear documented evidence of this even a video so let no one be naive enough to suggest this doesn’t happen! That to my mind says political appointees will look after the best interests of their chosen party before the best interests of their electorate. These are some of the reasons I stood as an independent candidate for NCC and why I think the sooner we get rid of party politics the better!
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    May 2019. Once again May is a bit different to the other months and this one especially so with all the elections and purdah. For anyone who doesn’t know about purdah….” The term ‘purdah‘ has come into popular use across central and local government to describe the period of time immediately before elections or referendums when specific restrictions on communications activity are in place.” So I have been under some restrictions with my diary and when and how it has been published. I think a brief overview of the major items of business going on over the last year, as I have done previously, is the best way forward. I will preface this with the fact that I have been contacted by more and more residents with their concerns and questions and they are naturally confidential but I welcome the fact that people seem to have a renewed faith in contacting their elected representatives and asking for assistance. This time last year we saw Arch transform into Advance Northumberland with a much stricter local remit. Regeneration and investment has been curtailed so its directed at Northumberland only instead of seeing investment made into other councils and county areas. Lots of issues with Arch which have been well documented in the media so I won’t go into specifics but I do feel that to regain the public trust we have to see a full and independent investigation carried out as a minimum. We can now see the full council meetings in “glorious Technicolor” live as they happen on the NCC YouTube account. While I welcome this step forward in transparency I do still have reservations about the nature of these full council meetings. I have just been informed some committee meetings will be recorded now too and I have one next week which is one of the first to be recorded to see how it goes. If nothing else I will bet we see members turn up who don’t usually or who very rarely do! Work has been going on all year putting together a new Local Plan or Local Development Framework, as it was originally named. I have said the last one which took about 8 years to bring together was just a carte blanche for housing developers. It contained estimates for over 26,000 new houses with no associated infrastructure provision. The new one, which has taken just over 1 year to put together, links all sorts of things to house building and has estimates of about 17,000 new homes. Having worked on the committee which helped put this together, although in truth it was hard work by dedicated officers which has seen it produced, I can say incorporating most of the ancillary infrastructure needed is the way to go. It isn’t a cure all but at least it starts to link policies and projects NCC now have in place. This new version was listed to be finished and sent off to central government for inspection yesterday! If it gets agreement then it will underpin our planning strategy in the short to medium term. The new North of Tyne Mayoral authority was discussed and given cross party support. Initially this was to be the 7 local authorities but that had been reduced to 3 because the others refused to sign up to a publicly voted in Mayor acting as chair. We have now seen the election held and the new Mayor installed. What struck me throughout the campaign was the suggestions by the candidates about how they intended spending the money government is providing. This wasn’t part of any deal when we debated backing the creation and I will be asking questions about it! It was supposed to be about job creation and raising educational achievement, using the funding as seed funding to lever in even more. As far as I understood it wasn’t supposed to be used for any pet projects for whoever got elected. I’m not even sure it can be given that it should be overseen by a committee of elected members from the 3 areas. We started the work to enable a new play park and other park upgrades in Plessey Woods about a year ago. We worked on an outline and then sent out tenders for the work. I specifically asked the companies who tendered for the new park equipment to look at the site and see what they might recommend, given that I wanted exciting and innovative play equipment suitable for a good range of children, including disabled children. I think we had 16 tenders to go through and score then see which 3 came top. Again another session to examine the 3 in fine detail and at last we chose one. Once that went out we had meetings with the company chosen and I pressed for some tweaks so the new equipment would be exciting to all age ranges. We had a target completion date set for Easter 2019 and it did open on Good Friday 2019. It looks like a great success with a huge swell of visitors to the park these days. More to come with a bit of luck! I couldn’t not mention our Town centre redevelopment and having called it a staccato development at the recent presentation I now see it being likened to Brexit! For me the whole thing was badly judged at inception with at first housing which was then squashed in favour of a wholesale retail development. The way that was underwritten led to a whole raft of problems as work progressed to bring the scheme forward. Unlike other developments all the proposed units had to be prelet to retailers and given the changes happening to our high streets up and down the land this was always destined to be hard work! We have at least seen the preparatory work done after a main contractor was appointed. Again unlike any other development there has followed a period of inactivity on the site and even though there is a considerable amount of pressure to get this development back on track I think there is only one way to get it across the line now! On top of all the evidence of a change in shopping patterns up and down every high street in the country we really need to be innovative and imaginative with ours to make it as attractive as possible to as many folks as possible in an effort to make it sustainable. I will mention the initiative to get the Blyth and Tyne line reopened for passengers. Again this seems to have been a perennial promise by one administration and council after another. Having been invited onto a specially sponsored train to travel the line from Morpeth to Blyth, stopping off at the old Bedlington station platform where I had the opportunity to shake hands with the Transport Minister and along with Russ and Bill press the case for the line reopening, I have to say the message coming from the Minister was pretty encouraging! He took all of our concerns and suggestions on board even saying this was possibly the easiest of the national closed lines which were being looked at to get reopened! It will take a considerable amount of funding but with NCC agreeing the seed funding and it now being a commitment by the new North of Tyne Authority to bring it about, I think we have the best chance in decades to see passengers on the line in 2022 as has been suggested. I think we have to think about this not only in terms of people being able to travel outwards more easily, but also the fact that it will encourage people to come in and actually visit Bedlington. This can only have a positive effect on infrastructure at the Station and the immediate surrounding area but also once we get our town centre redevelopment done it could encourage people to visit that too. The over rider is of course, as I have suggested, we have to make our Town Centre redevelopment innovative, successful and fit for the 21st century and so entice added footfall. Just to close there are now several new initiatives aimed at getting Bedlington the upgrades it has desperately needed for many years and as these are publicised I have no doubt the vast majority of people will see the work which has been going on over the last couple of years to get the needs of Bedlington up the pecking order within the county.
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    Thanks a lot for saving me Alan!,apologies to you Dorothy for not getting back to you sooner,it's very difficult here just now,has been for a for the last 12 months or more..health issues with us both ,but I am heavily committed to looking after my Wife,so I have to grab a minute or two when I can to check out the forum. I hope if you went to the Chapel,that you found them a nice group of People,Maureen Chilton,Chris Ruddick,and wor aad gud friend Edna Million,who lived on Sheepwash Bank many many years ago. Let us know if you got any helpful information about your family,please,Dorothy,as any historical info is fascinating to us Bedlingtonians! Kind regards, Bill.
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    As some of you may know, there will be a by-election for two vacancies on East Bedlington Parish Council. Both vacancies lie within the Bedlington East Ward. The election will take place on Thursday 4 July 2019. There are four candidates for the two positions, two Labour Party and two Independent candidates. As you would expect, being an Independent Councillor myself, I am fully supporting the two Independent candidates, Keith Scantlebury and Helen Bradford. I have known Keith for many years and he has always had an interest in his local area. He is currently Chair of Burnside Estate Residents Group, which has been instrumental in raising funds to enhance the lives of the residents and children that live there and has been so successful that they have seen a drop in the level of anti-social behaviour on the estate. He also sits on Bernicia’s Community Investment Panel and has been a regular attendee at the East Bedlington Parish Council meetings, so he has a good idea of what would be required. I have known Helen for less time but since I took over the Chair of the Friends of Gallagher Park two years ago she has served with me on that committee trying to make the park better for the community. She has been an active member in organising the planting of wild flowers and tree pruning to make the walking trails more accessible and she has also been very proactive in helping to raise funds that has enabled the construction of a new play area in the park, work which is underway currently. This is the play area, as some of you may recall, that the Labour-led East Bedlington Parish Council refused to support when asked for a contribution. Helen is currently employed with HMRC but also finds time to assist her partner with his motorcycle training school which is based here in Bedlington. Compare these two active members of the local community, who are funding their own campaigns, to the other candidates, who have just been chosen because they are party members. It’s not easy to put yourself forward and stand as an Independent candidate. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to be up against a party machine and all the resources they have at their disposal, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you look at recent local elections in Bedlington, you’ll find that the national party hasn’t done all that well. Could it be that the public realise that it’s not about party politics but local issues that matter? There hasn’t been an election for a seat on East Bedlington Parish Council for ten years. It has been dominated by the Labour Party who have been more than happy to endorse the party line even at this level of politics. There should be no place for party politics at parish level and you can help change the dynamic of that council so that there are more independent thinkers to challenge the old guard. I am proud to throw my support behind these two hard working, community minded individuals. Let’s take the party out of local politics. Vote Independent on July 4. Vote for Helen Bradford and Keith Scantlebury.
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    I might be able to help you here, Dorothy. I don't know if you are familiar with the area but Sawmill Row wasn't in Bedlington town but in the greater area of Bedlingtonshire. It was situated by the sawmill that once stood in Guidepost, roughly to the east of the junction between Sheepwash bank and Stakeford lane. The sawmill, but not Sawmill Row, appears on this OS map from 1866. Note that there are no houses in front of it facing Stakeford Lane and only one row of houses running north to south directly to the west of it: Census enumerators had strict routes to follow so in the 1901 census we can see that Sawmill Row is situated between the community of Guidepost (no street names given) and Ford Terrace - which is followed by Freehold Terrace. Freehold Terrace appears to be the elder of the two as it appears on early maps but is not named. However, the 1922 OS maps show both Terraces with name so they must have been built between 1866 and 1901. (Ford terrace to the south of Stakeford lane, then called simply 'High Street'): and Freehold Terrace to the North of High Street: Note on the first of those two maps that a new street has also appeared running at right angles to High Street and parallel to Blyth Terrace. I believe this is Sawmill Row but it is also possible that the street named Blyth Terrace was previously Sawmill Row as it stood on its own next to the sawmill. Unfortunately I can't find the name on any maps. Eggy, your a genius with maps. Can you do some sort of collage with arrows and pretty bits that show this as a then and now kind of picture?
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    Nr. 3 is definitely not Frank Bower. Nr 2 is, I believe, one of the Leonard/Lennart boys, Joe, Martin or Edward from Third Street. The others are familiar faces but just now I can't put a name to any of them.
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    @Liz Moore - have you download copies of the photos? I found this extract (don't know what book it was taken from) on the Facebook group - Barrington, Barnt' n memories and stuff!!
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    June 2019. June already and last week we had an LDF, or Local Plan, update. Lots of last minute items to go through and several cases to be made but in the end the document left on time to go to central government for inspection. Like I have said this has been a mammoth task and all credit to the team of officers who have done such a diligent job on its production. Next meeting was an LAC, Local Area Council, chairs meeting. I get to go because I'm the deputy chair of ours. Several items of business went through and one in particular I was very interested in, this being the new “council housing” initiative. The lead officer gave an update and as I was one of only a few who had actually attended his wider presentation earlier in the year, I mentioned some of the concerns I had spoken about at that presentation specifically the fact that the administration have done press releases suggesting we are building 1000 new houses for social rent whereas when I asked if we would see 1000 new council houses built the answer had been somewhat different! I did press this point and said I didn't know why the opposition, who were at least at this meeting, had let the administration away with that claim! Seems I was being overly sceptical? Next item was something I again wanted an input into as this was possible items for future meetings. I said we had been told when these LAC’s were initiated, that they would bring decision making closer to the local populace and they would hold their own budgets for things like regeneration projects and I haven't seen any evidence of those! I said we always got a good turnout of Bedlington residents but even they are not attending because they have little input and the agendas are too weak. This caused a bit of a furore and I was told we had just seen a Bedlington regeneration presentation in Bedlington so we did have regeneration in our remit. I said that has nothing to do with the LAC and was only a presentation by an existing project. I was told in no uncertain manner to list what I thought should be included so I said things like the social housing project we have just been talking about, the proposed new rail link, the North of Tyne devolution deal which has just had its mayoral election, the Borderlands deal and I could go on. These are all things which affect residents in all our wards and we should see the local flavour. I was told to send my comments to the chair and business chair so I will! Strategic planning today and only one application. I went along open minded and listened to the arguments for and against. The more I heard the less I liked the scheme on offer and had to ask several questions to the Head of Planning about it as he seemed to be taking over this application. Of all the questions I asked I think I only had one proper reply, in fact the chair had to say I was drifting towards debate which I refuted straight away because I wasn't getting any straight answers. That bit done we had a proposer and seconder for approval and I spoke against. This application was for a piece of artwork installed in the middle of the Northumbrian moors. I understood the concept and even given it was to be 56M high I did like the idea but I said I just couldn't accept it at this location. I said I would support it in 100 different locations throughout the county but in this location it was just too confrontational. Also the fact that it was being touted as a tourist destination but the road to it was a single track, there was to be no facilities such as toilets or restrooms, and the current parking which could accommodate one single bus or a handful of cars wasn't being upgraded meant that argument was a complete red herring. Who ever suggested this was to be a tourist destination but didn't want any tourists to actually visit it baffled me. Anyway we eventually voted it down but then one of the members who had proposed it and refused a site visit before the vote then proposed a site visit. I asked what were we going to look at because there was nothing 56M in height nearby which would give us an indication. I was told we were going to see the moors to which I responded I could see them on the pictures on the screen behind. So we now have a site visit to go on for an application which has been refused. I have said many times planning law has it own incongruous set of rules. It wasn't just me who wondered what was going on either! My application for the central government High Street funding which although turned down has born some fruit! I saw the way some other towns had been given a lead and that is done through business forums so given what I was told at recent NCC economic presentations all areas would be given equal consideration I asked for one to be set up for us. Just learnt we are getting one set up and it will include the parish councils in the first instance. Thats a step in the right direction but we then have to turn the rhetoric into real investment and regeneration. I have my own ideas on how this should proceed and I'll wager there might be some fireworks because I don't want to see some anodyne and insipid lip service being played out with this chance. Another meeting with the head of Advance and this time we locked horns! I just couldn't see the sense of what was being proposed and said so. We were joined by the head of investments and it was nice to hear some of my ideas have been taken seriously. Still gagged by NDA’s but that will soon be over. Our Town Centre regeneration will happen and once we can tell the real story behind this epic tale people will see for themselves why there has been so many false dawns! I can only see one way to get this over the line in the short term and that will become clear in the next couple of weeks. One of the things stated on social media by the usual suspects which does rankle a bit is the suggestion that because I, as well as Bill and Russ, are new councillors we don't know how to represent our wards or Town. I'll leave this comment which I overheard at a recent NCC meeting…. “You always know when Bedlington is at a meeting these days!” As for not working to get any investment into the Town, well the £6.5M for our Town Centre regeneration is there in black and white now, it never was before, as well as an extra £1.4M! Having won that fight I now want to see it actually spent sooner rather than later. As well as that investment into the Town we are pushing for other funding streams and I hope we can soon reveal details of those. Scrutiny meeting today and a varied agenda. One of the items was about devolving an educational budget to the new North of Tyne Combined Authority. This one did make sense strategically but I asked if any other budgets were going to be devolved because this was a question I asked at the very first presentations about this years go. A direct answer was skillfully avoided but I was told devolving this budget had always been the case. Actually I distinctly remember being told some of our Transport initiatives working toward an integrated transport network would be the only thing devolved at the time! I was told that had been shelved because of its complexity for the moment. I was also told back then there would certainly be no duplication of efforts and this would be new money for the twin stated aims of job creation and raising educational standards and any projects funded would be subject to a benchmarking process. Once back to Bedlington I had some things to sort out and then a meeting with the police. This time I had invited a senior NCC officer to attend so we had first hand information and a potential route to get a multi agency approach to Beldington’s ASB problems. He did offer some help and advice but I'm not sure if this will have any benefits, however we did hear how other areas have tackled the same problems and the tools they used. If nothing else the NCC officer got to hear the problems firsthand! I have now had notice of another meeting to discuss an initiative suggested at this meeting which I think could well have some merit. Personally I’m still pushing for somewhere for young people to congregate which they can call their own but with some supervision! Back up to councty for further meetings but then across to Plessey Woods to do some PR for the Park. Pension Panel meeting this morning and given the size of the papers I had its going to be a long one! Well it was another mammoth LGPS meeting and it threw some items up which we need other meetings to consider. Doing 9am-3pm for a meeting on a Friday left me little time to get sorted for the weekend at work so back to Bedders ASAP. This week we had a full council meeting and as usual I finished work early to make it up to County for the 3pm start. I had two questions tabled at this one and other members have said how they were going to be interested in the answers I got back. I have to say out of 7 questions tabled to the Administration 5 were from independent members with the other two from a Conservative member. Got to wonder just who is trying to hold the Administration to account these days? Out of 7 questions tabled to the Conservative Administration at this full council meeting 5 were off Independent members and 2 off a Conservative member who really took them to task on his questions too. (Meeting starts about 16 minutes in?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIO8oFaxXDE&t=2024s I have Director training at Advance Northumberland today. The only way I can see to get our Town Centre regeneration on anything like a proper time frame is to work from the inside so I have agreed to take up the poison chalice and become a director of the company. Having been one of the biggest critics about the way Arch conducted itself I will be making sure Advance isn't allowed to go the same way. Of course I now have further constraints on what I can say because being a director places its own requirements on what can be reported. Having had all afternoon with the Chief Executive and the financial officer it was refreshing to hear that a complete set of new governance and accounting is being put into place. Today I have my first board meeting and once installed it was a very open, amiable and accountable meeting. I did take part and all my questions were answered and suggestions considered. Looking at next month’s calendar the days are being filled up with meeting after meeting. It's going to be another busy one. Malcolm Robinson. Councillor Malcolm Robinson. Northumberland County Council. Bedlington West.
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    Oh Brilliant, thank you very much. Sylvia will be so pleased. Annie
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    Hi Bill Sorry to hear that you and your wife have health issues I know what this is like as my husband had major surgery last year and he has other issues. It does not seem fair when you have worked all your life and when you should be enjoying life health issues rear their head, it is a true saying "it is no fun getting old". Fortunately I am in excellent health. I take after my Mother who lived until she was 90 and she used to say "I would be champion if it is was not for my knees" but they did not keep her in she used to be out and about every day. I have not replied until today as I have been volunteering at the World Cup Cricket at the Fanzone in Durham for 2 days and I volunteer every Sunday at Tanfield Railway so have just picked up my laptop. I did go to the coffee morning at Bedlington unfortunately, the lady was unable to help me but I had a good couple of hours they were all lovely people, myself and my sister in law are going to go back as she has some blankets that her mother made and she is going to donate them to their collection. We then went to Woodhorn Museum and that was very interesting, I got the coroner's report on the death of my grandmother who was found dead in the River Wansbeck in Morpeth in 1916. My ticket lasts for one year so I am going to go on a regular basis to go through the records. Unfortunately I did not have anything on me with my photo or address so I could not look at original documents but I will make sure that I have my driving licence with me when we go again. Best Wishes to you and your wife on hopefully a speedy recovery. Regards Dorothy
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    I've come across this in my search for "Arcade", Bedlington. It's just a few doors down the road. 1911 Fountain yard comprised six dwellings. Nr. 1 and 2 were somewhat larger, both having 2 rooms while nr. 3-6 had only one. The families living there ranged from 2 to 8 persons and the majority were miners, though one bricklayer is recorded. Fountain Inn and Fountain Yard appear to have been neighbours of the Tankerville Arms public House on Glebe Row but they may have been opposite or adjacent to it. I'm tempted to think it was on the same side of the road, partly as it was located next door to the "Dr Pit Cottages" (logically these would be beside the pit) and partly because in 1904 the west side of what we now call Glebe Road was not built upon. It was farmland, so called 'Bishops Meadow', for the needs of the vicar of St Cuthberts. The housing area retains that name even today. If Mikki Lee Townley can give me some more information about Isabel (her parent's names would be a good help) I'll see if i can find anything nearer 1904. Glebe Row was a complicated area. The adress of every dwelling was simply Glebe Row but residents put their own names to various parts of it and these were later made official.
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    It would be rude not to give some form of redress, really.
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    I know a Howarth from Manchester. It would quite amusing if they're related to Oliver here I've sent them the link.
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    I must say you’ve got a lovely day for it – The Midsummer national holiday! I hope you’ve got your Maypole decorated and ready to be raised! You haven’t forgotten to practice the frog dance have you? Here’s how it goes: Have a lovely day!
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    Sun on the dark side on the moon?
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    Hi Dorothy,welcome to the forum! My elderly friend's Husband ran a sawmill , with her help,down at Guidepost,in the old days....she is now 92 years old,and still goes to the Christian Fellowship at the Coffin Chapel,in Bedlington town centre. She also helps to run the coffee morning and "drop-in",at the Coffin Chapel,every Thursday morning,and the craft class in the same afternoon,where she is also actively involved in putting up shoe boxes for the needy third world children,which just runs throughout the year..non-stop voluntery work! She is my Wife's friend really,but all of my Wife's friends are my friends also,and "Old Edna",is always telling us stories about the old days at the sawmill...how it was hard work. I will ring her as soon as I can,and ask her if she can enlighten me about your family history..she might just help ..she is extremely fit and active,with a memory like a hen! She can be found in the Coffin Chapel,every Thursday,and if you dropped in for a coffee and chat,in the morning,you will be pleasantly surprised at what a friendly,helpful bunch of people,they are,who volunteer to run the service for the people,and visitors,to our lovely town! From what Edna has told me,over the years,I always thought that her Family's sawmill was at the bottom of Sheepwash bank,adjacent to the Anglers Arms pub..somewhere in that vicinity. When you look at the size of the plantation on the old maps,it appears to me that a few people would have set up business in the timber trade,seeing as all the "new" collieries were being developed,most prominentally in that area being the Choppington "A"..[low pit],and Choppington "B" ..[the "High Pit"],where I worked as a young lad...and the pits depended on the timber for coalface and roadway supports underground. Million was the name of my old friend's family,and one of that family is on the visitor's information notice board,which stands at the former entrance to what was Choppington "B" colliery,now known as "Choppington Woods".[up Morpeth road past Alex Scott's garage,aboot a quarter of a mile on the left side of the road.] There are old historical pictures of Choppington collieries,and John Million is pictured along with his "Marra's"..[mates],underground,at the coalface,taken somewhere around the late 950's,I guess,cos I was a young heavy transport lad,aged 16 yrs,in 1960,and I clearly remember all the fellas in the pic,as looking exactly like they are,on the pic,when I worked there..at that time... John Million was the Brother of Tom Million,whe ran the sawmill ,so if the mill had been started by their Parents,and possibly THEIR parents..then we would be looking back to the mid-1800's. Can't promise owt,but aal dae wat a can ,Dorothy,and a hope ye can find oot a lot aboot your Family's roots!! Cheers,Bill.
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    No apologies needed, Vic. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it's been a long tunnel to get through. A good laugh is always a good medicine!
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    Talking to some village people last night :-
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    Thanks Alan that is a much clearer image. A few years ago on my way to the library at Morpeth I made a detour to see if my Grandfather's bungalow was still there (which it is) and also drove down Sheepwash Bank to see the playground but never knew that my family lived just up the road. I find it very interesting doing my family tree. The problem is when my Mother was born her Mother died when she was 7 months old and my Mother was brought to Winlaton to live so she knew nothing of her family. I would think that her Grandmother looked after her until her death and then this woman took her but my Mother knew nothing of the circumstances. Such a pity but I am hoping that I can solve the puzzle. Once again thank you.
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    @Dorothy Glover & @Canny lass :- attempted to show Then and Now. One 2019 map showing all the areas that have been mentioned and the other zoomed in to show the current streets where Sawmill used to be. Hope that helps
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    Oops you are right should have looked at the title, I think I need to go to Spec Savers. Thank you for your e-mail.
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    Hello again Dorothy! There was something odd about the house number you gave so I went back to the census and had another look. Sawmill Row was a very short row of houses with only 24 dwellings listed in the census so I thought that 194 couldn't be right. There were no house numbers recorded in the census for that street and 194 appears as the enumerators schedule number (always the first column as there isn't any special column for house numbers). Many streets didn't get numbers - or even names - until the postal service was fully developed. Hope this helps your future research.
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    That is great, my grandfather lived in Scotland Gate, Choppington and when I was young we used to go and see him and he used to take us to a play area at the bottom of Sheepwash Bank as I was born and brought up in Blaydon but I am a member of Ancestry so trying to get as much information as I can. Thank you very much for the information you have given me very much appreciated.
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