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  2. A teenager called police to report a man was brandishing a knife in public - but it turned out to be him carrying the blade. Jack Barrass, 19, has been sent to prison for nine months after being caught by police in possession of the knife on March 24. The teenager had called police to claim that he had witnessed a man waving a knife above his head on St James' Crescent in Benwell. When police arrived they spotted a man who matched the description of the person given by the caller. Officers approached him and carried out a stop and search, at which point the man admitted he had a knife tucked into his trousers. Bodycam footage of the search has been shared by the force, showing Barrass admitting he has a knife seconds after being approached by an officer.
  3. Photo from Nick Tulip who commented :- This photo was taken prior to a hastily arranged football match against a French school team during a Bedlington Grammar French exchange trip. I would guess around 1967/68 ? Sadly Rocky Stone and Stuart Gordon no longer with us. I think Stuart was Head Boy at the time. I remember Mr Knox was the teacher at the time .
  4. It was founded in 1926 as Bedlington Secondary School for the areas of Bedlingtonshire, Ashington and Newbiggin, being built next to Bedlington railway station. Subsequently it became Bedlington Grammar School, before turning comprehensive in 1974. It gained Maths and Computing College status in 2009. Ex pupils you should know :- Sir Bobby Charlton CBE & Sir John Hall, who built the MetroCentre
  5. Yesterday
  6. Photo from No 25 Lynne Maddison on the Barnton site. Names from Lynne and No 15 - Janice Metcalfe.
  7. Bedlington Grammar School - Lower Sixth boys - 1961. Photo from Mansel Dinnis - Ex BGS.
  8. Bedlington Grammar School - Class 4B - 1961. Photo from Mansel Dinnis (Ex BGS)- names from No 5 Bill Sharp.
  9. Names updated = No 1 added and No 25 changed.
  10. Great news. Education is improving, and it pleases. Many students could not get a good education in high school and now they face difficulties in paper work, but you can always get help customwriting.com. Sometimes it really saves and helps to avoid a bad score. I have already graduated from University and it is a pity that in our time there were no such services.
  11. Last week
  12. Teaching staff c1970. Names from the Facebook group Bygone Bedlington members.
  13. Some names from No 28 Lilyan Wilkinson nee Haley.
  14. @Tonyp I saw your comment (on the other topic - New coal mine in Cumberland) and as I am often on the Durham Mining Museum (DMM) site I checked the list of Names of those killed at this colliery and your granda, Joe Curley, is not in the list. I know the DMM is ran by volunteers and although I would expect they have access to the old colliery records it does appear that they also rely on updates from the general public. I don't think anyone who was killed in that industry whilst doing their job should be forgotten. You should get in touch with them to update their records. This is the link to the 'D' index of pits :- http://www.dmm.org.uk/colliery/index_d.htm And this is the link to the DMM Contact Details page :- http://www.dmm.org.uk/misc/contact.htm
  15. The order in which the names are written on the back of this photo are not in the order we thought Left to Right. No 8 has been identified as Dickie Spratt and No 7 as Alan Chirnside so I have reversed the order of the middle row.
  16. Names updated. Posted the photo on the Barrington Facebook group and Michael Chumley Baker says No 2 is Ian Tyler and Alan Dickson & Brian Long say No 6 is one of the Tilmouth twins.
  17. This photo is from Tracey Oakley. I was adding the photos that Foxy had posted and I inadvertently included this one
  18. Pupils that attended the junior schools in Cambois & Bedlington progressed to the West Sleekburn Middle school , in the 1980's & 90's before moving on to the 'High' schools.
  19. Janice Hunter has identified No 21 as Joyce Spratt.
  20. Easter 2019 - photo from Simon Williams
  21. Photo from Alan Beattie and names from Alan and members of the Bygone Bedlington group on Facebook.
  22. Nicknamed The Woody school, as it was mainly constructed of wooden planks. The school of our mate, Keith Lockey. Don't know when it first opened but it first appears on the 1951 ordnance survey map and it is not on the previous map of 1938. Destroyed by fire in 1969. When the replacement school was built, opening in 1974, it combined with the grammar school to be Bedlingtonshire Community High School.
  23. Photo and Names from Pat Robinson - Cambois Facebook member.
  24. Don't know the exact year the school was built. I would assume there would be some colliery rows built when the colliery was due to start production. The Durham Mining Museum does not have a year against when the colliery was opened but it does have 1982 as the first year coal was output. The First Edition of the OS map of the Cambois area held on the National Library of Scotland is 1859 (published 1865) and there is no colliery or houses. The Second Edition - 1896 (published 1898) shows the colliery, many pit rows and the school etc.
  25. Photo from John Fox and names from the Cambois & Bygone Bedlington Facebook members.
  26. Photo from John Fox and names from the Cambois & Bygone Bedlington Facebook members.
  27. Photo from John Fox and names from the Cambois & Bygone Bedlington Facebook members.
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