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  1. Yesterday
  2. Sun on the dark side on the moon?
  3. Many thanks folks just got my eye on this, I've been busy as usual. Birthdays appear to come around quicker these days,as my favourite Band says: So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinkingRacing around to come up behind you again.The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.
  4. Last week
  5. @Dorothy Glover :-info on the www about the Bedlington Christian fellowship (Coffin Chapel ) is :- Wednesday 9.00-10.30 am BEST BUDDIES TODDLER GROUP (term time) Thursday 10.00-12noon COFFEE MORNING “ 1.00-3.30PM CRAFT GROUPLeadership: Chris Ruddick 504336 Mike Clark 829060 Maureen Chilton 853014 The Coffin Chapel :- Address: 21 Beech Grove, Bedlington NE22 5DA
  6. Hi Bill What time does it open and close Thanks Dorothy
  7. Thank you Bill, I will pay a visit on Thursday and have a chat with her she sounds a very interesting lady Regards Dorothy
  8. Belated birthday wishes Foxy,hope ye hae many mair ,bonny lad!!
  9. Hi Dorothy,welcome to the forum! My elderly friend's Husband ran a sawmill , with her help,down at Guidepost,in the old days....she is now 92 years old,and still goes to the Christian Fellowship at the Coffin Chapel,in Bedlington town centre. She also helps to run the coffee morning and "drop-in",at the Coffin Chapel,every Thursday morning,and the craft class in the same afternoon,where she is also actively involved in putting up shoe boxes for the needy third world children,which just runs throughout the year..non-stop voluntery work! She is my Wife's friend really,but all of my Wife's friends are my friends also,and "Old Edna",is always telling us stories about the old days at the sawmill...how it was hard work. I will ring her as soon as I can,and ask her if she can enlighten me about your family history..she might just help ..she is extremely fit and active,with a memory like a hen! She can be found in the Coffin Chapel,every Thursday,and if you dropped in for a coffee and chat,in the morning,you will be pleasantly surprised at what a friendly,helpful bunch of people,they are,who volunteer to run the service for the people,and visitors,to our lovely town! From what Edna has told me,over the years,I always thought that her Family's sawmill was at the bottom of Sheepwash bank,adjacent to the Anglers Arms pub..somewhere in that vicinity. When you look at the size of the plantation on the old maps,it appears to me that a few people would have set up business in the timber trade,seeing as all the "new" collieries were being developed,most prominentally in that area being the Choppington "A"..[low pit],and Choppington "B" ..[the "High Pit"],where I worked as a young lad...and the pits depended on the timber for coalface and roadway supports underground. Million was the name of my old friend's family,and one of that family is on the visitor's information notice board,which stands at the former entrance to what was Choppington "B" colliery,now known as "Choppington Woods".[up Morpeth road past Alex Scott's garage,aboot a quarter of a mile on the left side of the road.] There are old historical pictures of Choppington collieries,and John Million is pictured along with his "Marra's"..[mates],underground,at the coalface,taken somewhere around the late 950's,I guess,cos I was a young heavy transport lad,aged 16 yrs,in 1960,and I clearly remember all the fellas in the pic,as looking exactly like they are,on the pic,when I worked there..at that time... John Million was the Brother of Tom Million,whe ran the sawmill ,so if the mill had been started by their Parents,and possibly THEIR parents..then we would be looking back to the mid-1800's. Can't promise owt,but aal dae wat a can ,Dorothy,and a hope ye can find oot a lot aboot your Family's roots!! Cheers,Bill.
  10. Happy birthday Foxy, hope its a great day!
  11. Happy Birthday Foxy, hope you have a great day.
  12. No apologies needed, Vic. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it's been a long tunnel to get through. A good laugh is always a good medicine!
  13. I must say you’ve got a lovely day for it – The Midsummer national holiday! I hope you’ve got your Maypole decorated and ready to be raised! You haven’t forgotten to practice the frog dance have you? Here’s how it goes: Have a lovely day!
  14. Talking to some village people last night :-
  15. Sorry CL I thought it was a sarcastic dig at football players! I hope your normal bright outlook returns soon, I'm confident the banter here will certainly make a difference, hopefully for the good!
  16. Well, there you go! The old man was right after all!
  17. There was a footballer of that name :- Brian Chambers English footballer Description Brian Mark Chambers is an English former professional footballer who played as a midfielder. He played in the Football League for Sunderland, Arsenal, Luton Town, Millwall, AFC Bournemouth and Halifax Town, before moving into non-league football. Wikipedia Born: 31 October 1949 (age 69 years), Newcastle upon Tyne Education: St Mary's Catholic School, Newcastle upon Tyne Position: Midfielder ...but @threegee will know the answer
  18. Congratulations to the young! Wedding is beautiful! Unfortunately I'm single, but I hope that soon everything will change and I will find a bride. I recently downloaded the uniform dating app and plan to communicate actively. Wish me luck?
  19. Thank you, I will look into that, the problem is that Hall is a common name and it is easy to get off track.
  20. Hi Dorothy, I’ve been trying to pin down the exact row of houses known as Sawmill Row by looking at earlier census records and maps. I’m sorry to say that I’m none the wiser. The choice is still between the two streets I mentioned earlier. However, I found Sawmill Road in the 1891, 1881 and the 1871 census. While the name isn’t mentioned in the 1891 census (it’s simply given as Guidepost) there can be no doubt that it is the same street named Sawmill Row in the 1901 census. You can see this by comparing the residents. There are several residents who appear on both, including your family, and even some of their neighbours living in the same position on the street as previously. The Hall family seems to have been around the Guidepost area for many years. They appear on the street, same house, same birthplace, in 1891 and again in 1881. There is also a Hall on the street in 1871 but you’d need to look more closely at that as there’s not much to go on for an outsider.
  21. It was a serious question, Vic. I'd like to read more from Brian Chambers. That, due to the humour rather than the content of the work. He managed to put a smile on my face and that's a rare sight the last six months. So, if anybody knows who he is or where I can find any oher works of Brian do let me know. P.S. It was my old man who thought he might be a football player.
  22. Must learn to quality check - or should I attend 'typo' classes
  23. I just switched on my old Doris Day 78rpm :- When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, "What will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?" Here's what she said to me Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be When I grew up and fell in love I asked my lover, "What lies ahead? Will we have rainbows day after day?" Guess what my lover said Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be Now I have children of my own They ask their mother, "What Bexit will I be? Will It be pretty? Will It be rich?" I tell them, "Wait and see." Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be Que sera, sera
  24. Another farce perpetrated by our utterly biased BBC! I'm not going to bore anyone with further comment, but will simply relay the correct answers to the questions. These are answers no one at the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation actually wants to hear! Credit for the above goes to Brian Chambers.
  25. That's fantastic Eggy! I haven't been in that area for over thirty years but, while I'm sure I wouldn't recognise anything today, the street layout hasn't changed a great deal. Freehold Terrace (now Freehold Avenue) and Ford Terrace are still there and it looks as if the road I believe to be Sawmill Row is still there. This is a wonderful opportunity for you Dorothy to tread in your ancestors footsteps. I love doing that myself, The street becomes a kind of interface between the past and the present. Have a walk there next time your in the area
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