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  3. For anyone that can't select rosco's link this is an extract from the Advance Northumberland site :- Advance Northumberland is pleased to confirm that contracts have been exchanged with supermarket chain Aldi for the sale of a 1.5 acre site that will deliver a new, 19,000 sq ft anchor food store in the heart of Bedlington Town Centre. Aldi will form an integral part of this exciting scheme, a development that is already attracting a number of other national retailers who are lined up to join them. Working on behalf of Northumberland County Council, Advance Northumberland is leading in the delivery of a major new development that will reposition Bedlington as a retail destination, improving amenities and giving local people greater choice. Further announcements of other retailers joining the scheme will follow over coming months. Aldi have given a clear commitment to start on the site in 2020. Advance Northumberland plan to commence their works to ensure both developments are aligned. Once complete it is estimated the combined schemes will create over 180 new jobs along with 70 construction jobs during the construction phase. Richard Wearmouth, Chair of Advance Northumberland said: “The project is central to the regeneration of Bedlington Town Centre, we are delighted to announce a commitment to the scheme and provide much needed new retail amenities for local people. Aldi will provide a resurgence to the town centre retail offer and will drive footfall to support and attract other retailers. We have put a significant amount of resources and time into this development, demonstrating our commitment to deliver the best possible outcome for Bedlington.”
  4. So i see Aldi are coming to town.....https://www.advancenorthumberland.co.uk/news. I could be wrong but cant see Morrison's being around for too long after they open
  5. Alan Dickson & Elaine Yarrow - Facebook group Barrington, Barnt' n memories and stuff!! have confirmed No 39 = Eileen Ellwood
  6. @Joe McNally - cheers Joe. One day I might just sign up and to one of the genealogy sites and access the info.
  7. Sorry Alan but I don't think I can shed any light on this photo. My grandfather was Patrick(Paddy) McNally and lived in North Terrace. He passed away in the late 50's and I cannot reconcile this pic with my memories of him. It appears to be from early 1900's and maybe the 1911 Census may give some clues.
  8. Photo from Graeme Younger and names from Graeme and Keith Patterson - Facebook group Bygone Bedlington.
  9. Entry under History in Wikipedia states :- 'It was founded in 1926 as Bedlington Secondary School for the areas of Bedlingtonshire, Ashington and Newbiggin, being built next to Bedlington railway station. Subsequently it became Bedlington Grammar School, before turning comprehensive in 1974. It gained Maths and Computing College status in 2009. I would add - the Secondary Modern School merged with the Grammar School to create the High School. The new build + the old grammar school remained until a new High School was built, on the existing grounds, and opened in 2016.
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  11. Heh heh!..so I was sort of right, in my supposition that it was a possibility that these steam haulers could be used underground. I have since learned by reading an article on "Disaster Glasses"..i.e.[Commemorative Glasses and other "Disaster Memorabilia.."], that these WERE the first haulage engines to be used underground,and did,in fact,have dedicated boilers,fired by coal,to generate the steam to operate them. On the website article,regarding glass tumblers,which were engraved and sold in villages where disasters happened,it goes into lengthy detail on several Colliery Disasters,including all the local Collieries, and on one incident,a boiler had blown up,and the fatalities ,and injuries,to men and ponies,was horrendous. It is an article worthy of reading,to those who are really interested in our Mining Heritage,and was entitled.."Disaster Glasses".
  12. hello there i am 16 on photo chris holland and number 6 is derek swan
  13. @Joe McNally - shot in the dark - recognise Mrs McNally or the name Bank House from the photo above?
  14. And the next one to try and identify is :- 'Bank House Bedlington' and 'Mrs McNally' written on the back of this photo from Maureen Quait. Anyone heard of the place or the lady?
  15. Details Come along we will be there with our handmade gifts and Avon products Free entertainment at bedlington west end community centre , Bedlington Brassband , free visit from santa claus with a free gift , lots of craft stall to browse around selling loads of xmas goodies. Home made xmas cakes ginger wine. And loads more , face painting raffles. And much more , The children will love to make xmas crackers . And other home made gift . We have xmas eve boxes . Reindeer dust sweets , And even more fun xx Please contact Wendy Fennell Lawson for more details
  16. Names from Bygone Bedlington Facebook group members - Florence Palmer - Colin Cheesman (No 6) - Barry Swarbrick (No 5) and Gwen Finnigan.
  17. Photo from Liz Peart - Bygone Bedlington facebook group and Liz's mam has supplied the names.
  18. Often referred to as the 'Council School'. Entry in https://communities.northumberland.gov.uk/005616.htm has the date c1916
  19. Photo from No 2, Sonia, and names from Sonia - Karen Shaw - Graeme Younger & Gina Watson Bygone Bedlington Facebook group. There was a debate over the year photo was taken and why the ball has 'Westridge' written on it . It would appear that during the transition period - Westridge school closing and the pupils moving to Meadowdale - the netball, and football teams, when first at Meadowdale still played under the Westridge name.
  20. Hazelmere Avenue, Bedlington NE22 6HA. Meadowdale was purpose built as a middle school in 1977.
  21. Names updated by Anne Sanderson - Facebook group Bedlington remembered.
  22. 1963-64 season team photo from John Davidson - Facebook group Bygone Bedlington.
  23. The original school building was destroyed by fire in 1970. The old school building was replaced with garages and houses and the new school is still within the old school grounds.
  24. Thanks everyone, I did indeed. Enjoyed a great Indian's and cake.
  25. 1959-60 team photo from John Davidson ( Matty Hall's grandson) and names from the members of the Facebook group Bygone Bedlington.
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    • A big-hearted donation by one of South East Northumberland’s largest employers has enabled local football club, Bedlington Terriers FC, to provide its players, staff and visitors with rapid emergency response should it ever be needed.
      Lynemouth Power Station has gifted the community club with a life-saving heart defibrillator which will now be installed at the Welfare Park ground. If deployed within three to five minutes of a cardiac arrest, such equipment could potentially increase the chances of someone surviving a heart attack from six to 74 per cent. Each minute without CPR and defibrillation also reduces a patient’s survival rate by between seven and ten per cent.*
      The Northern League Division Two club is home to seven teams and over 80 footballers from senior players to an under 6 ‘tots’ team. Along with daily training sessions and match attendances, the club sees hundreds of people visiting the ground on a weekly basis therefore the defibrillator has been very well received by all.
      Rowan Edwards, Commercial Director of Bedlington Terriers FC, commented, “This is a vital piece of first aid equipment and we are extremely grateful to Lynemouth Power Station for their kind donation. Given the number of on-site staff, players training each week and visitors to the ground, it is essential that our trained staff have instant access to life-saving equipment in case of emergencies. It will mean a lot to everyone here at the club as well as the local community, so we’re very grateful for the power station’s support.”
      Janet Mole from Lynemouth Power Station added, “Having these devices installed in popular public places and venues is so important, so rather than just donate to the fundraising effort, we decided to purchase the equipment outright on behalf of the club. As a local employer, it is important that community initiatives like this are well supported so we’re delighted to hand over the defibrillator to all at the club.”

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