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  2. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Same here but the prettiness of him was questionable.
  3. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    If the cap fits ....
  4. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Which spurious argument would that be? Please enlighten me.
  5. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Please explain further. You lost me at "two self-contradictory views".
  6. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    I thought delirium had set in when flags and number plates suddenly changed to passports. Still not convinced that it hasn't.
  7. Today
  8. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Sorry, I don't have any medicine to take, and the pretty young oncologist seemed quite happy when she looked over the medical tests on Monday morning. Good for another year, subject to another MRI which is proving difficult due to funding problems here, was the verdict. I might pay the clinic for it myself, but as we've just paid a wodge of income tax to help prop up yet another failing Eurozone economy, I was rather expecting a little of it back. Have you read the Swedish government pamphlet delivered to your house about what to do when war breaks out between the EU and Russia? "Duck and cover" is it?
  9. Neighbourhood police officers in Bedlington are out on patrol and you can see where they have been. Throughout January, officers in Bedlington are using the tracking Strava to show the public where they have been on patrol that day. Strava is a website and app most commonly used to track athletic activity using GPS. A different officer each day will be using the account to track their movements on patrol, posting their route once finished, as well as take photos engaging with the public. This comes after a survey claimed more than 50% of the public hadn’t seen a uniformed officer in the last 12 months. The Strava account can be accessed by anyone through searching for Bedlington Police on the website or alternatively you can follow their progress on their Twitter @Bedlingtonpol. Neighbourhood Sergeant Rebecca Felton said: “This is a great way of not only engaging with the public, but also showing the community we are on patrol and have a visible presence. “We encourage members of the public to log on and see the route and distance covered that day. You can always try to beat our step count and see if you can see us out and about.”
  10. Carillion: Watershed Moment For Privatisation?

    I think the Carillion failure highlights a problem with HOW the contracts are awarded. The government actually encourages shaky companies to underbid, as a large government contract provides them with cash flow to try to dig themselves out of trouble. The government is a monopoly buyer in these circumstances and could easily draft a contract which avoids this pitfall. The contracts should require that when public funds are involved public money is placed in escrow in favour of subcontractors and their employees, any use of those funds to shore up the main contractors balance sheet should be declared fraudulent and therefore a criminal offence. The government could also dictate the maximum delay in paying subcontractor's invoices. Superficially this would add to the cost of the contract, but in fact those costs wouldn't be anything like they first appear because it would give smaller subcontractors more incentive to enter the market and lower costs that way - I'm told that many subcontractors simply refused to deal with Carillion because of their ridiculously extended payment periods, and any sensible subcontractor would factor the finance costs into their bid. The argument about public/private is all rather artificial, because at some point everything in government is furnished by privately controlled resources. Blair's Labour government rightly recognised this, but as is usual with our politicos they went totally overboard in favour of what "seemed like a good idea at the time". The government should be encouraged to carry out limited experiments with public funds, but these experiments shouldn't become general public policy until the results are in. This, of course, doesn't suit the "I have all the answers" politicos.
  11. I vaguely remember Beadnell's (at the top end) being self-service very early sixties. I and another pupil used to be allowed to miss school assembly on Wednesday mornings to go and buy the ingredients for the class cookery lesson.
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  13. Carillion: Watershed Moment For Privatisation?

    Essential services should be (where practicable) not be privatised, Schools, Prisons, Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, etc.. Of course many of these are sadly were privatised in the 90's/early 00's and are subject to PFI agreements where the taxpayer pays through the nose while bending over. Really weird how these private companies can go under so easily though, and the public 'companies' seem to increase their running costs exponentially yet we get less and less 'value' from their services - Of course they can't go under as our money seems to be free rein for taxation. And then there is Arch..... I'd like to see that properly investigated and come to a conclusion where those responsible are punished in accordance with the law and hopefully they're made to pay back and give back assets to us.
  14. 1959

    Names updated - @HIGH PIT WILMA - Colin Sim, on Facebook Bedlington remembered site, says No 6 & 12 are not Jim Bradley or Tommy Tyler as they were both in his year that followed this lot.
  15. I used to deliver groceries for Walter Wilson's in mid 60s, and it was self service then.
  16. Carillion: Watershed Moment For Privatisation?

    This highlights the weakness and short sighted-ness of government policy. to say nowt of costing us more versus direct labour. Yet another of Thatchers many legacies that have come to bite us on the bum. As for the directors, I notice that one Phillip Green is involved, and that Carrillion's pension fund is in deficit. Coincidence?
  17. Donna gets top award for her volunteering

    A Bedlington resident recently received an accolade at a national ceremony in recognition of her many years of volunteering.
  18. Carillion: Watershed Moment For Privatisation?

    Hope they get the Arch investigation done first!
  19. Perhaps all political parties should agree to review private sector involvement in public services in Northumberland. In the case of Carillion I see that the role of the directors will be subject to an investigation in addition to the company itself.
  20. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Have you taken your medicine this morning?
  21. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Shallow thinking CL - the sort beloved by the left. A club where membership requires you to hold two self-contradictory views in your head at the same time, and convince yourself that both accurately represent reality. Amusing that Manfred Weber has stood up in the EU parliament in the last few days and deployed exactly the same spurious argument that you've deployed in the number plate debate. Needless to say the shallow Verhofstadt though this was another hilarious example of British stupidity.
  22. Coal Mining

    Big thanks to everybody for sharing their knowledge! What a job that must have been for a full grown man, never mind a 14 year old.
  23. Last week
  24. Coal Mining

    Er er! like HPW said!
  25. Happy Birthday Canny Lass

    Just spent over an hour replying to you Canny Lass,in the Mining topic,and didn't know it was your Birthday gone....a bit late but a belated VERY happy Birthday to you,and hope you had a great day and many more to come!!
  26. Coal Mining

    Canny Lass, just to re-iterate,"Jockier" had nowt ti dae wi horse's,nor did the term "Horsing-up" which I used in my long-drawn-oot answer to you![that term probably did originate from the days of pit ponies,when they would have had to use a few horses in tandem to do a similar task each day.] I have just realised noo,that I mis-spelt the word "Jockie", all the way throughout my posting!![this is the correct way that it is spelt!] Lbj just awoke and started giving me those big brown eyes![walkies early tonight....it seems!]
  27. Coal Mining

    Hi Pete! Aal the best ti ye for 2018,and ye are spot-on wi your reply to C.L. Your reply came as I was in the middle of my hour-long typing session to answer C.L. also! Were ye ivvor doon the pit Pete? Cheers!
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