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  2. Sorry for being so quiet at the moment. Yes, I've got a new (discount) computer at the moment with a keyboard that actually works well. In fact so well that I feel compelled to dash off a topical book. I think the title will likely be 101 Ways To Get Thrown Off An Aircraft and Claim Huge Compensation. Unfortunately... there are also ways of getting thrown off an aircraft that are very hard to paint as victimization: 2017 is really turning out to be a disastrous year to be a snowflake in. Oops.. maybe there's a better book to be written on that? ;)
  3. Yesterday
  4. Wow - they have had a huge price reduction! From the advert : PRICED TO SELL - REDUCED BY £50,000 Sold STC £99,900
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/04/26/newcastle-managing-director-lee-charnley-arrested-st-james-park/
  6. Last week
  7. I have a feeling that that's more a commentary on the people you heard it from than on the "few self-obsessed locals"!
  8. Drove past Atlee Park this morning and I see (cos I hadn't noticed it last week) a new litter bin has been sited in the car park, next to one of the flower planters, so there are now two litter bins. Denzel speaks and a mundane, everyday problem is resolved. Must have been the Urban Northumberland Task-force (unt) Champion.
  9. he ganns on a bit, but i've papped in that ootside netty and he is right it was bloody cauld in the winter
  10. Pedanti unt.
  11. Not sure what that means without the "C"
  12. Working, drinking and generally enjoying life Pete! I'd heard this place was now just a propaganda tool for a few self-obsessed locals so thought I'd pop by and rattle a few cages. How about yourself?
  13. That does not sound good. Anyway were have you been all this time? Hope you have some exciting tales to tell.
  14. Aye I still see the Colonel, he was supposed to be out for a pint today but he's under the thumb now.
  15. A see your back and its good to hear from you. If I had know you were there we could have had a pint of guiness, hows colonel Knoweldge do you still see him?
  16. Are you 100% sure about this?
  17. Bedlingt n Community Centre! You couldn't make it up!
  18. It's a hellhole anyway.
  19. Bedlington is crying out for a hairdressers.
  20. What a truly santimonious response.
  21. Who would've thought Arch was set up to feather the nests of certain locals?
  22. Shame the St Bedes parking campaign was an abject failure; the same idiot parents park where they want, just so little Poppy/Oscar don't have to get their shoes covered in Bedlington grime.
  23. Typical gobby ex-miner, the world owes him a living.
  24. Oh aye, visiting Bedlington without informing us eh Pete?
  25. Wey it's furnace bank man!
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