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  2. Just an update on how it working , After receiving numerous call every day I have not had one cold call since enabling call protect . Thank you BT
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  4. No 12 = Derek Johnson says a young lady, from the same year group, Lorraine Gilmour (nee Armstrong) now living in Canada.
  5. I'll see if I can find a football photo, with Kingsley on, to post in the Bedlington Grammar School Album. Across the field from your house at Roslind Park would be Gordon Harnet & Tony Green that Derek often hung around with. The lads I remember from your street, heading up to Fontburn & Coquetdale, would be George Darling, Jimmy Cummings, Ian Chochrane, & George Frazer. I'll repost the photo when I have updated the names.
  6. Yes sorry No 17. It was Muriel who gave me this and Kingsley, she lived above the shop at the Oval before moving to Waverley Ave, next door to John Hedley who lived just across from me. Unfortunately Kingsley had a rough time after this period his father took to the bottle and may have even taken his own life!!! Think he had ginger hair, but again memory not that good. Myself I lived at 3 Rosland Park. Cannot remember your brother, unfortunately. It's a small world!
  7. Cheers clanbull - I knew Kingsley Wake, and the butcher's shop at the Oval. There are quite a few football team photos of online with Kingsley on (late teens & early 20s, not 10 years old like this one), I would never have worked out it was him. My memory has him as ginger, slightly wavy/curly, not straight blonde. When you say No 16 = Margaret Clouds do you mean No 17 that I have as Margaret Douds? I lived in No 5 Coquetdale Place and was 2 years below this lot at Barrington CP - No 10 is my brother, but he is no longer with us.
  8. Hi Symptoms hope alls well, The Bedlington Community Centre Longridge Room hire prices £25.00 per hour or special offer £75.00 for 4hrs for a room of 150 people. If we book room for the 4hr period do we have a door policy of charging people to cover costs of hiring room at Glastonbury we do Magic Hat Donation to pay for events, if not what would we charge? I suppose it depends on the amount of people who say they are going to attend if we get a good response what would you recommend? Maybe a cut off date end of May for those who put their name on a list then we could see if it's worth pursuing the Great Westridge School Re-union,of course there could be another venue to be considered for the night, maybe draw up a list of possible venues and ask those who want to attend which they prefer. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  9. More names into the melting pot. No 7 Billy Richardson, not Tom. No 13 John Thomas. No 15 definitely Ann Lawson note no e. No16 Margaret Clouds. No 23 Patsy Marshall, not Pat. No 26 Jean Morris a definite. No 43 John Little, possible, not Jefferson? No 37 I should have remembered as her mother was a very good friend of mine, moved to Grange Park. No 11 Kingsley Wake his father owned a butchers shop at the Oval shops. Very good footballer scored 9 goals in one match I seem to remember. That should be the lot. Dragged up a few memories thinking of those.
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  11. Dear Symptoms well done with your list and recomendations of gathering all names together I think it was Joe Knox who lived around the corner from me some other names that I can just about recollect Stewart Green, John Harmerson, Beryl Hart, David and Micky Potts, Davy Job, Stuart Anderson, Marion Laws, Malcolm Byers, Pat Foreshaw,Muriel Cutter, Harry Stapley,Bob Baxter so there is quite a list built up so far if we can contact and confirm how many can make the re-union so we can book Community Centre for the night as forward planning is good policy, thanks for your imput and others who can make this happen anybody in Bedlington to assist would be great as they are at the frontline of business as some of us have moved away from the area for sometime now and have not got the local contacts that somebody would have in the Bedlington area. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan Glastonbury Somerset.
  12. Yes Jordans coaches did the away matches I remeber going to alot of them. Bob Fulbeck may have come from Bebside or Cowpen, not sure. I think Heslops name was Ronnie. I do'nt remeber a game between Newcastle united reserves but Newcastle United A team had a team in the same leauge as Bedlington Mechanics, Northern Alliance
  13. I've pinned the thread for now Sym, though maybe we can find a better way.
  14. Thanks 4G for the correct spelling of Millne Thanks Pete for your recollection. The name Bob Fulbeck rings a bell, big centre half. I think he was from Ashington as I remember he would be picked up on our way to Amble or Alnwick by Dixon Jordan who was the main driver for his own coach company on away match days. Someone else on Face book has recalled the name Heslop. My brother remembers a match at The Station Welfare against Newcastle United Reserves (or A team) in a County Cup Semi Final, where he went straight after school and he thinks that Frank Clark was playing for the black & whites
  15. Note to Administrators - I've cobbled together a list of about 70 pupils from 66/67 which I'll post here but was wondering if there was a way of allowing the list to be kept live for other Forum Members to add names, and to update as folks on the list have been contacted and an indication as to whether they would attend a reunion. I'm thinking of a table of some form, perhaps with 3 columns: Name, Contacted, Attendance. If there is a way of doing it in this thread I can re-post my list to make it 'live or active' for others to amend. Here's my starter list: Barbara Rudge Susan Lindsey Joe Knox Alan Charlton Kenny Campell Lenny Wilson Mary Tyler Michael Henderson Maureen Hindhaugh Yvonne Logan Billy Stoker John Hancox Alan Henderson Charlie Roberts John Bowman Colin Cooper Janet Common Michael Gibb Veronica Chadwick Peter Oliver Elizabeth Rowell Margaret Richardson Pauline Brown Elizabeth Stafford Aileen Prime Carole Johnson Eileen Cummings Yvonne Thompson Sally Jones Anne Stafford Sheila Oliver Joan Gibson Gordon Coulthard David Fennel Shirley Andrews Anne Graham Helen Hurst Judith Oliver Marjory Mayes Carol Johnstone Irene Ellison Florence Ellis Ken Straw John Brews Malcolm Cross Tony Burn John Orange Gordon Hartil Gordon Morris Ivan Knox Les Stewart Barry Muldoon Alan Potter Paul Hewish David Halloran Michael Dixon Ian Henderson Rod Allison Alan Carr Bob Young Larry Steel Colin Sanderson Joe Know Dennis Miller Jimmy Potts Michael Routledge Jimmy Watson David Morris Brian Corner Martin Henderson Paul Hewish Simon Temple Melvyn Jamieson John Hewish Joe Lees Donald MacDonald George Nesbitt Alan Greenacre John Harmerson Ian Dixon Alan Coultas
  16. Unemployment falls by 52,000
  17. I used to watch the Bedlington Mechanics Play when they played at Millne Park, they where defenitly there in the fifties but I remember watching them play a cup game against Ashington and I was still at school then. I left school in 1961. The cup game against Ashington was played at the Station Park next to the Grammer school, so they had moved from Millne Park by that date. The reason I remeber that game so well was becasuse one of the teachers at school was from Ashington and I remember telling him that Bedlington would win it easily, sadly Ashington won. I think one of the players was called heslop who was a local lad. Bedlington had a big centre half at that time his name was Bob Fulbeck but I do not think he was a Bedlington lad. Bedlington Mechanics also played Blackpool Mechanics in a pre season friendly this was somtime in the fifties can't remeber what year but I remeber watching it.
  18. Hi Ovalteeny. I'm not able to help with the dates unfortunately though I'm sure there are others here that will. When you do find out I would, and other members may, appreciate the dates being added to the timeline here. I can tell you that Millne has two Ls
  19. With the permission of their Chairman - Ronan Liddane, my brother (wor Allan) and I have decided to help clarify the history page on the Bedlington Terriers FC web-site. Allan and I both believe that the first 2 paragraphs that refer to the early years, especially regards Bedlington Mechanics FC, aren’t quite as we remember. As our Grandad (Sep Kidd) was Chairman of The Mechanics, wor Allan and I went to nearly all the home matches and a great many of the away fixtures when we were growing up in the 1950’s and into the 1960’s. Wor Allan and I contend that Bedlington Mechanics FC played their home games at Milne Park, certainly through the mid-1950’s to the early 1960’s. The land was owned by local entrepreneur Jimmy Milne and he rented the land to the football club. We think that when Jimmy Milne sold his store to Blyth Co-op, then the football ground was also sold, later to become the Vulcan Place Car Park and The Mechanics then had to re-locate to the Station Welfare Park. We are not sure exactly when this happened, so we would appreciate anyone who is able to add more details of the move. We are pretty sure that they kept the name Mechanics for the first season or so at The Station Welfare. If you look at the records for the FA Cup from 1959 to 1962-63 season Bedlington Mechanics featured in the Qualifying Rounds. Other men who we can remember that were on the Committee of Bedlington Mechanics FC throughout this period in question were Bill Ward (who went on to manage the club) and Mr. Pearson (the cricketer Ken Pearson’s dad). Bedlington lads who all played at some stage that we can remember were Billy Pearcey, Harry Routledge, Ronnie Philipson, Fenwick McLean and maybe some of the lads from just after this period like Michael Metcalfe, Ronnie Day or Michael Third may also be able to help. So, this is an appeal to anyone else that can remember the local football of the mid 1950’s to early 1960’s. Please help us if you have any recollections, stories or tales of those years. You may have to ask your own Dad’s and Grandad’s to see what they can recall. Any photos will also be very welcome.
  20. Barry Hunter - Bygone Bedlington site says - That's wor Anne. No 17 could be Flo Anderton, says me. No 1 Tut Thomas, No 7 one of the Williams lads, sooth Raa - No 3 Dodda Marshall - No 10 Joe Stewart & No 13 could be Roly Davies, says Alan Dickson of the Barrington, Barnt' n memories and stuff!! Facebook group site.
  21. Yes it's outlook, but if an address isn't valid why does it arrive in my inbox?
  22. I thought 'The Head Cheese' created the moon! That is who I bought my lunar plot off.
  23. Very true.
  24. Girl at number 16 is Anne Hunter.
  25. Dear Bedligtonians at Home or in Exile, I am making enqires about Davy Job a best mate a long time ago, great memory's Hope Davy's well, can anybody inform me? We had a Community Spirit in the day's of pit's parental main employer locally all community where involved in the mining industery at that time. Good to see and hear from John Fox as a Bedlington Citizen and past association.Keep well John. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan Glastonbury Somerset.
  26. Is that outlook? gmail is very good at blocking spam these days. Microsoft isn't very good at filtering spam but is excellent at blocking legitimate mail.
  27. It would be nice to have a system that works for blocking unwanted emails. This is the message I get now when trying to block the pests.
  28. Alas its the easiest way for my customers to contact me out of business hours.
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