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 I wonder if the Palace was altered at a later date. I thought the roof was steeper, no chimney protruding through the roof and no crowns on the corners when it was the Wallaw.

 Does anyone know if it was only a theatre then converted to show films? A 50's or early 60's photo would confirm, or not! 

 I think the last time I was inside was when I watched a Dracula film at the age of 15yrs. Once I was legally allowed to watch them I didn't go.

 Does anyone remember Torchy(Jack Tate) who seemed to always be flashing his torch along the rows even if you just talked to a mate! He used to get into a right state when the cavalry came over the hill to sort out the indians and all the younger watchers started stamping their feet.

 Other memories, Pearl and Dean, Looney tunes and an interlude to buy ice creams or lollies.

 A film called 'The Nudist Story' had us young lads very wide eyed!

Happy days.


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@Jammy - there is a web site cinematreasures.org that gives info on all the cinemas in Britain. I remember finding the site, a few years ago, and learned that the name WALLAW was from the original owner's name - WALter LAWson. They don't have any photos of the Bedlington WALLAW but they do have this info :- '

Located in Bedlington, Northumberland. The Palace Theatre was opened as a variety theatre in 1896. It had a full stage and 5 dressing rooms. At the turn of the century it began screening films as part of the variety programme. It suffered damage from a fire in 1927.

The Palace Theatre was restored in 1928, and in 1929 it was equipped with Western Electric(WE) sound system. It was taken over by Wallaw Picture Ltd. in 1930 and in the 1930’s it was rebuilt in an Art Deco style. It was re-named Wallaw Cinema around 1939.

The Wallaw Cinema was closed in the middle of August 1966. 


In the first half of the 1960's we used to bunk off school to go to the WALLAW on a Tuesday afternoon for the Matinee. It was 6d to get in. 

Can't prove this but I think I was told that the matinee, at the Bedlington cinemas, was introduced for the shift workers = miners :iiam: 

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I've found these 2 images of the Wallaw after it became a night club. The roof is higher as I thought and the sandstone crowns are gone from the corners of the building. It seems my memory cells are still intact(well some of them).

Wallaw Cinema in Bedlington, GB - Cinema TreasuresDomino dancin - Home | Facebook

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My wife and I were coming through bedlington station yesterday, I knew of course about the of cinema now apartments, we visited dominoes in sixties so had some nice memories. However, it came as a shock to see the old railway tavern gone completely. We spent some lovely times together in the disq as it was known. The Percy arms had good memories too, now a restaurant. Of course the Clayton has gone where we first met. I said to my wife, our history has been taken away. Of course nothing stands still. Rather sad for me though. My family long gone but some lovely memories. Bedlington has certainly changed since last time I came through the town. Old mining community was the life blood when I was young. Even the ridge farm restaurant was gone. Funny old world. 

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20 hours ago, Jr6468 said:

 However, it came as a shock to see the old railway tavern gone completely. We spent some lovely times together in the disq as it was known. 

@Jr6468 Can't remember if it was demolished in 2016 but this photo was posted on Facebook - 27th July 2016 by  Vic Thompson.

27th July 2016 Vic Thompson.jpg

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