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On 17/08/2020 at 11:58, Canny lass said:

Could that be the beginnings of the public toilets that were behind the market place bus-stop?

Not sure - difficult to match the perspective in each photo-_-.

Even from this Google 2008 shot it's hard to work out where that bit of different coloured wall/bricks was.


I think the only photo I can remember that had the public toilets in it was one that @John Fox (foxy) posted on Facebook of some men (or it might just have been a man) working - panting the white lines on the road ? 

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Eggy. Looking at the roofline mark on the wall in the space you point out it appears the toilet block carried on beyond the wall that is standing. Perhaps that wall was built after the toilets were demolished as a boundary between club property and the councils land.

All of the picnic photos that I've viewed are taken with the photographers back to the toilet except for the one I posted. Perhaps there will be picnic photos taken from the other side of the street showing exactly where the toilet block stood.


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Good photo, Jammy!

There's no doubt in my mind that the space you ask about is the site of the toilet block, Eggy. That curved wall to the left formed one wall of the passage way to the Ladies entrance. The toilet building formed the other. I only ever used those toilets once and never again! Not because of any fault with the toilet facilities themselves but because of the huge amount of the biggest black slugs i've ever seen that invaded that passageway. The wall was covered in them of an evening. It was always dark and damp in there so they probably thrived. I didn't even like standing at the bus-stop if I had to stand too near the entrance.

I think I just make out the curve of the wall in Jammy's photo.

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