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Small world,Alan!..[a think ...am pretty sure..but not 100%..!]..one day,around 1963,I was getting ready to gaan doon ti Cambois,Sandfield Road,ti see one of me Marra's,and me Mother,oot thi blue sed,"Haad on Billy,aal come doon wi ye,and aal caal in ti see me Aunt Ada.."..when a asked where she lived she replied Sandfield Road..and that she hadn't seen her for a few years.[a thowt it was queer hoo a hadn't heard of her before!].

So we went ti Cammiss and a sed ta-ta when we parted company..[it turned oot that her Aunt  lived a few doors away from me Marra,Geordie Stephenson,who sadly departed this life  at  a very early age..R.I.P.  GEORDIE.]

NOO! This pic has jolted me memory of that day..precisely because of the fact that me Mother telt me that her Aunt Ada was married to a fella whose surname was Calumboski!!

A canna mind me Grand-uncle's first name noo..but a surname like that sticks in ya mind..so a bet Peter..[No 6],is a Cousin,once removed..[is that reet..?],of mine...probably ten or more years younger than me..more my youngest Sister's age...[who is ten years younger than me..].

It would seem to me to be a very rare name to have in a small community,so if Peter sees my comments,it may be that I have the relationship slightly mixed up...as to "Second Cousin"..or.."Once removed"...etc,but I am 100% on My Mother's Aunt Ada being married to a Calumboski.

Aye,a small world..as I said.....!

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@HIGH PIT WILMA - posted your comment on the Cambois Facebook group within the posting of this photo and a young lady, Michelle Grant, responded with the following comments :- I'm a great granddaughter of ada & charles(cosiminski) calumboski.i know that they once lived at 8 sinkers row. Names of some of their children that I remember were Sydney,Alfred,charles,
Sylvia, & katerine who was my grandmother nicknamed
 kitty, kitty married edward snowdon, they had two girls Irene(my mother) & Linda. 
My mother married a man with the surname of Long it was very short lived though,then she married my father Selby Carr from newbiggin.

Michelle Grant Ada & charles calumboski with their granddaughter Irene Snowdon. I think this church must be in cambois or Bedlington station.


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Thanks a lot Alan,you've helped me make a little-known family connection!

This pic is of my Mother's Aunt Ada and Uncle Charlie,as she called him.

So Michelle Grant is a relation I didn't know about!

Could you ask Michelle if she would like to Pm me,and I can share more family information that might interest her.

There's plenty of evidence on this site that I am who I say I am..in case she is rightly dubious!

I have a colour[!] photo of Ada and Charlie,along with a load of family members,taken on Miner's Picnic day,somewhere around 1956-ish,with Ada's Brother,Alf Montgomery,and his wife,who came over from Massachussets ,where they lived,for a family re-union,with my GrandMother McDonald..[story attached to that one as well!!],who was Ada's Sister,and my Grandma's family..who included my Mother and her Sisters..quite a lot on thi pic,and it was in lovely colour...in thi days when not many had camera's at aal,in black n white...nivvor mind colour!![mind,it WAS Uncle Alf from America,who the camera belonged to.....WE hadn't lang been oot of the rations period......after WW2!]...just showed hoo was the richer...my Mother couldn't have afforded ti sail ti America ti see Uncle Alf!!

I will post thi pics if ever I find them,I also have letters from Alf,written to my Mother when I was a wee bairn,he used to entertain in a country showband,which included comedy and light drama,as well as music,he writes about having stage make-up on and other bits about the Show Business..fascinating hoo the other half lived,when aal my mates' families were struggling ti just live a simple life in Bedlington..aal pitfolks!

Hello and Cheers to Michelle for sharing with me!!

Bill Allison.

P.S. It is a lovely photo of the bride and her GrandParents...Ada is the spitting image of my Mother at that age..it is freaky looking at it and seeing my Mother's head tilted and smiling!


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Be great if Peter saw this thread and hooked with us !..we might find more about wor family tree!

This what aa like aboot this site,and thi power of the internet..aav hooked up wi a few long-lost friends since joining on here!

Thanks again Alan for the work ye put in for us aal!

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I know this was from a few years ago but I have just found it when searching for information on my family tree. 

Ada and Charlie Calumboski were my great grandparents. My grandmother was Sylvia, one of their children.

I would love to see any more photos as they both passed away before I was born.

Thank You


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