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Photo from Helen Millar - Facebook Bygone Bedlington

The team was first thought to be a Bedlington Mechanics team but from the names that had been identified in Facebook and some research in old newspapers Ovalteeny commented :- From team sheets I've seen in old copies of the Morpeth Herald I would say that this is West Sleekburn Welfare FC.

From the album:

Local Football 2

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I know every member of this photograph ,this is bedlington doctor pit colliery welfare football team most of them lived in the colliery rows and worked at the pit .The manager is Matt hall the colliery land sale officer. 

No. 7 is Amos Brown,

No. 13 is ?.Turnbull.


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@George Campbell - I re-posted the updated photo with the names plus info you supplied on the Facebook group Bedlington Remembered. One comment, from  @Ovalteeny,who during his research of the history of the Bedlington Mechanics team has also obtained info on all the local teams in the area, commented  :- from the list of players per team that I've complied from 1946 through to 1955 (by dredging through copies of old Blyth News / Ashington Post / Morpeth Heralds) I cannot see this bunch all playing for the same club, at the same time, on any given season. I'm pretty sure it's not Bedlington Mechanics FC, it's not Dr. Pit Welfare FC (they played in green & white stripes). Also, it doesn't look like Millne Park. Therefore, my current conclusion is that this is more likely to be a Charity/Friendly team, probably a Top Club versus Bottom Club match. It would really help if someone could accurately provide the year the photo was taken. '                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     After what Ovalteeny has said Is there anything else you could add that would help?  




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Worth looking at some of the other photos that have been available of both Facebook Pages i.e. "Bedlington Remembered" and "Bygone Bedlington" which were deemed to be teams from the annual Easter Monday friendly/charity matches between the Top and Bottom Clubs. The 1954 versions definitely look like being at Millne Park. I am told that previous friendlies were played at West Lea>

Easter top club early 1950's.jpg

un-named Bedlington team.jpg

Easter 1954 bottom club with some names.jpg

Good Friday 1954 - Top Club.jpg

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Looking at the attachment below, which is taken from the information I have gathered from local newspapers, this team line-up never played together for any one football club, in any one season. My conclusion is therefore it is a scratch side, most probably to participate in the annual Good Friday “Top Club” versus “Bottom Club” fixture.


It would be brilliant if someone could confirm the year the photo was taken.


In the 1940’s and 1950’s players could sign for more than one club, provided those clubs were in different leagues.

Some of the men who played in the higher class of football (i.e Northern Alliance) were regarded as almost semi-pro as they received match expenses. So, they were prone to moving around, especially if the clubs made it worth their while.


I still have a lot more research to do (it's more of a winter project) with local football from this era, my data is certainly incomplete, but I have enough information on all the teams in Bedlingtonshire to be able to make a calculated stab and say that this a scratch side, gathered together for some sort of friendly. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 14.23.04.png

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